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Bradford White Water Heater Pilot Light

Why Is My Bradford White Water Heater Status Light Blinking

Bradford White Water Heater Pilot Light Wont Work – Easy Fix!

Your Bradford White Water Heater Status Light is blinking to indicate either the water heater is in good condition or something is going wrong. It depends on the flashing light codes.

For example, if the status light flashes green with a four second pause, understand the water heater is running at its best condition.

On the other hand, if the status light is blinking 2, 3, 4, or 5 times followed by a three second pause, I bet your Bradford White Water Heater is going through specific problems. In this case, you should address the issue and fix it.

Throughout this guideline, I will break down every common status light flashing codes, their meaning, and how you can solve the issue.

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Gervan Williams said:Once the cycle completes and the burner shuts off, the pilot flame also shuts off. When this happens I turn off the gas and unplug the unit to prevent gas from flowing. After 15min to 1 hour I can plug it back in, turn on the gas and it starts up again and runs. Again, the unit would shut down once the cycle completes, and the pilot flame is out.


dj2 said:If your WH is still under warranty, call BW. It could be the gas valve.If it’s out of warranty, replace the 10 year old water heater. Sometimes it’s cheaper to replace the unit than trying to fix it. Parts are expensive.

suggests checking the vent system on page 4. Pages 5, 6 have LED flashing interpretation.Also may be useful. At the bottom, you can then click 14, 15, etc.

Bradford White Water Heater Status Light Blinking 6 Times

Flashing code 6 consecutive flashes followed by a three second pause indicates your water heater fails to light the pilot. This problem occurs one of the following reasons:

  • Unstable pilot because of filthy burner.
  • A clogged pilot tube
  • Pilot electrode gets covered with carbon or oxidation buildups
  • The wiring leading to pilot assembly gets damaged

How To Fix:

Periodically , you should check the pilot flame and the main burner for proper water heater operation. If dirt and debris accumulation forms in the burner chamber, it will cause the unstable pilot light issue. Follow the below steps to inspect the burner:

For a restricted pilot tube, dirty pilot electrode, damaged wiring to pilot assembly, you should inspect the pilot. The pilot inspection procedure is similar to the burner inspection. Once you remove the burner assembly from the water heater combustion chamber, the following steps should be maintained:

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How Often Do I Have To Light The Pilot

Under normal operation, your pilot should only have to be lit once, during installation and initial set up. If you are experiencing nuisance pilot outages, please contact a plumbing professional. To find a contractor who is familiar with Bradford White products, To find the Installation and Operation Manual and other documentation for your water heater,

Bradford White Water Heater Flashing Green

Lighting Pilot Light On Bradford White Hot Water Heater

A flashing light on your water heater does not always mean that there is a problem.

The light on your Bradford White water heater flashing green shows it is operating normally. A flash once every four seconds shows that the water is hot and the unit is on standby. A flash every second warns that the pilot light is weak. Four flashes indicate that the water temperature is too high.

Many different codes reveal problems with your water heater. The flashing lights act as a diagnostic tool to help you isolate the problem.

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Whenever there is gas and an open flame, one must be careful that the unit is operating properly.

The flashing lights may indicate that the pilot light is out, the damper test circuit is not working or that flammable vapor is present.

The light will also flash if the gas control unit is damaged or malfunctioning. It may also point to a possible electrical short in the system.

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Can You Manually Light A Pilot Light

Yes, you can manually light a pilot light. To do so, you will need to locate the pilot light control knob and switch it to the Pilot position. Then press and hold down the large knob while you use a long lighter to ignite the pilot.

Once you see the pilot flame, release the knob and observe the flame it should be a steady blue flame. Allow the pilot to burn for approximately one minute, then switch the control knob to the On position.

If the pilot extinguishes, you will need to repeat the process. When completed properly, the pilot flame will remain lit and the burner will ignite and start heating.

Bradford White Water Heater Pilot Light Will Not Stay Lit

The pilot light on your Bradford White Water Heater will not stay lit due to the following reasons:

  • The gas shut-off valve may be in the close position, which prevents the gas from flowing into the burner. Or, the gas pressure is too low.
  • You may not depress the pilot light button fully when attempting to light the pilot.
  • Pilot orifice may get clogged by dirt and debris. Turns out, a clogged pilot tube can also prevent the pilot from lighting.
  • The piezo ignition button is at fault.

First off, make sure the gas shut-off valve is in the open position. If not, open it. Secondly, relight the pilot again if you fail to depress the pilot light button fully.

Check the pilot tube or orifice for clog. Dont forget to release the blockage if the orifice gets blocked by debris.

Lastly, replace the piezo igniter button if it gets defective.

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Why Did My Heater Stop Working All Of A Sudden

There could be several reasons why your heater has suddenly stopped working. It could be due to a faulty thermostat, a tripped circuit breaker, an electrical problem with the motor or a blocked or clogged filter.

It could also be an issue with your fuel source, such as a depleted gas supply or a blocked oil line. If you have an electric heater, it may be an issue with the wiring connections or an electrical overload.

Checking each of these potential issues can help you determine the exact cause of why your heater has suddenly stopped working.

Bradford Whiter Water Heater Pilot Will Light But The Main Burner Wont

Pilot Light in Bradford White Defender Water Heater (Read Discription UPDATE)

Though the pilot light is on, the main burner wont come on. Sound familiar? Well, you will face this gas water heater issue if insufficient gas is feeding to the gas burner. If this is the problem, check the gas tank first to see there is enough gas. Then, open the gas valve to let the fuel go into the burner.

If you set the combination thermostat too low, the burner wont receive sufficient fuel for lighting. So, ensure you set the gas valve to your desired setting to fix this issue.

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How To Light A Pilot Light On A Gas Water Heater

Instructions on how to light a pilot light on a gas water heater from Kenmore, Rheem, Bradford White, AO Smith, and other manufacturers.

Tips on lighting a pilot light when using the Honeywell, Rodgers-White, and Robertshaw gas control valves.

Every gas water heater has the lighting instructions found on the label attached to the heater. If such instructions are missing and you have to replace the pilot assembly or fix any other problem that requires re-lighting, follow the instruction found here.

Bradford White Water Heater Blinking What It Means

Your manual gives an indication of the normal operational state of your water heater and the associated light flashing sequences.

When you see your Bradford White water heater blinking what it means is that the unit is working correctly, or theres a fault. To decode the fault, youll need to consult the manual. It is normal for the green LED light to flash once every four seconds when the water heater is operating normally.

You may see the light become brighter and dimmer, like a heartbeat. This is no cause for alarm as it shows that the water temperature is low and that the water heater is operating normally.

Wait for a few minutes and the light will eventually go back to blinking once every 4 seconds when the water temperature is optimal.

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Can A Pilot Light Get Clogged

Yes, a pilot light can get clogged. This happens when a small build up of dirt, dust, or oil collects in the small pilot opening and causes the flame to not fully ignite. This causes the pilot to become weak and lack a steady flame, resulting in a slow or weak flame.

Over time, the build up of dirt, dust, and oil can become so thick that the flame is completely blocked and the pilot light wont ignite at all. In this case, the pilot light must be manually cleaned to remove the build up and allow the flame to fully ignite.

To do this, use a small piece of wire, pipe cleaner, toothpick, or similar tool to clear away the blockage and return the pilot light to proper operation.

Icon System Intelligent Gas Controls

Bradford White 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater #RG240T6N

Bradford White ICON system intelligent gas controls can help you save money and offer you a more consistent hot water supply. These technologically advanced controls allow your system to constantly regulate the fuel source input into your water heater. This means that you will receive a constant hot water temperature.

When the pilot light is on, the ICON displays a simple flashing light to indicate that the system is working properly. Should there be an issue with the gas pilot or any other component, ICON can help troubleshoot the system through diagnostic codes.

If you ever need to replace the gas valve on your water heater, you do not need to drain the water completely from your tank. The ICON systems electronic temperature gauge is located outside of the water tank in a separate thermowell. This technology is not only user-friendly but can save time when maintaining or repairing your water heater.

Many Bradford White gas water heater models come equipped with the ICON intelligence system. A professional can help you install your water heater and show you the basic operations of your ICON system.

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How To Light Your Pilot Light Water Heater

The process of relighting a pilot light is different for each manufacturer. Fortunately, there are only a few manufacturers. Your first step should be to look for the instructions usually glued onto your water heater. Dont worry if you cant find them. We have specific brand-by-brand instructions written below.

For instructions specific to your brand of water heater, scroll below.

Bradford White Water Heater Status Light Flashing 4 Times

The status light flashing 4 times followed by a three second pause means either the thermal well sensor goes bad or the gas control valve is at fault.

Basically, a bad gas control valve or a hairline crack on the valve makes a route for the water to wet the well sensor.

When the thermal well sensor comes in contact with water, the hot water fries the sensor out and starts to short it.

Consequently, it causes your Bradford White Water Heater to flicker the status light 4 times.

How To Fix:

Technically, you can reset the fault. To reset your Bradford White Water Heater, follow the below steps:

  • Turn the gas control knob to the Off position and let it remain there for 5 minutes.
  • Set the gas control knob to the pilot mode. Then, hold down the knob inward to allow the gas to start flowing back.
  • Make sure you hold in the knob and start pressing the clicking button below the knob at the same time. After trying this several times, you can see the status light is blinking green.
  • Now, turn the gas control knob to the hot position and you will hear a come on, which indicates you reset the water heater successfully.

However, I dont want you to reset the fault. Honestly, if it faulted once, its going to continue to fail. So, it is better to inspect the thermal well sensor or the gas control valve for damage and replace them if needed.

The tutorial I share below is the best on the internet that helps you to repair the thermal well sensor. So, dont forget to check it out.

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How To Relight Pilot Light On Water Heater

The following steps show how to light the pilot light on Bradfords white water heater:

  • First, set the thermostat to the lowest setting.
  • Set the control knob to the OFF position and press the knob down slightly.
  • Wait for a few moments to clear any gases.
  • Put the gas control knob to the Pilot position.
  • Then press and hold down on the gas control knob or the pilot set button.
  • While holding the pilot button, keep holding the piezo igniter until you hear the click sound.
  • Once the pilot light is on, press the pilot switch for a minute to heat up the thermocouple and then release the knob.
  • Turn the control knob to the ON position and set your desired temperature.

How Do You Light The Pilot On A Bradford White Defender

How to Turn on your Water Heater Pilot Light – Bradford White

how to light a bradford white defender water heater YouTube

How do you light the pilot light on a Bradford White defender water heater?

How to Turn on your Water Heater Pilot Light Bradford White YouTube

Is there a reset button on a Bradford White water heater?

a) Depress the high limit Reset red button . If button snaps back out, the temperature of the water is higher than the cut out setting of the limit switch. Allow water temperature to drop. The limit can be reset at 120°F or below.

How do I relight my furnace pilot light?

Once the gas has had time to dissipate, turn the knob to Pilot. Then, hold down the Reset button and bring the flame of a long lighter close to the pilot light opening. This should light the furnace pilot light. Once you are sure the pilot light is on, release your pressure on the reset button.

How do you light the pilot on a water heater Ignitor?

Turn the water heat dial to Low and the On/Off/Pilot dial to Pilot. Then, turn the On/Off/Pilot dial downwards and push the igniter button at the same time. Let go of the igniter button, but keep pressing the Pilot dial downward for around 30 seconds. You should hear a whoosh sound when the gas is lit.

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Bradford White Water Heater Flashing Red

Your water heater may have a gas control valve with a red light. This shows the status of your gas supply.

If your Bradford White water heater has a flashing red light, then it indicates that the unit is functioning correctly. If it flashes once every 3 seconds, then the gas valve is operating correctly and the pilot light is on. If the red light is steady red, then the unit is shutting down due to a fault.

You may find that your water heater light flashes red more than once every 3 seconds. If that is the case, then you must consult your manual to decode the cause.

How To Light A Bradford White Water Heater Pilot Light

  • Turn the Bradford White water heater off on the control panel
  • Let the water heater sit for 5 minutes to release gas from the system
  • Turn the control switch to pilot light mode
  • Press the red control button in for a few seconds and while pressing in, button every few seconds
  • Listen for a click and the water heater status light should start blinking ignites
  • Let go of the red control button
  • Turn the red control button to the hot position.
  • If the pilot light does not stay lit or will not relight, a bigger problem could be the cause for your loss of hot water. Contact your plumber for immediate help.
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    How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Thermocouple

    The cost to replace a thermocouple will depend on the type of thermocouple you need, as well as the make and model of your heating system. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20-$200 for a replacement thermocouple.

    The lower-cost models are typically made of generic parts but may not be as reliable or long-lasting as higher-end models. If youre purchasing from a local store, you may be able to get a better deal, as long as the technician installing the thermocouple has the appropriate experience and qualifications.

    You may also be able to get a better deal from an online retailer. If youre experienced with working on home appliances, you can save even more money by ordering a generic part and installing it yourself.

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