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Companies That Install Water Softeners

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A water softening system can supply your home with dependable soft water year-round. With the help of our dependable technicians, we can install your system safely and promptly so you can enjoy soft water faster. If youre ready to transform your homes water supply, contact us today to get started!

Replace And Install Salt

  • Salt-salt based systems – Their mission has always been to replace calcium and magnesium ions in the water with sodium ions. The process of ion exchange removes hardness minerals from your mains water supply, turning hard water into softened, silky water. Because any fitting comes with some water pressure loss, your plumber will recommend you to install them on high flow applications and direct feed applications.
  • Salt-free systems – They act like descalers or water conditioners, preserving the chemical balance, yet reducing limescale formation on appliance surfaces. If you look for an efficient, maintenance-free, and affordable appliance, salt-free systems are your best choice. Youll never feel the silky, slippery, soft water, though.

How Do I Choose A Water Softener

Water softeners are designed to treat varying levels of hard water. It’s important to consult a professional when choosing a water softener. They can test your water and recommend a model that may work well for your water type and budget. Talk with them about any special considerations, such as excessive water use in your family.

Water softener installation isn’t typically a DIY job, so lean on professionals to help you choose and install the unit that best fits your needs.

You never pay to use Thumbtack: Get cost estimates, contact pros, and even book the joball for no cost.

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Signs You Need A New Water Softener

Maybe its been many years since you installed your water softener, or you dont know how long its been in service, since the previous owner of your home installed it.

Instead of guessing about whether its time to contact ARS/Rescue Rooter, your preferred water softener installation company, check out this list of the major signs indicating you need water softener replacement:

  • Water heater is not working efficiently: When high mineral content in the water supply starts to build up inside your water heater, the unit will not function at peak efficiency. The added minerals absorb heat at a different rate than normal water. This poses problems for the heating units longevity as well as potentially leading to increased utility bills.

  • Laundry is fading: One of the first signs that a home has hard water is when you see that your clothings colors are starting to fade prematurely. Hard water removes the pigment more readily than soft water.

  • Glassware breaking at a high rate: Have you been breaking more of your fancy glass stemware than usual? Hard water could be the culprit. The mineral buildup stains your glassware and can make it grow brittle and more likely to break.

  • Stains on fixtures: Arranging for experts, such as the team at ARS/Rescue Rooter, to install or replace water softeners will help you avoid future stains on fixtures. Sinks, showerheads, and other fixtures show visible signs of staining when the homes water supply is mineral-rich.

A Lack Of Training And Experience

Whirlpool Water Softener Reviews

Usually, unlicensed plumbers lack the adequate training and experience that licensed plumbers have. Often, they only see whats visible rather than knowing whats occurring within all your pipes. On the other hand, a highly trained, skilled and experienced licensed plumber is more able to know what will happen if you ignore a problem, besides know how to fix it by using different methods. The more training and experience plumbers have, the more likely their predictions and treatments are correct.

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Why Hire A Professional For Water Softener Installation

Any major upgrade in your home is a big investment. You deserve to get the most from that investment, which includes hiring our plumbers to do the installation. Starting with professional installation gives you the best guarantee of a good result, with the fewest problems over time. Its tempting to consider doing the work yourself or hiring an untrained person to install a water softener. For your investment, safety, and stress levels, you can get the biggest improvement by calling our plumbers.

Vickery Water Softener Reviews

We work hard to keep our reputation for providing trusted, honest advice. Read what our customers say.

Absolutely outstanding job and an utterly delightful business owner: careful, polite, trustworthy and professional.MD Fareham

10/10 Score says it all very satisfied.PC Whiteley

Excellent service, punctual, clean and great result. Would definitely recommend him.AG Whiteley

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How To Choose A Professional Installer

When choosing a plumber to install a water softening system, take the time to talk to and get quotes from at least three different professionals. Here are some questions you can ask.

  • Is your license and insurance current?
  • Do you have experience installing water softeners?
  • What permits do I need to install my system?
  • What is your companys Better Business Bureau rating?
  • Where can I read reviews from your past customers?

Which Brand Of Water Softener Is The Best

How the Puronics Water Softener System Works

The best water softener for your home or business is determined by your budget and preferences. Whirlpool, Waterboss, GE, Rheem, Pelican Water and DuraWater tend to appear on annual best water softener lists.

Each area of the country and each individual community has special water issues that a high-quality water softener may help mitigate. A local water softener professional can provide you with their opinion about the type, size and model of unit that works best for your home.

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Diy Vs Professional Water Softener Installation

Some point-of-use water softeners attach directly to faucets or the pipes beneath the sink. These are good for DIY installation. However, whole-home systems deal with such a large volume of water that theyre best installed by a licensed plumber.

Its also common for Local Departments of Public Health to have codes that residential water softening systems must meet. Therefore, we recommend professional installation for whole-home water softeners.

What Does Installing A Water Softener System Cost

The average cost to install a water softener is $300 to $500 USD so its fairly expensive. You may have to pay upwards of $1,000 if your plumbing system isnt set up for easy water softener installation. In the best-case scenario, your home will have a plumbing loop thats easy to access, reducing the costs involved in the installation process.

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You Can Save With Diy Installation But You Can Also Get Installation Services

The low cost of Lowes or Home Depot water softeners may make them seem appealing, but unless youre an experienced DIYer, you may not be able to handle the installation and setup on your own.

In that case, youll need to hire an installation company to install and set up your Home Depot or Lowes water softener. You can hire an installer through Lowes or Home Depot, but its important to note that these are just contractors not employees of the company.

They are not affiliated with the business at all, and their level of experience installing water softeners can vary quite a bit.

Is Installing A Water Softener Hard

Best Water Softener System and Company Buying Guide

For homes with accessible plumbing, installing a water softener isnt hard its just a lengthy, fiddly process. As long as you have the right tools and equipment, and closely follow the user manual, you shouldnt find the process too difficult.

If your home has old plumbing, it may be trickier to cut the main line and connect the water softener to your water supply.

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Once You Submit Your Details What Happens Next

  • Submit your details using this web form.
  • Well contact you over the phone to understand your requirements.
  • We can provide a water softener demo, either in your home, or virtually online.
  • We then give you a personalised quote based on your households needs.
  • Start enjoying the benefits of soft water.

Additional Costs And Considerations

Aside from the up-front system cost and labor fees, a few more considerations affect how much water softener systems cost. Youll need to have water testing done and pay for maintenance on the unit after its installed. Additionally, the installer may need to add electrical or plumbing features to make sure it works properly.

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Water Softener Installation Cost Considerations

If youre prepared to take on a bit of handiwork, the cost to install a water softener is less than a professional installation. Eliminating the cost of labor means that the price largely depends on the capabilities of your water softening unit, which is measured in grains. Typically, the higher the grain count, the higher the water softener system cost.

The number of people in a household provides a basis for the minimum number of grains you should be looking for in your next unit:

1-4 People: ~30,000 grains minimum5-6 People: ~40,000 grains minimum

Another factor that may affect the final price of your DIY water softener project is the ease of installation. If the pre-plumbing for your water softener is conveniently located near the equipment itself, you can save time and money eliminating the need for additional plumbing.

Planning your budget and want to know exactly how much it will be to install your water softener? Check out our selection of products to find the ideal unit for your needs.

We Meet The Terms Of The Warranty


Water softener installation often comes with a warranty, to ensure that your system doesnt break down too early due to manufacturer defect. Manufacturers often require licensed professionals to perform the installation, in order to honor the warranty.

Hiring our plumbers to do the work has an added benefit for your insurance. If anything happens to your plumbing system, proof of installation and maintenance from our licensed professionals can help to minimize your chances of liability.

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When To Buy A Water Softener System

Aside from actual testing, here are some signs that your homes water is hard enough to require a water softening system.

  • Your water has an unusual or unpleasant taste or odor
  • When you use bar soap, you notice soap scum left behind
  • Soap, shampoo, and other cleaners dont form enough lather
  • Your hands still feel slimy or filmy after washing
  • Your hair and skin feel dry after washing
  • Your pipes, faucets, or showerheads frequently clog
  • Your clothes dont feel clean, and the colors seem to fade quickly
  • You notice water leaving stains on countertops and appliances

Plumbing Installation Is Difficult

Any kind of plumbing installation is tricky. Whenever you are working with pipes and your water supply, you need to keep everything intact. Lack of knowledge about the system can work against you, while our plumbers can meet the specifications with ease.

Handling basic plumbing issues, like a minor toilet clog, are well within the range of homeowner skills. Adding a new appliance to an existing system is a completely different project, requiring tools and experience that you may not have.

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Water Softener System Cost By Capacity

The larger the system, the greater the volume of hard water it can soften and the higher the price. Capacity is measured in the number of grains of hard minerals that the system can remove. The capacity of the system you need will depend on how many people live in your home, how much water they use, and the hardness of your water.

The grain capacity of whole-home systems usually starts at 24,000 grains. Smaller units of about 16,000 grains are available, but they arent substantially cheaper. Note average price ranges by grain capacity in the table below.

How Do Water Softeners Work

Water Softeners
  • Water softeners work by filtering hard water through a mineral tank. The tank contains a bed of plastic beads or resin beads that have negative electrical charge. The negative charge of the water softener resin attracts the positive charge of such hard particles as calcium and magnesium, leaving them on the beads and removing them from the water.
  • Over time, the water softener runs a regeneration cycle to clear the hardness particles from the beads. The units control valve sends a mixture of salt and water from the brine tank into the resin bed. The salt attracts the minerals from the beads, and the excess debris is flushed from the system and down the drain.
  • Regeneration cycles occur at least once a week, but often more. The frequency of regeneration cycles depends on numerous factors, including how hard your water is and how much water you use. The harder the water and the more water used, the more frequent regeneration cycles will need to be. Regeneration cycles use about 50 gallons of water on average, but this will depend on the water softener system. Unless you have a dual-tank water softener, the equipment cannot be used during the regeneration cycle.
  • Resin beads usually do not need to be replaced. They can typically last the entire lifespan of the water softener system, but may need replacing every 10-15 years or so. However, to maintain your water softening effectiveness, periodically refill the brine tank with water softener salt.

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Questions To Ask About Water Softener System Cost

Since water softener systems are a long-term investment, you want to make sure youre getting the right system installed. As you begin your search for a water softener installer, use these questions to help guide the process. Always start by making sure the installer are licensed and insured and can provide references upon request.

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have water testing kits available?
  • Do you offer free, on-site consultations to determine how much work will be required for installation?
  • Which water softener system is best for my plumbing system?
  • Have you installed a system like this before?
  • How much will an under-the-counter system cost to install in my kitchen and bathroom?
  • How much capacity do you recommend for my household?
  • What if we have guests staying with us? Will we run out of soft water?
  • Will we need to install additional plumbing?
  • How much maintenance will this system require?
  • Do you offer a maintenance plan? If so, whats included?
  • Does this water softener come with a warranty?

I Would Highly Recommend

“Matt took his time to explain the different water softener units and features to help us make a decision as to which one would work best for us. Their price beat all of the other quotes we received. The installer was super nice and walked me through all of the functions of the softener. I would highly recommend Clear Water.”

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Connect With Ars/rescue Rooter For Excellent Water Softener Service

The plumbing installation experts at ARS/Rescue Rooter know how our customers depend on having a reliable supply of freshwater thats appropriately softened to avoid mineral buildup.

As one of the leading companies that installs water softeners today, we take pride in our excellent reputation in the industry. We run drug tests and perform background checks on every technician for our customers peace of mind.

ARS/Rescue Rooter is known for our courteous approach to each service call. To that end, we will call you before arrival, so that you can make the most of your precious time. We will treat your dwelling with the respect it deserves, with our technicians wearing shoe coverings and putting out drop cloths as required. These are some of the many reasons why we receive so many referrals and enjoy repeat business from our many satisfied customers.

For more information about whats involved in water softener system installation or to book an appointment for service, please contact us today.

What Is Water Hardness

Replace and Install the RPWFE Water Filter

While rainwater is soft when it falls from the sky, as it flows into aquifers it can absorb minerals such as calcium, magnesium and trace metals. While safe to drink, hard water can inhibit the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, which can result in bathtub rings, spots on glasses and dishes, less effective clothes washing and less effective rinsing of soaps and shampoos.

  • In addition, deposits from hard water can leave scale deposits and mineral build-up in coffee makers, water supply pipes, ceramic tile and water heaters. This can reduce the water flow, shorten the lifespan of a water heater and cause long-term damage to plumbing and fixtures.
  • You can use a water testing kit to determine your waters hardness level. A level of 1 grain per gallon or higher technically indicates some water hardness, but 7 gpg often indicates that a water softener may be needed at your home.

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Water Softener System Cost By Type

The most significant price factor is the type of water softener you choose. The most popular type is an ion exchange system, which can have one or two tanks and must periodically be refilled with sodium or potassium salts.

There are also salt-free water softeners that can service a whole home. Reverse osmosis systems and distillers are typically only used to create drinking water, but proponents say they dramatically improve the taste of tap water. Below, you will find price ranges for the units themselves, minus the installation cost.

Water Softener Features And Installation

In addition to the dual tank designs, water softeners can include special features.

  • Timer controls can recharge the machine at a set time of day, but tend to be most effective if you consistently use the same amount of water every day.
  • Demand-initiated regeneration controls detect when the resin needs recharging, which can use salt and regeneration water more efficiently and reduce waste.
  • Homeowners can install a water softener by following instructions in the owners manual, but may find it easier to consult a professional when installing a whole-home system.
  • The Home Depots whole-house water softener installation service professionals are local, licensed, insured and have undergone a thorough background-screening process. Learn more about The Home Depots water treatment system installation services, which include free in-home consultation.

Tip: Salt-based water softeners are restricted in some communities, so check the codes in your area before installing one.

Through the removal of hard water minerals, softened water generally goes easier on your plumbing and makes detergents and other soaps more effective. The right type of water softener installation can make a difference in how smoothly things flow around the house. Use The Home Depot Mobile App to view our wide range of water softeners and have them delivered to your doorstep.

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