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Bradford White Water Heater Vs Rheem

Gas Vs Electric Water Heaters: Which Is Right For You

Bradford White vs Rheem water heater

Installing a new water heater in your home isnt cheap, which is why youre probably taking some time considering how to power your appliance. The first thing to know is that electric heaters are the best option for the environment, and opting for one of these will mean youre making a more sustainable choice for the planet. Electric water heaters are also more efficient, though the cost of electricity bumps the cost of running past gas alternatives. As weve already mentioned, you can also still run your gas heater in a power-out and have one less thing to worry about in a crisis.

Brief History Of Bradford White

Bradford White has one of the longest histories in the water heater business, starting back in 1881. Bradford White is a team of American-based companies that design, build, and engineer water heaters. The employee-owned company takes pride in making all of its products here in the USA.

Bradford White has always had the philosophy of producing quality over quantity. The corporation has grown into a full-line manufacturer of residential, commercial, and industrial products that are safe, durable, energy-efficient, and Built to be the Best®.

Bradford White also has state-of-the-art training facilities to ensure their customers receive excellent products from qualified professionals.

Bradford White Water Heaters

Bradford White has been supplying both homeowners and professionals with high-quality water heaters for 135 years now. Four words that describe Bradford White best are quality, safety, efficiency, and innovations.

One of Bradford Whites most selling models is the #RG240T6N gas water heater. This water heater is practically maintenance-free, comes with a safety system feature, an ICON system that provides intelligent gas control, and a flame arrestor to name a few superb functionalities.

Gas Water Heaters

  • 17 models to choose from
  • Bradford White residential gas water heaters are equipped with the Defender Safety System that ensures maximum reliability of each and every unit
  • The Eco-Defender Ultra Low NOx models emit fewer emissions while still ensuring optimal performance

Tankless Water Heaters

  • Work with both existing and new boilers
  • Models with up to 111 gallons capacity
  • Hydrojet Total Performance System improves performance and reduces sedimentation


  • Most models are backed up with 6-year warranties
  • Any standard warranty can be upgraded to a 10-year warranty
  • Extended warranties cover both the parts and the tank

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How To Choose The Best Water Heater Brand

The brands themselves all have their pros and cons, but there are certain characteristics homeowners need to look out for when they think about the best water heater brand. The best water heater brand for you is likely different from another homeowner. This is why its important to take these aspects into consideration before you make your decision.

Best Water Heater Brand In Cincinnati


With so many water heater brands to choose from, its hard for homeowners to know which brand is truly the best. Honestly, the best water heater brand depends more on the homeowner than the water heater itself. Every brand has its pros and cons. The homeowner knows what they need more than any brand could, so its important to keep in mind your priorities when you choose a new water heater.

Still, the amount of brands available makes homeowners question which one to choose. Heres a list of brands, each of which is able to hold the title for best water heater brand.

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What Products Do They Offer

Both lines have managed to create a diverse set of products in their time. They both have a plethora of offerings for commercial and residential heating. As mentioned above, they both have gas and electric models available as well as tank and tankless options.

That said, the two are not completely similar. Rheem, for instance, offers products for cooling whereas Bradford White makes units that are exclusively meant for heating. Rheem also has spas, pool heating, and even home generators as well as products meant to improve indoor air quality.

Bradford White offers indirectly powered, solar, and oil models of water heater as well. Rheem, meanwhile, makes just about any kind of water heater that you can image. Propane, gas, electric, hybrid, solar, and indirect are all offered by Rheem.

Buying A Water Heater: Efficiency Ratings

Efficiency standards for gas and electric water heaters are different, but both use the Uniform Energy Factor ratings system, where higher scoring units produce more hot water while using less energy.

To earn an Energy Star certification, for example, electric water heaters with tanks up to 55 gallons must have a UEF greater than 2. In contrast, gas water heaters with tanks up to 55 gallons only need a UEF above 0.64 or 0.68, depending on how they use water during the day. Qualifications for tanks over 55 gallons are even higher. Choosing a water heater near or above the Energy Star standards will save money on your utilities, though the most efficient units usually command the highest prices.

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A Word About Warranties

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, a tank water heater will begin to degrade between 6 and 12 years. This is the range of warranty numbers you will see that apply to the models in this review.

The full warranty period will often only apply to water heaters that have been installed by licensed professionals and may only cover the tank of a water heater. Other component parts of the water heater may be covered for 1 or 2 years, though there are some exceptions. Every manufacturer and model may be different, so be sure to check this out if it is a concern to you.

A Detailed Comparison Of Both Brands: Bradford White Vs Rheem

Best Residential Water Heater (Rheem VS Bradford)

Company Overview

Between both brands being compared in this article, Bradford White was established first as far as 1881. The brand has its headquarters in Philadelphia, with other crucial manufacturing facilities in several locations. The company also make use of a distribution channel in Canada.

Rheem dated back from as far as 1925 and was founded in Emeryville, California. With both brands having a lot of years of experience in the industry, its no surprise they became the top brands of water heaters in the market. Rheem, in 1931, gained the peoples trust and boosted the brand after introducing the first automatic gas storage heater.

Major Difference

Both brands are known for high-end products. However, a huge difference between Rheem and Bradford White is the fact that the formal is meant exclusively for retail distribution.

Further, their products are not complicated to assemble and install therefore, you dont need a professional installation, unlike water heaters from Bradford White.

Product Line

Both brands have successfully created a diverse list of product. On their official websites, you can easily notice the impressive product variation either for commercial or residential heating.

In addition, both brands offer both electric and gas models. Also, they offer tankless and tank water heaters, which means you have a wide range of products to choose from. Their products always rank high on most electric tankless water heater reviews on the internet.


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Bradford White Water Heater Problems

Some of the common Bradford White water heater problems include:

  • Water heater not heating,
  • Too hot water heater,
  • Water heater not lighting.

If your Bradford White water heater is not heating, it could be an issue with the thermocouple, dip tube, heating element, ignition module, or gas valve and thermostat assembly.

If the unit is leaky, then the temperature/press relief valve may be faulty or the drain valve should be replaced.

A too hot Bradford White water heater may be having issues with the gas valve or thermostat , or it could be that the heating element is shorted out.

Finally, if your Bradford White water heater is not lighting, it could be that the igniter, pressure switch, thermocouple, or spark electrode failed.

When Should You Replace Your Water Heater

You dont need to be a plumber to figure out that your water heater isnt working properly, but it helps to know the symptoms associated with a broken water heater before you lose hot water entirely.

  • Look out for any changes in hot water quality, such as brown water or metallic tastes, which may indicate your storage tank is rusting on the inside.
  • If you experience a sudden decrease in the amount of hot water your heater delivers, or the water never gets completely hot, this could be the result of a bad or old heating element.
  • A decrease in the volume of water coming through the faucets could indicate a pipe is blocked with sediment, hard water deposits or another object.
  • If your water heater starts to sound different when heating water, especially if you hear popping and cracking, that could be a problem.
  • Any time you see water leaking directly from the water heater, something needs to be tightened.
  • As mentioned earlier in our guide, the average lifespan of a water heater is about 10 years, so anything older than 10 to 15 years is a good candidate for replacement, even if its still working fine.

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Bradford White Vs Ao Smith Which One Should You Choose

Bradford White and AO Smith are strong competitors. Thus, if youd want to make a comparison between the two, you should choose several factors to compare, such as energy efficiency, longevity, and flow rate. Dont worry, weve done the hard work so you can get a clearer image of which brand would be a better choice.

All Bradford White water heaters have Energy Star ratings so you can know for sure they are efficient and energy-saving at the same time. If you decide to go for this brand, your energy savings will go up to 25% approximately, which means youll save some money along the way. However, keep in mind that Bradford White water heater prices are slightly higher than AO Smith water heaters that dont have Energy Star ratings but still consume a lot less energy than old-fashioned water heaters.

AO Smith provides 5-12 year warranties on their water heaters, while the average lifespan of their models is 10-20 years. Bradford White offers extendable warranties. You can go for a standard 6-year warranty or extend it to 10 years to have your peace of mind. The average lifespan of Bradford White water heaters is over 10 years, which means that it is almost in the same league as AO Smith.

Speaking of performance, we just have to mention that AO Smith water heaters do make some noise while operating . Bradford White water heaters are popular for their noiseless performance and beat AO Smith in this aspect.

The Pros And Cons Of Bradford White Water Heaters

How To Relight Defender Water Heater

Bradford White water heaters are obviously the premium option when compared to Rheem. However, what really makes Bradford White stand out is the fact that their water heaters are well-designed, and they have a self-cleaning function, which helps minimise the wear and tear of the unit over time.

They also have an excellent customer service team and standard warranty options ranging from six to 10 years.

However, this durability comes at a higher purchasing cost and the addition of any installation costs, since the Bradford White water heaters need to be installed by professionals.

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Which Water Heater Is Best For You

Bradford White and Rheem are both excellent choices.

If you are looking for a water heater that offers smart technology, is committed to manufacturing environmentally friendly products, and prefers the ease of purchasing your water heater from your local wholesale supplier, Rheem is a good choice for you.

Suppose you want a water heater made in the USA, comes with various patented safety features, is built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, and has several Energy Star certified water heaters. In that case, Bradford White is a good choice for you.

How To Identify A Hot Water Heater Needs Repair

Your water heater will give you warning indications when it starts to malfunction. However, recognizing these signs is not always simple unless you’re a plumber. We hope that the information we share here will better equip you to detect any malfunctioning, thus addressing it in good time.

Here are things to look out for:

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Bradford White Or Rheem: Which Is More Affordable

Bradford White water heaters are more expensive than Rheem because they are only available through an authorized, licensed dealer. Rheem water heaters are available at most wholesale stores, making them more affordable.

Water heaters range greatly in price. On average, a water heater alone can run between $400 to $3,000. When preparing your budget, its important to consider that other factors will raise the final amount. For instance:

  • Size- Based on the number of people in your home, how many gallons do you need?
  • Type Do you want electric, gas, hybrid, tankless?
  • Installation Are you switching from electric to gas? Or from a tank to tankless?
  • Will new gas, electric, or plumbing lines need to be run?
  • Does the area have sufficient ventilation for a gas water heater?

Choosing a Bradford White water heater will cost more money than doing it yourself. Still, a professional can help you determine what size water heater best suits the needs of your home, and should you need new electrical, plumbing, or gas lines, they have the experience and equipment to do the job safely. They will also be familiar with local codes.

If you choose a Rheem water heater and like the idea of doing the work yourself, its important to keep in mind that more is involved than simply swapping out the old with the new.

R/plumbing Professional Advice Request: Rheem Vs Bradford White

Bradford White vs Rheem water heater | Rocket Plumbing

Hello, everyone. Im preparing to replace my old Rheem water heater, which has been in service for more than 17 years , and Id need your professional advise. I do not work as a plumber in any way. Im torn between the RG250T6N Bradford White water heater that my plumber suggests and the Rheem Performance Platinum 50 Gal Gas Water Heater with 12 Year Warranty from Home Depot, which both have good reviews. Both of them are ventilated by a chimney. Rheem offers a unit, taxes, and installation package that is $200-$300 CAD less expensive than the competition.

  • Bradford White, on the other hand, comes highly recommended by my plumber .
  • When I look at my Rheem right now, its more than 17 years old and still works, which leads me to believe its in good condition.
  • But why is this so?
  • Could you please explain some advantages and disadvantages based on your own experience working with both to make the decision a little easier?
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    Differences Between: Bradford White Water Heater Vs Rheem

    1. Bradford White water heaters are available in a wide range of models to suit different needs, while Rheem water heaters are more limited in terms of model options.

    2. Bradford White water heaters are made with a durable steel tank, while Rheem water heaters have a glass-lined tank.

    3. Bradford White water heaters have a built-in anode rod to help protect the tank from corrosion, while Rheem water heaters do not.

    4. Bradford White water heaters come with a six-year warranty, while Rheem water heaters have a five-year warranty.

    5. Bradford White water heaters have a higher first hour rating than Rheem water heaters, meaning they can provide more hot water in a shorter amount of time.

    6. Bradford White water heaters are Energy Star qualified, while Rheem water heaters are not.

    7. Bradford White water heaters are available in both natural gas and propane models, while Rheem water heaters are only available in natural gas models.

    Rheem Water Heaters Prices

    With a full line of Rheem® tank and tankless water heaters to choose from, theres sure to be one thats the right fit for your family. Whether you need high water delivery or low energy costsor both, we have your next water heater. Be sure to browse our impressive line of sustainable, high efficiency tankless water heaters, gas tank water heaters, and the most efficient water heater on earth the Rheem hybrid electric water heater. We install Rheem water heaters but alsoBradford White,Navien,Rinnai and many more brand. See below Rheem water heaters prices, and installation costs.

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    Bradford White Vs Rheem: Which Water Heater Is Better

    There will come a time for all of us when our water heater bites the dust. It may be a subtle decline over the years or it may come on suddenly. Regardless of how it happens, it will happen someday and you will have no choice but to replace the unit.

    Two of the most reputable brands for water heaters are Bradford White and Rheem. But how do the two stack up against one another? For a powerful, efficient, durable water heater, Bradford White is the choice. If you want a water heater that has modern functionality and competitive pricing, Rheem would be the way to go.

    How Do You Know When Its Time To Replace Your Water Heater

    NO!APEC TV: [View 32+] Bradford White 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater Reviews

    Water heaters are generally pretty durable and can last for quite a long time. That said, when they are beginning to fail, there will be certain symptoms that arise. Depending on the frequency and severity, you may be able to wait a bit before replacing your water heater.

    There are a few signs in particular that you should look out for that may indicate it is time to swap out the old unit with a new one.

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