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Bradford White Water Heater Reviews Consumer Reports

How Bradford White Compares To Similar Brands

Best Residential Water Heater – Bradford vs Rheem and AO Smith – Twin Plumbing

Its stressful enough being without hot water, and now you are wondering which brand to purchase.

The final deciding factor comes down to what you are looking for in a company and which best meets your needs. Unfortunately, this will require a little research. To help lessen your stress a little, here is a brief comparison of two well-known companies: Rheem and A.O. Smith.

Stiebel Eltron Water Heater

This one is the most reputable brand when it comes to water heaters especially when it comes to technology and innovation.

With 40 years of reputable service, its consistent 92% customer rating is not shocking. Some of its other upsides would be its energy efficiency, low maintenance, and ease of installation both indoors and outdoors.

Most of all, some of their newer models offer a hot water system which provides a complete eco-friendly hot water solution for homes that need constant hot water.

Find Out The Best 40 Gallon Gas Water Heater Consumer Reports You Want To Buy

The main goal of this section is to introduce the reader to the most common product types for specific markets. However, not all products are suitable for all niches. Some are bad fits, some are good fits, but they don’t fit in every niche.

The best way to find the best 40 gallon gas water heater consumer reports is to ask around. If you’re not sure what the item is, asking around will tell you what other people think is the product to buy. You can also ask people who’ve had the best 40 gallon gas water heater consumer reports by talking to them and see how satisfied they are with their purchase or whether it’s worth buying. Or you can read product reviews through years like 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020

1.1 The best 40 gallon gas water heater consumer reports reviews.

Reading product reviews will help you know what other people’s experiences have been like using a certain type of product. Some reviews can be great, while some can scare you away from a certain product. Reading reviews online or from magazines can help point out some of the best 40 gallon gas water heater consumer reports problems or benefits that you might have overlooked. From there, you can buy products for cheap, under 2000 $, under 1000 even under 50 $

1.2 Conduct the best 40 gallon gas water heater consumer reports research.

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Key Features And Innovations

In the highly competitve world of water heaters, this Bradford White appliance has a number of features that set it apart from it’s competitors. Below are just a few:

Bradford White ICON System – This unique system eliminates the need for external electricity. Utilizing an intelligent gas control, heat energy is converted from the pilot flame into electrical energy which is used to operate the microprocessor and gas valve.

Enhanced Performance – A number of systems are in place to provide the RG240T6N with the best overall performance possible. From utilizing Bradford White’s proprietary algorithms to enhance the heater’s First Hour Delivery ratings, to an Advanced Temperature Control System where a microprocessor is continually monitoring and adjusting the burner operation to ensure the unit provides an accurate and consistent water temperature.

Pilot ON Indicator – There’s no need to get on your hands and knees to check the status of your pilot light with this water heater. Simply look to see if the Pilot Indicator LED light is flashing green. If it is, your pilot light is on!

Hydrojet® Total Performance System – This factory installed system helps prevent sediment build-up as the cold water fills the tank.

Vitraglas® Lining – The steel tank is lined with Bradford White’s exclusive enamel formula. Vitraglas® is applied by firing at a temperature of 1600°F which fuses it to the steel surface and provides superior protection from corrosion.

How Do You Know If Your Water Heater Is Going Out

Bradford White 30 Gallon Electric Water Heater

Different brands, models, and situations will impart different signs that your water heater is failing. But, in most cases, youll know you need a new water heater when:

  • Water is rusty or discolored, or theres a strange metallic taste

  • Water isnt heating up enough or at all

  • Loud pops and cracks

  • It leaksget it replaced immediately

  • Its 10 years old or older.

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Bradford White Icon System

ICON is a more innovative version of the standard gas valve. It revolutionized water heating control technology in Bradford gas heaters by constantly monitoring and controlling burner operation, resulting in more consistent and accurate water temperature levels.

The ICON valve is available exclusively in Bradford white water heaters as part of their patented technology. The system improves your heaters energy efficiency considerably, thus saving a lot on gas bills without sacrificing water heating speed.

Gas Vs Electric Water Heaters: Which Is Right For You

Installing a new water heater in your home isnt cheap, which is why youre probably taking some time considering how to power your appliance. The first thing to know is that electric heaters are the best option for the environment, and opting for one of these will mean youre making a more sustainable choice for the planet. Electric water heaters are also more efficient, though the cost of electricity bumps the cost of running past gas alternatives. As weve already mentioned, you can also still run your gas heater in a power-out and have one less thing to worry about in a crisis.

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Known Recalls For Bradford White Water Heaters

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, Bradford White issued a voluntary recall of 1,220 75-gallon Power Vented Gas Water Heaters sold between April 2002 to May 2002. The issue was with the gas flue baffle. The flue baffle, or exhaust, is a helical piece of metal designed to slow down and aid the exhaust gases in exiting the unit.

There was a concern that some models were fitted with incorrectly made flue gas baffles. This error could result in excessive carbon monoxide emissions, which could cause serious injury or death. Thankfully there were no injuries, deaths, or other accidents before the recall.

Best Water Heater Brand In Cincinnati

Choosing a Water Heater | Consumer Reports

With so many water heater brands to choose from, its hard for homeowners to know which brand is truly the best. Honestly, the best water heater brand depends more on the homeowner than the water heater itself. Every brand has its pros and cons. The homeowner knows what they need more than any brand could, so its important to keep in mind your priorities when you choose a new water heater.

Still, the amount of brands available makes homeowners question which one to choose. Heres a list of brands, each of which is able to hold the title for best water heater brand.

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How To Choose The Right Water Heater For Your Home

When old units just arent able to keep up, homeowners search for the best water heater brand to provide their homes with hot water. Before choosing a new water heater, its important to determine if one is needed in the first place. There are several aspects homeowners need to consider as they shop for a new water heater.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, Thomas & Galbraith helps sift through water heater brands to provide homeowners with the best options. Plus, we cover signs of a failing water heater so you know when to invest in a new unit. There are also a few tips to keep in mind when searching for the best water heater brand, which we clue you in on.

Inconsistent Water Temperature In The Shower

Water temperature inconsistency is an indication that heating elements are broken. Always make sure that you check your home appliances regularly for an early identification of a problem rather than waiting for a problem in the unit.

It is best to also to know when to seek professionals given the damage your water heaters can be given the different failing indications.

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The Heaters Are Made In The Usa

Bradford White has been an all-American brand from its inception to date. It makes sense that local plumbers would recommend products made in the USA, especially if the products have maintained a consistency in quality and innovation.

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Bradford White water heaters are made in Middleville, Michigan.

The upside of having a product made locally is that you know you promote local business and use products you can trust. Plumbers have likely exchanged notes with the movers and shakers of the company through sales representatives.

Water Heater Options And Types

Bradford And White Hot Water Heater Reviews

For residential and commercial use, Bradford White offers a variety of propane and natural gas water heaters that are appropriate for just about any use. Electric water heaters and tankless water heaters are also commonly used nowadays, as are indirect water heaters. Oil combination water heaters are also offered in the residential market. Keeping in line with the companys innovative attitude and commitment to quality, Bradford White also offer solar powered water heaters, which will save a lot of money in the long run. These are manufactured under their EcoStor trademark which delivers various closed loop or open loop models.

Each type of water heater offers numerous options with regards to size and capacity, with upright, utility and lowboy models being the most common. Wall hung models are great for those small, tight spaces, where you have limited installation options. The compact models which can be used in locations that are low in demand or that are a far distance away from the main water heater. You can also choose from power vent, atmospheric vent, direct vent, and high efficiency water heaters.

Starting from around $485 for the 40 gallon water heaters, the various types in varying capacities can cost up to just over $2500 for 65 to 100 gallons.

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How Many Years Does A Hot Water Heater Last

When you’re spending so much at once for a hot water heater, the question of longevity is a concern. Fortunately, tank style water heaters generally last eight to 12 years on average depending on if you have hard water in your area and perform regular maintenance to keep the heater running at peak efficiency. We found through our research and discussions with plumbing professionals that you can expect a new water heater to last for about 10 years. Setting aside a little money every year to help offset the cost for when you do have to replace it can help reduce the stress of forking over a chunk of change you weren’t expecting to spend.

We also found that many plumbing experts advise installing a hot water filter to help reduce the amount of sediment and minerals that get into your water heater. This extra system could help double the lifespan of your water heater, but we recommend consulting with your local plumber first to find out if it would be worth it in your area.

A Close Relationship Between Plumbers And Bradford White

Bradford White, as a company, places a high value on face-to-face interactions between plumbers and clients and the company and businesses. The nature of this relationship means plumbers have first-hand information about any upcoming products.

More importantly, Bradford White offers training to plumbers. Whenever you call a plumber to recommend a new heater or fix a faulty Bradford white water heater, they come to you with a wealth of knowledge about the product and how it works. They are best placed to tell you the best models for your home and the best upgrades.

The Popularity Of Bradford White

Bradford White was established in 1881 and has grown from strength to strength over the years to become the leading water heater manufacturer. With state of the art technological advancements, and a high class research and development facility, Bradford White have become an innovative leader in the commercial, residential and industrial wholesale water heater, space heating, and water storage, and combination heating industry. Headquartered in Philadelphia and operating out of Michigan, Bradford White believes in manufacturing only the highest quality products that are professional and safe.

M250s6ds Water Heater Best 50 Gallon Water Heater

Best Residential Water Heater (Rheem VS Bradford)

If you are looking for a short model with the large capacity water heater for residential use then you are in the right place. The Bradford white presented the M250S6DS model of water heater that comes with 50-gallons water. This reliable and durable model provides you a large amount of hot water without any delay.

Moreover, the heater comes with the total Hydrojet performance system, which is a tube of the cold-water inlet. This system engineered to remove the cost. Additionally, create a great systematic combination of incoming water with stored water.

The electric M250S6DS water heaters are faster and consume less energy as well. Bradford white water heater has a tank that has been covered with Vitraglas lining. The Vitraglas lining makes the tank corrosion-resistant and enhances durability.

It has insulated with non-CFC 2-inch foam that enhances the functionality and working of the heater. It works great and delivers hot water instantly because the heat directly transfers with immersed elements.

Pros & Cons


  • The Vitraglas lining enhances the durability of the tank because it makes it corrosion resistant.
  • Bradford White uses a total Hydrojet performance system that makes it an ideal heater for residential use.
  • This electric water heater consumes less energy and works faster as compared to others.
  • The tank comes with 50 gallons of water capacity and delivers instant hot water.


The Best Water Heaters For Homeowners Bob Vila

Find out what features you should look for in a new hot water heater and dont miss our The Best Water Heaters Option: Rheem Performance Platinum 50 Gal Natural $1,500 for the same-size electric water heater, as reported to Fixr, a network of All water heaters have efficiency ratings, which indicate how much of the

Residential Urg230t6n Natural Gas Water Heater

Running a gas water heater can be pretty costly. Thats probably one of the reasons Bradford white made the URG230T6N Atmospheric Gas Water heater. This compact gas water heater is not only small but also economical.

The URG230T6N has a physical water holding capacity of 30 gallons, making it significantly smaller than most tank-style gas water heaters out there. Despite its relatively small size, this gas water heater comes loaded with all the bells and whistles found in larger Bradford white water heaters.

One of its most impressive features is the high-efficiency blower. The high-efficiency blower system pulls in air through a baffle system. The effect is a higher water heating rate and efficiency.

It also comes equipped with the ICON intelligent gas control system that controls the spark-to-pilot ignition system. This feature helps you save on gas by shutting off or limiting the pilot gas during low-demand periods.

This gas water heater also features an advanced water temperature control system that continuously monitors the burner to ensure that the water temperature remains consistent.

Additionally, this unit comes equipped with a Hydrojet system that reduces sedimentation and increases the first-hour rating of the unit by continuously mixing the water in the tank.


  • Warranty Six year limited warranty on all components
  • Power Source Gas
  • Uniform Energy Factor 0.68
  • Water Temp Up to 160 Deg Fahrenheit
  • Flow rate 34 GPH

Lack Of Proper Research

When purchasing products used in the home or businesses, always make it a point to make research first before purchase.

Seeing that you have proper knowledge about the product and its features for the brand, design and cost of the product you are purchasing is a significant portion of your whole operational cost.

Many consumers tend to skip this first step when purchasing but mind you, having background even on small items must be observed by consumers to keep a better buying habit.

Bradford White Rg240t6n 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater

Bradford White Water Heaters Reviews â The Inside Info

If you are looking for a compact gas water heater from Bradford white, then youd better check out the Bradford White RG240T6N.

The first thing youll notice when you take a look at the RG240T6N is its compact size. For a tank-style water heater, youll be surprised at how easy it is to fit in your utility room or garage.

Although this water heater has a physical water holding capacity of 40 gallons, it has a first-hour delivery of 75 gallons.

It comes loaded with lots of cool features, including the Bradford white ICON system that eliminates the need for an external electric connection by converting heat energy from the gas flame to electricity, which is then used to power the microprocessor and gas valve.

It also comes equipped with a vitraglas lining that guarantees optimum durability.

In terms of efficiency, you will like the fact that this gas water heaters tank is covered with a non-CNC form that actively reduces heat loss and improves the heaters operational efficiency.

Like all other Bradford white water heaters, this gas water heater comes with a six-year limited warranty on all its components.


Bradford Whites Customer Service

If you have any problems with your Bradford White heater, there is no need to worry. Their customer service is excellent and they provide email addresses, fax numbers as well as phone numbers for support.

Their support site also gives users access to many informative articles, data sheets and user manuals. Specific models also have their own guides and these provide all the information required to resolve any technical difficulties you may have, or help you in setting up and configuring your new unit.

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