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Bradford White Water Heater Manual

What Is The Most Common Problem With Water Heaters

How to light Bradford White Hot Water Heater

Water leaking out of the water heater is the most common problem every homeowner encounters. Generally, the water is leaking from different places like the top, bottom, and heating elements. Its better to check this article On Rheem Water Heater Leaking. In this guide, I describe everything and disclose the common places from where the water is coming out.

Bradford Whiter Water Heater Pilot Will Light But The Main Burner Wont

Though the pilot light is on, the main burner wont come on. Sound familiar? Well, you will face this gas water heater issue if insufficient gas is feeding to the gas burner. If this is the problem, check the gas tank first to see there is enough gas. Then, open the gas valve to let the fuel go into the burner.

If you set the combination thermostat too low, the burner wont receive sufficient fuel for lighting. So, ensure you set the gas valve to your desired setting to fix this issue.

Page : General Information

  • Page 22 GENERAL INFORMATION Full Load Amperes- Input Kw 208V 240V 277V 380V 415V 480V 28.8/16.6 25/14.4 21.6 12.5/7.2 43.2/25 37.5/21.6 32.4 12.5 18.7/10.8 57.6/33.3 50/28.9 43.3 16.7 25/14.4 13.5 64.9/37.5 56.2/32.5 48.7 18.8 28.1/16.2 72.1/37.5 62.5/36.1 54.1 20.9 31.2/18 86.5/50 75/43.4 37.5/21.6…
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    Bradford White Water Heater Manual

    SOLAR ELECTRIC WATERHEATER& SOLAR STORAGE UNIT INSTALLATION This manual should be kept with the waterheater/storage unit. 3 GENERAL INFORMATION This solar electric waterheaters design is certified by Underwriters Laboratories and listed in accordance with UL 174. C-UL listed in Return Document

    How-to-troubleshoot-gas-waterheater.html The BradfordWhiteThe BradfordWhite DEFENDER and the gas supply line is reconnected, resume water supply to waterheater. Be sure tank is full of water before relighting. Step 14. located in the installation and operation manual. 27 27 27. Created Date: View Document

    TTW INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTION MANUAL238-40630-00M REV 12/03 THROUGH -THE-WALL GAS WATERHEATER A Spanish language version of these instructions is available by contacting the company listed on the rating plate. Fetch Doc

    SERVICE MANUAL Welcome To BradfordWhiteWater Heaters 1 SERVICE MANUAL Tankless Gas WaterHeater Troubleshooting Guide and Instruction for Service For the BradfordWhite EverHot® Read Content

    SERVICE MANUALWaterHeater Timers Save MoneyManual 238-47104-00A Save this manual for future reference SERVICE MANUAL Troubleshooting Guide and Instructions for Service (To be performed ONLY by View Full Source

    manual Welcome To BradfordWhiteWater Heaters. Built To Be The BradfordWhite Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant WaterHeater SERVICE MANUAL Troubleshooting Guide and Instruction for Service Access Content

    Page 2: Field Conversion Of Kw Voltage And Phase

  • Page 25 The heaters rating plate will need to be modified because the conversion altered the electrical characteristics of the heater. This rating plate is placed on every Commercial Electric water heater produced by Bradford White Corporation. Phase conversion kits above contain rating plate overlays related to the newly created electrical parameters. Follow the instruction on page 8 For placement of overlays.
  • Page 26 Refer to the illustration below that displays a typical commercial electric rating plate that is to be altered. This rating plate is placed on every Commercial Electric water heater produced by Bradford White Corporation. Locate this rating plate on the heater you have just converted.
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    Bradford White Water Heater Manuals

    Anthony Barnes

    Use the search box below to quickly find your Bradford White model number. You can either left-click on the link to open the manual in a new tab or right-click and save a copy directly on your computer.

    Note: This post may contain affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for made purchases.

    Note that there may be multiple manuals listed for certain model number. If youre having a hard time finding a particular water heater manual, please send me a note and Ill do my best to track it down.

    See Also:

    Bradford White Hot Water Heater Control Settings

    The Bradford White Water Heater has the following Temperature Settings

    160 degrees

    Bradford White Hot Water Heater Settings

    One thing I have noticed is that the temperature setting at the water heater can be very different from the temperature at the point of use. Heat losses can occur all through your piping system. It is important to keep this in mind and use a thermometer to determine if the temperature is where you expect it to be.

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    Bradford White Water Heater Troubleshooting

    This is a complete guide on Bradford White Water Heater Troubleshooting. In this guide, I will reveal some common problems of Bradford White Water Heater like:

    And the best part is- I will also walk you through the troubleshooting steps to solve those issues. So, lets get started right here.


    Bradford White Water Heater Reset Button

    Annual Maintenance on a Bradford White Electric Water Heater- Water Heaters Now

    Complicating the cause of the manufacturer is that they have chosen the use Honeywell branded control valves on their water heating units.

    So when faced with an issue in the middle of a shower or load of laundry without hot water, it can be quite the challenge trying to figure out how to reset the water heater to resume flow of hot water.

    Also, manufacturers make reset buttons hard to activate to prevent someone from bumping into them and shutting off the water heater.

    This article will discuss you where the Bradford White Reset Button is located and how to use it.

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    Bradford White Water Heater Not Heating

    Your Bradford White Gas Water Heater wont heat water for several reasons. Restricted pilot is one of them. Carbon deposits can block the pilot, causing the gas burner to not light up. Consequently, it will not heat the water.

    To solve this issue, you need to remove the gas burner from the bottom of the unit. Then, use a blower or shop-vac to eliminate carbon buildups. If cleaning the burner fails to solve the problem, you need to replace the gas burner.

    Secondly, a faulty igniter or electrode can also be the culprit behind the not-heating issue. I recommend you use a multimeter to test the igniter electrically. If it gives a negative result, replacing the igniter will be the only solution.

    Therefore, a faulty gas valve, defective thermocouple, and a fault pressure switch are other caveats that prevent your gas water heater from heating. Once you address and solve these problems, your Bradford Water Heater will heat the water again.

    How Do I Reset My Bradford White

    Follow the below steps to reset your Bradford White Water Heater:

    • Make sure the pilot light is on.
    • Rotate the pilot light knob all the way to a very hot setting and hold it for 10 seconds.
    • Rotate the pilot light knob to the lowest setting and hold the button for 10 seconds
    • Finally, set the pilot light knob to the pilot and keep the knob there for another 10 seconds. Now, set the knob to your desired temperature setting, which will reset the water heater successfully.

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    What Setting Should My Bradford White Water Heater Be On

    Your Bradford White water heater should be set at a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the temperature recommended by the department of energy.

    This temperature maximizes the balance between what is needed for most home uses and controlling your energy costs. The hotter the temperature, the more energy is required to maintain that temperature because your water heater will need to cycle on and off more frequently.

    Page : Water Connections

  • Page 7 Water Connections continued- WARNING For protection against excessive temperatures and pressure, install temperature and pressure protective equipment required by local codes, but not less than a combination temperature and pressure relief valve certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory that maintains periodic inspection of production of listed equipment or materials, as meeting the Requirements for Relief Valves and Automatic Gas Shutoff Devices for Hot Water Supply Systems, ANSI Z21.22, and the Standard…
  • Page 8 Water Connections continued- WARNING Hydrogen gas can be produced in a hot water system served by this water heater that has not been used for a long period of time . Hydrogen gas is extremely flammable. To reduce the risk of injury under these conditions, it is recommended that the hot water faucet be opened for several minutes at the kitchen sink before using any electrical appliance connected to the hot water system.
  • Page 9 Water Connections continued- Water temperature over 125°F can cause severe burns instantly or death from scalds. Children, disabled and elderly are at highest risk of being scalded. Review this instruction manual before setting temperature at water heater. Feel water before bathing or showering.
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    Water Heater Manual Bradford White

    Instruction Manual For Residential Power Direct Vent Gas WaterHeater section of this manual and also the current edition of the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1, also referred to as NFPA 54 for specifics provided concerning air required. WARNING The power direct vent waterheater requires its own Document Retrieval

    Residential Upright Energy Saver Electric WaterHeaterVitraglas® LiningBradfordWhite tanks are lined with an exclusively Review this instruction manual at waterheater. scalded. 10 Water Connections continued- Upright Models The hot and cold water connections are identified on the top of the water Read More

    Which Is The Best Gas waterheaterIf you have plumber install waterheater: Choose the one he recommends and maintains. -Installation manual shows how to perform maintenance. # 4 Avoid Rheem. Why? # 5 BradfordWhite makes good heater. View Full Source

    Light Duty Commercial Power Direct Vent Energy Saver Gas Vitraglas® LiningBradfordWhitewaterheater tanks are protected from the corrosive Consult I& O Manual when using four or more elbows. 3″ Vent Pipe PDX-50S PDX-65S 60 ft. 60 ft. 7 ft. 55 ft. 50 ft. 45 ft. Max. Intake Length Max. Exhaust Length Fetch This Document

    Cross Refereence Guide State Industries Solid.State.DH-1-504T10BN..BradfordWhite..N/A DH-1-504T6BN ..BradfordWhite American WaterHeater ..N/A PVCG32-75T75-3NV..American WaterHeater..SBP75 76 R1000-1075-5NA..BradfordWhite Access Content

    Page 2: Water Connections

  • Page 26 DO NOT thread, plug or cap the discharge line. It is recommended that a minimum clearance of four inches be provided on the side of the water heater for servicing and maintenance of the combination temperature and pressure relief valve.
  • Page 27 MANUFACTURER FROM ANY CLAIM WHICH MIGHT RESULT FROM EXCESSIVE TEMPERATURES AND PRESSURES. If this water heater is installed in a closed water supply system, such as the one having a back-flow preventer in the cold water supply, provisions shall be made to control thermal expansion.
  • Page 28 Installation continued- and hot water in branch supply lines. Such valves are available from the manufacturer of this water heater or a local plumbing supplier. Please consult with a plumbing professional.
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    How To Reset Your Bradford White Water Heater

    When you arrive at your water heater, you will notice that the code light is either blinking abnormally or permanently on, indicating that there is a fault.

    You can reset your Bradford White hot Water heater in four steps.

  • Head to you hot water tank and make sure that the pilot light turned on.
  • Turn the pilot light knob to the very hot position for 10 seconds.
  • Turn the pilot light knob to the hot position for 10 seconds.
  • Turn the pilot light knob to the pilot position for 10 seconds
  • At the end of this sequence, the pilot light will begin blinking again.

    Slow Hot Water Recovery

    Adjusting temperature setting on a Bradford White gas water heater

    You will get hot water from your Bradford White Water Heater but in slow rate because of the following reasons:

    • The heating elements get covered with lime and sediment buildups.
    • The thermostat is not working properly
    • You may install derated heating elements.

    How To Fix:

    Begin with inspecting the heating elements for lime buildups. First off, turn the electric supply to your water heater. Then, remove the heating elements from the unit and check for scale or lime buildups. If needed, replace them.

    For loose wire connections, it would be better to leave this task for a certified electrician. On the other hand, you must replace the thermostat if this part is at fault. Above, I mentioned a tutorial regarding this. So, check that out.

    Finally, make sure you install the correct type of heating elements that deliver sufficient voltage and wattage for heating water. Just take a multimeter and test the heating elements for proper voltage & wattage output.

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    Where Is The Reset Button On A Bradford White Water Heater

    The reset button on the Honeywell Gas valve on the Bradford White Water heater is the pilot light knob. You can reset the water heater by lighting the pilot and turning the knob to very hot for ten seconds, hot for ten seconds and to pilot for 10 seconds. Your code light will begin blinking normally

    Most water heaters have a reset button which is usually found underneath a metal cover in the middle of the water tank. The Bradford White Water Heater is different in this regard.

    Bradford White Hot Water Heater Control Valve

    How Often Should I Drain My Water Heater Tank

    Typically, we advise to drain off one gallon a month from the water heater to help remove silt and sediment. Preventative maintenance items and intervals, including tank draining, are included in the operations manual for your model. Your Bradford White water heater supporting manuals and documents can be found here. Youll need to know your

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    Page 1: Horizontal And Vertical Vent

  • Page 15 Installation continued- The water heater is shipped with the following standard vent and air intake system: 239-41097-00. The components of this vent and air intake systems is as follows: 3â Vent Tube* 5â Air Intake Tube* Vent Terminal Inner Wall Term.
  • Page 16 Installation continued- Figure 6…
  • Overheated Water Or Continuous Operation


    Get too hot water! Then, I bet one of the following reasons are responsible for overheated water:

    • Thermostats make no contact with the tank
    • You set the thermostat too high
    • Grounded heating elements
    • Inoperative ECO

    How To Fix:

    The thermostat flush should make contact with the tank surface for proper water heater operation. So, position it with the tank surface.

    Secondly, check the thermostat and see if you set it to a higher setting. If yes, adjust the thermostat to your desired setting. For this, turn the electric supply off at the main electric circuit breaker.

    Then, pull out the access panel and remove the insulation. Now, use a screwdriver and move the thermostat dial to your desired setting. To decrease water temperature, move the temperature dial counterclockwise.

    Thirdly, the heating elements should be immersed into water to heat water. If they remain grounded, they will fail to transfer the heat to water and get overheated. In the worst case, the heating elements will get burnt out. So, ensure the tank is full of water. If the elements get damaged, replace them.

    Nonetheless, an inoperative ECO can also cause your water heater to overheat the water. Every Bradford White water heater comes with a safety feature named ECO . When it senses too hot water, it will cut electric supply to the unit. If its at fault, you will encounter the too hot water issue. To solve this problem, you need to replace the thermostat.

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    Bradford White Medium Duty E32 Series Commercial Electric Water Heaters Owners Manual

    Medium Duty E32 Series Models Commercial Electric Water Heaters SERVICE MANUAL Troubleshooting Guide and Instructions for Service Models Covered by This Manual: Commercial Electric Energy Saver: E32-50S E32-80R E32-120R Owners Manual Medium Duty E32 Series Commercial Electric Water Heaters WARNING CANCER AND REPRODUCTIVE HARM WWW.P65WARNINGS.CA.GOV As required

    How To Turn Up Bradford White Water Heater

    The Bradford White Control Valve has three settings, A, B, C on the pilot light knob to control the maximum temperature of the water heater.

    To change the maximum temperature on the water heater, turn the dial up from A to B or to C. It is important to wait for at least 30 minutes for the switch in temperature to take full effect. It takes the heating elements that much time after the dial is adjusted to heat up the water that is in the tank.

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    Does A Bradford White Water Heater Thermostat Have A Battery

    No. The Bradford White Water Heater Thermostat/Gas Valve is not powered by a battery. The thermostat is powered by a thermocouple. The thermocouple works by converting heat it generates in to electricity.

    Thermocouple Photo Credit Grainger Supply House

    The heat is generated as a result of the deferential in conductivity that occurs within the thermocouple. That differential causes electrical current to flow which in turn powers the thermostat.

    Bradford White Water Heater Flammable Vapor Sensor Reset

    Annual Maintenance on an Atmospheric Bradford White Water Heaters Now

    The flammable vapor sensor is reset differently from other faults on the Bradford White Water heater. Here are the steps to reset this fault.

  • Turn the gas valve by turning off the pilot light.
  • Turn the pilot dial to the very hot position
  • Turn the pilot dial to the vacation setting
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 six times.
  • The above steps will reset the flammable vapor sensor fault.

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    Books & Articles On Building & Environmental Inspection Testing Diagnosis & Repair

    Bradford White Water Heater Pilot Light Will Not Stay Lit

    The pilot light on your Bradford White Water Heater will not stay lit due to the following reasons:

    • The gas shut-off valve may be in the close position, which prevents the gas from flowing into the burner. Or, the gas pressure is too low.
    • You may not depress the pilot light button fully when attempting to light the pilot.
    • Pilot orifice may get clogged by dirt and debris. Turns out, a clogged pilot tube can also prevent the pilot from lighting.
    • The piezo ignition button is at fault.

    First off, make sure the gas shut-off valve is in the open position. If not, open it. Secondly, relight the pilot again if you fail to depress the pilot light button fully.

    Check the pilot tube or orifice for clog. Dont forget to release the blockage if the orifice gets blocked by debris.

    Lastly, replace the piezo igniter button if it gets defective.

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