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Cat Won T Drink Water

If My Cat Already Has Kidney Disease Would A Cat Water Fountain Help

Why Your Cat WON’T Drink Water – How to Encourage Drinking!

Absolutely. A cat fountain with an effective filtering system would definitely help because it will encourage your cat to drink more. It’s especially important for cats with this medical condition.

Note: You should also know that a fountain for cats, no matter how good it is, will not cure kidney disease or make kidney stones disappear. It may help to prevent it, and it also helps cats with kidney disease live longer.

Why Isnt My Cat Drinking Water

In the same way cats are very picky about their litter boxes , they tend to get finicky when it comes to their water situation. Common reasons why your cat isnt drinking water include:

  • Dirty or old water bowl
  • Your cat prefers running water over still water
  • Their water bowl is in an undesirable location
  • Uncomfortable bowl shape
  • Inconvenient to get to their water

If youve worked through the steps above and your cat still wont drink, contact your vet.

Causes Of Dehydration In Cats

If your cat has a sudden change in drinking habits, Patrick Mahaney, DVM, a holistic veterinarian in Los Angeles, says an underlying illness might be to blame. Your cat might not be feeling well enough and have no urge to drink, he explains. Illnesses that could put your cat at risk of dehydration include:

No matter the underlying cause, a lack of water consumption shouldnt be taken lightly. If your cat goes 48-72 hours without drinking, or if the change in drinking habits is accompanied by other concerning symptoms, its time to visit the vet. Your vet will want to know the details of any water and food consumption, bathroom habitats, and other behavioral changes.

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Substituting Water With Broth Or Flavoured Water

You might be surprised to know that cats like to drink broth. Try feeding them more if they refuse to drink water and also be cautious to avoid salt or onion which might be present in broth as they are toxic to cats. You can also add flavours such as tuna juice to water while feeding cats. Also, keep an eye out on your cats weight if you choose to replace water with broth!

Difficulty In Seeing Water

Why Won

Do you know the cats front face has a blind spot that starts around 10 cm from her nose?

She can no longer see the water right in front of her when she draws closer to the water bowls. A few cats prefer to drink water from fountain water dishes also called water fountains because the sound aids in hearing and drinking the water.

This is maybe one of the leading reasons why a cat doesnt drink water from her bowl.

Dont forget to check out the ceramic cat dishes to know more about the best ceramic cat bolws.

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Why Won’t My Cat Drink Water Out Of A Bowl

Is your cat more keen on drinking from the toilet and taps rather than the pristine bowl of fresh water next to his food dish?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then remember that fresh tap water is normally treated with chemicals and often chlorinated. The bowl itself may smell of the detergent with which it was cleaned – and therefore is an unattractive prospect to a cat. As cats are many times more sensitive to detergent contamination than humans, much more rinsing than usual is required.

You should also get into the habit of changing the water frequently to prevent bacterial build-up.

How To Track Your Cats Water Intake

It may be impossible to tell exactly how much water your cat is drinking. The good news is that most pet parents dont need to know the exact amountits more important that you monitor their general drinking habits so you can notice changes that may indicate health issues. There are a couple different methods you can try:

  • Keep track of how often your cat goes to their water dishand note whether their frequency increases or decreases. If your cats going to their dish more often, it stands to reason that theyre drinking more!
  • Monitor the water level in your cats bowl. You can eyeball the level before your daily refills, or measure the amount of water left in the bowl before you clean it each day. Just keep in mind that water will evaporate and/or even splash out during the day, which will affect that measurement.
  • Use a smart water dish. These devices connect to your cell phone and can help quantify water consumption. For example, the Instachew Puresmart Water Fountain delivers push notifications to your phone about the water level. It also cleans the water with a UV light.

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How Is Dehydration Treated

A quick procedure your veterinarian can perform involves them giving the cat fluids under the skin. In severe cases, your veterinarian can recommend hospitalizing your cat and giving them fluids through a needle that goes directly into the catâs vein. This method can usually rehydrate your cat within a few hours or days.

Your veterinarian will also diagnose the underlying reason for your catâs dehydration and help you nurse them back to health.

Tips To Encourage Your Cat To Drink More Water

Cat Not Drinking Water? 8 Ways to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water

As with humans, water is a crucial part of a cats diet so its important that they have access to a fresh, clean supply at all times. Although cats are able to survive on less water than dogs their desert-dwelling ancestry means they can adapt well to dry conditions they are still prone to dehydration and this can lead to common health issues such as constipation, lower urinary tract disease and urinary blockages. Mature moggies in particular will need to drink plenty of water each day as their kidneys will need a bit of extra help to function properly. Its important to remember that milk, cream or any other liquid is no substitute for water in a cats diet. In fact, cats are lactose intolerant and have difficulty digesting dairy products, so drinking milk could make them unwell. If youre worried that your cat is not drinking enough water, here are a few tips and tricks you can try…

1. Refill their water bowl daily

The thought of drinking from a glass of water thats been sitting around on the floor for a few days probably doesnt sound very appetising. Your cat is likely to feel the same, so they will appreciate a fresh, clean bowl each day.

2. Place bowls throughout the house

Cats prefer drinking in different locations. Give them plenty of options to choose from so that a bowl of water is never too far away.

3. Try a different water bowl

4. Try a water fountain

5. Keep water and litter trays separate

6. Separate the food bowl too

7. Switch to canned food

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Switch To A Wet Food Diet

If your kitten wont drink water and is on a dry food diet, you should make the switch to wet delicacies or make a mix of both. Wet food contains much more moisture and is generally more nutritious than cat kibble, which has around 10% moisture.

A dry-food-only diet may also make your kitty form unhealthy eating habits, like gorging and overeating and make them crave unhealthy human food, like sausages or cheese. If hooked on biscuits from kittenhood, cats may refuse wet food later in life.

If your kitty doesnt want to give up biscuits, you can add some soup or broth for moisture.

Yeees, cheeeese!!!

How Can I Hydrate A Cat That Won’t Drink Water

If you are concerned that your cat isn’t drinking enough water, but they are not showing any of the symptoms above there are a few things you can try to increase your cat’s water consumption.

  • Ensure that your cat’s water bowl is not near their litter box. If it is, move it to a better spot in the room or a different room altogether.
  • Provide fresh water daily. Many cats will not drink water that has been sitting for an extended period of time.
  • Try moving the bowl to a different location .
  • Try a different bowl or a bowl that provides running water for cats to enjoy.
  • If your cat eats dry food switch to canned.

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What Are The General Symptoms Of Dehydration In Cats

Make sure that your cat is getting enough water as a part of their daily diet. If the cat is not getting enough water, they may become dehydrated.

Some signs of dehydration in cats include:

  • Tacky and dry gums

âSkin tentingâ is a good test to help you determine if your cat is dehydrated. To do this, gently take a small portion of your catâs skin around their shoulders, pull it up, and then let go.

If your cat is hydrated, the skin will snap back into place quickly. If the skin falls back down slowly, this your cat could be dehydrated. If your catâs skin remains up in a tent position and does not fall back down, it can be a sign of severe dehydration. In cases like this, you should seek medical care for your cat right away.

How Long Can A Cat Live With Water But No Food

Why Won

The average cat can survive for about two weeks without food, but only a few days without water. However, there have been cases of cats surviving for up to six weeks without food. Water is essential for a cats survival as it helps to keep them hydrated and prevents their organs from shutting down.

Cats are typically able to live much longer with no food than they can with no water. In fact, the longest recorded case of a cat surviving without food was 28 days. However, this cat was also receiving daily water injections and was under veterinary care. Without proper care, most cats would not be able to survive more than two weeks without food.

Cats have very high metabolisms and require more water than other animals, proportionately speaking. They have very little body fat to help them retain water, so they tend to dehydrate quickly. Their kidneys are very efficient at extracting water from their food and reusing it. But, this also means that they need a constant supply of fresh water to keep those kidneys working properly.

Cats sweat only through their paws, so they dont have an easy way to cool themselves off when they get too warm. For all these reasons, its important to make sure your cat always has access to clean water.

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Why Cats Love Toilet Water

Although your toilet itself is dirty, the actual water in the tank is not. Its often a cool temperature, which is refreshing to your cat, and its just as clean as the water coming from your faucet. When it fills the toilet bowl, the water is clean, but the bowl likely has germs on it, or, if you just cleaned it, deposits from the disinfectant. The size of the bowl also allows your cat to drink more comfortably since his whiskers wont touch the sides.

Temperature Of The Water

If you ponder why wont my cat drink water from her bowl? Its because some cats wont drink water if the water is at room temperature. If your cat consumes water from your bathwater, she may prefer warm water to drink.

And, if she runs and drinks water from your running tap, that means she prefers cool water. Water temperature can be one of the reasons why she looks for other water supplies.

If you live in a cold area then you can consider the electric water bowls for cats, this might give you perfect hot water to your cat.

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Drinking Filtered Water Could Help Your Cat Prevent Utis

UTIs are urinary tract infections located in the urinary system. If not treated early, UTIs can negatively affect the kidneys.

UTIs in cats can be asymptomatic. Routinary checkups are a must to avoid further health complications.

Untreated UTIs can also cause cell damage due to the abundance of bacterias.

What causes cat urinary infection?

Urinary tract infections happen when bacteria travels into the bladder and the urethra. Cats that drink tap water directly are at a higher risk of developing UTIs due to the heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride minerals, and other chemicals found in tap water. Depending on where you live, the water can be harder or softer.

Trupanion, Inc., one of the leaders when it comes to medical insurance for cats and dogs, released a report that identifies a connection between urinary health conditions and hard water in the US.

According to Trupanion:

One cat covered by the Trupanion policy struggled with urinary blockages for weeks, being seen every four or five days for treatment, diagnostics, and hospitalization. When his chronic condition couldn’t be controlled, he received a perineal urethrostomy , where his anatomy was surgically reconstructed. The total cost of treatment was more than $11,600, not to mention the amount of time and stress the pet owner and the cat had to endure.


With early detection and proper treatment, your cat may totally recover without further issues.

Feeding Wet Food Vs Dry Food

10 Tips to Help Your Cat DRINK WATER

If your cat prefers and eats wet food this is good because wet food provides adequate water content. If you feel like your cat must drink more water, try mixing some water into the food and indulge your kitty to consume it. If your cat refuses, then dont force it and adopt other strategies, as you will read below.

If your cat prefers dry food, you can increase its water content by mixing water with the kibbles..

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My Cats Eyes Are Watery Some Days Is This An Allergy

Watery eyes can arise due to a variety of reasons in cats, including infection, inflammation or a blocked tear duct. The most common reason in cats is usually because of an eye irritation of some nature for example dust, smoke or allergy, as you rightly suggest. If your cat is squinting, blinking or closing the eye this could be a sign of pain and you should have your vet check this out. Cats also commonly get scratches to the surface of their eye which need treatment by a vet. If the discharge becomes yellow or green or you have any other concerns, you should have your cat checked over by your vet.

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Your Cat Might Prefer Running Water

Leading on from our last point, cats have excellent hearing and can often hear objects or moving entities before they can see them. Why do you think they come running when they hear the can opener?

This also translates into running water, as cats in the wild would look for running water sources. Not only can they hear a brook or stream, but they can also identify running water as less likely to contain bacteria , so this preference may stem from an innate survival behavior.

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Does My Cat Have Access To An Appropriate Water Bowl

When they put their face into their water bowl to drink, their whiskers could graze the side of the bowl and it could cause discomfort,Patrick Mahaney, VMD, a holistic veterinarian in Los Angeles explains. Look for a wide bowl that doesnt brush up against the whiskers. Or, for kitties that want a more tantalizing water source, consider a trickling fountain.

What Happens If A Cat Doesnt Drink Enough Water

Why Wont My Cat Drink Water

Unfortunately, cats sometimes suffer from kidney disease and urinary issues, partly due to how their bodies process and concentrate urine. Because cats typically get a lot of the moisture they need from their prey, they sometimes dont feel the urge to drink.

This can cause dehydration, which is dangerous enough on its own, but it also concentrates a cats urine, which can cause a much more painful and fatal problem to arise: urinary stones and blockages.

Uroliths, or bladder/urinary stones, are tiny stone-like crystals composed of minerals. These stones, along with more mucus made by the body as its tissues are irritated by the stone, can block a cats urethra.

When this happens, the cat cannot urinate, and urine backs up, causing them to build up toxins. The kidneys can then fail in a matter of hours. While it may seem trivial to give your cat a different bowl or leave an extra glass of water out for them, it could prevent all sorts of tragedies.

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What Are The Dangers If A Cat Does Not Drink Enough Water

One of the biggest dangers of your cat not consuming enough water is dehydration. Dehydration is when your cat uses or loses more fluids than they take in, which creates an imbalance of water and electrolytes in the body. When this occurs, their bodies are unable to function properly.

Dehydration can be caused by more than just a lack of water consumption. It can be the result of medications, nursing kittens, or elderly cats with decreased mobility.

Cat Not Drinking Water 10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Cats are desert-dwelling animals that get most of their water from their food. They dont need to drink water as frequently as dogs, but they can still get dehydrated. Thats especially true if your cat mainly eats dry food and refuses its water bowl. If so, you need to take steps to ensure that your cat stays hydrated.

To get your cat to drink more water, move its water farther away from its food. You can also get a water fountain, use bowls of different materials , and place water bowls in several different places around the house. If your cat still refuses, offer broth instead, switch to wet food, and add water to cat food.

Youll know your cat is dehydrated if its skin tents, it shows a loss of appetite, or it seems lethargic. If its been vomiting or has diarrhea, this can quickly result in dehydration. Look out for sunken eyes, panting, sticky gums, and less urination. If you find these signs, then youll need to encourage your cat to drink water without delay.

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