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Automatic Water System For Chickens

Vinegar Bottle Chicken Waterer

Automatic Chicken Watering System – No Cleaning Water dispensers!

Dont end up the empty vinegar bottles to dumpsters, but make lovely chicken waterers out of them for free. Just tie a rope to handle of a vinegar bottle and hang it on the chicken run fence wall and fit 2 or more nipples, waterer, to the bottom side of it making a lovely vinegar bottle chicken waterer. Details here homesteadlife

Do You Need An Automatic Chicken Waterer

Automatic poultry waterers are hassle-free drinkers, which drastically reduce your effort to give water to your chickens.

If you are stressed about giving water to your large number of chickens, these automatic chicken drinkers help you.

Also, you dont have to worry about the shortage of water when you go out for a few hours.

So, If you have more than 30-40 chickens, then bucket type semi-automatic chicken waterers are recommended.

If you are a chicken farmer raising more than 500 chicks, use cup and nipple drinkers with PVC pipe connections. Use also needs a large size tank so that it will avoid the lack of water.

How Much Water Do Chickens Drink

Allow at least 500ml per chicken per day. In hot weather allow at least 1 litre of water for each of your chooks. Keeping water cool is also important. Considerer adding a frozen water bottle to your chicken waterer. The cooler the water, the more your birds will consume. This will also help to keep their core temperature down.


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Disadvantages Of Automatic Chicken Waterer

Most of the automatic chicken waterers contain hose systems, and these small pipes provide the continuous flow of water inside the drinker.

However, the issue occurs in cold freezing areas because most of the pipeline in automatic poultry waterer supply blocks due to ice inside the hose.

Also, cleaning the semi-automatic chicken drinkers is not that much difficult, which was used by most of the small-scale chicken raisers.

But If you are using lots of automatic chicken drinkers, its tough to wash all the pipe systems.

Also, you may see algae and biofilms inside the supply system, so you may need to remove them using a tablespoon of vinegar for each gallon of drinking water.

What Makes A Good Automatic Chicken Waterer

Automatic Cups Water Feeder Drinker Chicken Waterer Poultry Chook Bird ...

A good automatic chicken waterer is one that is durable, easy for chickens to use, and does not waste water. It is really difficult to find an automatic chicken waterer that meets all three standards.

As we mentioned above, two factors you need to consider are the materials and the float mechanism. Considering these two factors will ensure that the automatic waterer is durable and does not waste precious resources.

Something we have not covered yet is ease of use for the chickens. Some watering systems are not intuitive for chickens, meaning you either have to demonstrate how to use it or lure them to it. For the best result, opt for a feeder that is designed to entice chickens to drink from it.

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Best Chicken Watering System Reviews And Buying Guides

by Alice Davis

The chicken watering system is part and parcel of a modern poultry farm. It will be challenging to serve water efficiently without a proper watering system.

Your chickens will provide healthy eggs and meats only when they are healthy herself. And supplying clean and safe water regularly is the most essential thing for this.

The chicken watering system is easy to install. These products are made of plastic and galvanic steel. It will quickly fill the waterer, and easily cleanable as well.

Another important thing is that these products always supply clean water. You can carry it easily all the time. It can hold a lot of water.

Supplying Chickens With Fresh Water During Hot Weather

In the summer, it is essential to provide your chickens with plenty of fresh water. Chickens will naturally drink more as the temperatures climb. Unlike people, chickens dont have sweat glands to cool themselves off and heavily rely on drinking water to cool off.

  • Provide more than one water source to allow chickens to stay hydrated and cool during those hot days. If you have a large pasture area, multiple waterers will prevent your birds from traveling far to get a drink. Multiple waterers will also prevent overcrowding at waterers.
  • During especially hot stretches, provide a constant supply of cold fresh water. On the hottest days, that may mean refreshing their water a few times per day. Consider adding ice to your chicken waterers to help keep your flock cool during heatwaves.

Whether youre a backyard chicken enthusiast or have serious farming aspirations, the best waterer for your flock depends how many birds you have, how much time you want to spend each day maintaining the waterers, and how much you are willing to spend.

I hope Ive helped you determine which is best suited for your needs and budget.

As a quick review:

Whats your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Where Do You Put Water For Chickens

Water is the most important nutrient for chicken. You must put the waterer in the right place. It saves the flocks from radiant heat. If you use a nipple waterer, hang it high from the ground. If the ground is not flat, tightly seal the lid of the water pot to get the vacuum effect.

If you use a water container, put a wood piece or stone under it to make it a vacuum-sealed waterer. Chicks will appreciate the feed.

Automatic Chicken Waterers: What To Know Before Buying

DIY Automatic Chicken Watering System | Simple Worry Free 5 Gallon Bucket PVC

Chickens have to have cool, fresh water so a reliable waterer is essential to have.

There are several types of automatic chicken waterers and it is easy to get confused by all the choices. You have chicken cups, fully automatic systems and hanging semi-automatic systems.

Understanding the difference between them will help you pick the best waterer for your flock.

In this article we will explain the difference between these chicken waterers and help you figure out which is the best one for your flock.

We have also picked our five favorite automatic chicken waterers and will discuss the pros and cons of each one

Contents and Quick Navigation

The RentACoop 5 Gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer is perfect for people looking for a ready made system. This is a free standing unit that comes with 4 water cups already attached. The cups work like tippy cups and when they are empty they dip down and refill. This is a semi-automatic waterer with a 5 gallon reservoir.


  • Each of the cups and tank is made from BPA free plastic.
  • 5 gallon capacity so it is suitable for a flock of up to 12 chickens.
  • Comes with a no perch lid to keep waterer clean.
  • The cups are large cups so can be used by larger breeds.
  • Waterer holes are interchangeable with nipples if you desire.


  • Bucket cannot be placed directly on the ground.
  • You cannot use the handle to hang the waterer.
  • Thin plastic so not suitable for colder climates.





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Where Should I Place Them

This will depend upon your setup, but one thing is for certain you should never put the waterer inside the coop.Why?Partly because chickens are messy, they bump into it, spilling water everywhere. This constant dampness can lead to mold issues which can impact on a chickens health.Also the moisture given off as vapor can cause frostbite issues in winter months.If you have the luxury of a large barn or out building where they can wander in and out, a water system inside would be ideal. It will be kept cooler out of the sun and being inside will discourage wild birds from using it too.If you have a coop with attached run, a waterer placed in the run will suffice. Try to place it centrally where all can access it and preferably away from food just in case there is spillage.If your birds free range most of the time, a couple of waterers placed around the yard out of the sun will do very nicely. These would likely be free standing units not attached to your automatic system.

What To Consider When Choosing A Chicken Waterer

There are a few things to consider when setting up your own automatic chicken waterer.Firstly, how much room do you have to set it up? If you have a large area for your flock, perhaps a long piece of PVC piping with several nipples would be best. On the other hand, if space is tight, what about a 5 gallon bucket with several nipples?Secondly, the weather. If you live in the snow-belt, weather is going to be problematic with any outside system that you have. Water can freeze in the pipes causing all sorts of problems. It can be done but it requires a lot more thought and labor.Last but by no means least it needs to be simple to use for you and the birds. Its no good having a fancy system if you dread using it.

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Little Giant King Size Automatic Poultry Fount Heavy Duty Plastic Waterer Bowl With Hose Attachment

  • COMPATIBLE WITH HOSE – The automatic water bowl hooks up to any standard half- inch NPT pipe.
  • HIGH CAPACITY – Great for large flocks, this waterer holds 1.5 quarts of water, waters up to 250 adult birds.
  • GREAT DESIGN – The heavy-duty plastic bowl with non-rusting brass fountain stem has a 8.5 inch in diameter and 2.75 inch deep.
  • STRONG FLOW RATE – The waterer’s valve safely allows for safe operation between 20 and 50 psi.
  • ENDLESS FLOW – The automatic flow provides a limitless supply of clean water.

How To Choose The Best Chicken Waterer

30 Pcs Poultry Feeding Chicken Quail Automatic Drinking Bowl Yellow ...

You should give a suitable and clean environment for the chicken throughout the day. It is essential for the health and egg production of the chicken. So the following things are necessary to buy the best chicken.

  • You should care about the size and dimension of the product.

The waterer system should be ideal for your chicken coop. Otherwise, you might end up buying something that cannot fit your coop door or might take up a vast space inside, which can be uncomfortable for your birds.

Chicken Watering System

  • Carefully choose the design and materials because galvanic steel materials are not suitable if your birds are in the sunlight. But plastics are suitable.
  • Make sure it has the heating capability or can be attached to a heater so that you can provide warm water during winter.
  • Consider the size of your birds while buying the product, so that all your chickens can access water anytime.

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Chicken Nipple Watering System

How to make an automatic chicken farm? In poultry, the chicken nipple watering system is highly popular, and you dont need to buy it now. Build this whole system using PVC pipes, couplings, caps, adapter fittings, cleanout plugs, hub tees, and poultry waterer nipples. One of the best chicken watering system ever made at home. threelittleblack

What To Know Before Buying An Automatic Chicken Waterer

The main things to consider before buying your automatic waterer are capacity of the reservoir and the number of chickens in your flock.

It would not make much sense to get a waterer that holds a gallon of water for a flock of twenty birds unless you like filling it up several times per day! If you can afford it then you should try to buy a waterer that has a larger capacity than you need.

A flock of six chickens will drink around 1.5 gallons of water a day so a 5 gallon waterer would be ideal for them.

Also if you can then buy at least 2 waterers, this way if one breaks they will still have access to water.

Not drinking water is one of the quickest ways to make them stop laying egging eggs.

Another key thing to consider is your climate.

If you are buying plastic waterers then the severe cold will make some plastics very brittle. Extreme heat does the same thing and the sunshine will also cause the plastic to degrade over time.

Try to keep your plastic feeders and waterers away from extremes of temperature.

If you can get a waterer that has a substantial hanging strap then they are the best, in my opinion. You can hang them high enough to prevent most debris from being kicked into the water too.

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Automatic Chicken Waterer System Nipple Drinker Supplier

The automatic chicken waterer is also known as chicken nipple waterer, it is an essential part of the automatic battery cage system. It can save water resources, keep the water fresh and clean, and help farmers save time and reduce labor. The whole system consists of water tanks, pressure reducing valves, water pipes, and chicken water feeders.

We are automatic chicken water feeder and nipple drinker supplier, our chicken waterer is adjustable in height and can adapt to chickens of different ages. Whether it is a large farm or a small chicken house, it is the best solution for chicken drinking.

Top 7 Best Automatic Chicken Waterers For Your Poultry Birds

Automatic chicken watering system using rain catchment | How to install best poultry watering cups

Do you want to install a few best automatic chicken waterers in your poultry coop? If yes, this guide will help you to choose one from different types and designs of automatic drinker systems.

Also, we have reviewed a few best automatic poultry waterer systems and kits with their pros and cons. Some people find an automatic watering system in chicken coops beneficial and some do not.

Is it worth it for you to use an automatic chicken watering system in your backyard coop? Just read this article and make the correct decision.

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Faqs About Chicken Waterers

How Much Water Do Chickens Need?The amount varies, but in general a large chicken will drink a pint of water per day in winter. This can increase to 2 pints per day during the summer.Do I Need To Clean The Waterer?Cleaning the system regularly is a very important thing. Algae and bacteria will grow in standing water so cleaning should be done on a weekly basis. You can use either neat white vinegar or a bleach solution .

Types Of Automatic Waterers

Chicken Water Cups

The cups can be considered an accessory. They will attach to the overall system you make whether this is a bucket or a more advanced hose system.

There are two types of cup: the float valve type and the peck type.

The peck type requires the chicken to peck on a small lever to release water and fill the cup. This can work well if your chickens start out with this however it is hard to train older birds how to do this. The no peck or float valve relies on a lever that slowly lowers when the water is drunk. When the level is low enough, the water hole opens and water pours in filling the cup and raising the lever until it shuts off.

You can learn more about chicken water cups here.

Fully Automatic System

Automatic chicken waterers that can attach to a hosepipe are truly automatic.

These are generally watering troughs that are connected to a water supply. They have a float valve inside the reservoir that will fill automatically as the water level decreases.

This means there is not much need for human intervention on a daily basis.

These troughs are best used in situations where there is little dust or debris to kick up into the trough.

Hanging Semi-Automatic System

This style of waterer will have a reservoir that you will need to keep an eye on and top up when necessary.

Needless to say, all of these systems will need to be cleaned regularly to prevent biofilm and bacteria from accumulating.

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Gravity Fed Chicken Watering System

This watering device is also called a bell chicken waterer or galvanized waterer. It is shaped like a bell with a shallow lip at the bottom. Using this will be easy for you, especially when you start your poultry business, as it has many different sizes.

A large size can provide enough water for fifty chickens. You can use plastic or metal ones both prevent spillage. Some water remains in the bottom, so it automatically fills whenever it is empty. It is better than an open bucket because it gets dirty easily.

The chicken gets fresh and clean water through it for a longer time. It is also effective in winter.

Benefits Of Using Automatic Chicken Waterers

The BEST heated CHICKEN WATERER [auto poultry waterers review]

Chickens drink lots of water, and when it comes to flocks that live inside a shed for the whole day, you need plenty of water.

Demand for water increases to double in summer and hot climate countries.

But giving plenty of water is not accessible if you are using a traditional design chicken waterer because you need to clean all the drinkers and fill water inside them one by one.

Overall its a long and challenging process. So, automatic chicken waterers are designed to provide water to your chickens for a long time.

In most of the poultry industries, drinkers are attached to a large size water tank. The water tank is filled with water which supplies water to all the automatic drinkers through pipes.

It reduces lots of time which you can use in other works. For small-scale backyard chicken keepers, buckets and hanging automatic chicken drinkers are best. These types of drinkers are also called semi-automated chicken waterers.

In easy words, whether the drinker is small or big, automatic chicken waterers always provide a continuous water supply to flocks for a long time.

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