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Drill Paddle Water Cordless Kayak Light Weight Trolling Motor

Trolling Motor Thrust To Hp Comparison Example

Redneck Trolling Motor for Kayak – Drill Paddle – #bassfishing #fishing

Its always easier to understand these complicated formula issues with an example. Heres an example using:

This trolling motor is a 12V that draws 52A. Applying our formula above:

  • 52A x 12V = 624W
  • Then divide 624W by 746 to get .84 HP

Luckily, Newport Vessels know most of us dont want to go through all that math, we just want the answer. So they publish HP comparison numbers on most of their electric trolling motors. Whew

Electric Trolling Motor Thrust

We talked a little bit about this earlier, but electric trolling motor power is measured in pounds of thrust.

  • Trolling motor thrust to horsepower Generally speaking, 75 lb. of thrust is roughly equal to 1 gas engine horsepower.
  • Battery Voltage Higher voltage means higher thrust. Most trolling motors come in 12V, 24V and 36V configurations.
  • High Thrust Trolling Motors The most powerful electric trolling motors have over 100 lb. of thrust. To put that in perspective, its enough to push a medium-sized pontoon boat quite well.
  • Maximum Thrust Battery maximum thrust capabilities at different voltages are about 12V/55lb., 24V/80lb., with 36V electric trolling motors capable of over 100 lb. of thrust.

How much thrust does a trolling motor need?

Here are some guidelines. But keep in mind, enough power is a seriously subjective thing. One persons enough is anothers not even close. But everyone can agree on one thing, you dont want to have too little power when you need it.

Its better to have at least a little more power than you think youll need just in case.

Thrust to Canoe Length Guide
Canoe Length
22 65 lbs.

But length is only one consideration when sizing an electric canoe trolling motor. Because thrust isnt only about speed, its about power. The power needed to push the combined weight of your canoe, your gear, and your passengers easily through the water.

So in that regard, overall weight is just as important if not more important than canoe length.

Gas Canoe Trolling Motor Parts

And here are the main parts of a gas trolling motor for a canoe.

Gas powered trolling motors for canoes used to be the main motor choice when I was growing up. Times have changed and electric trolling motors for canoes are now arguably more popular.

However, small gas-powered trolling motors are still widely used today, especially around the world and outside the United States.

But while gas trolling motors may look the same on a canoe as electric trolling motors do, and they do share many of the same parts and functions, their designs are quite a bit different in some areas.

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Where To Mount A Trolling Motor On A Canoe

There are two basic canoe body shapes.

  • The classic canoe thats pointed on both ends
  • And the square stern, flat back or so-called squareback canoe.
  • And on those two types of canoes there are three places you could mount a trolling motor.

  • Canoe side mount trolling motor toward the bow
  • Canoe side mount trolling motor toward the stern
  • Trolling motor on a Canoe with a transom
  • Why Mount A Trolling Motor On A Canoe

    Drill Paddle Water Cordless Kayak Canoe Boat Raft Light Weight Trolling ...

    Trolling Motor On a canoe, a trolling motor is a self-contained mechanical unit used for propulsion. Its specifically designed for fishing by trolling or maintaining constant speed and direction while pulling a fishing lure or bait behind a boat.

    But wait, we might be getting ahead of ourselves. Just what is a trolling motor and why would you want to mount one on your canoe?

    There are two main reasons you might want to mount a trolling motor on a canoe.

  • You want to use your canoe more like a boat to travel, transport passengers and gear, and generally get around the water faster.
  • Or the more popular reason, you want to mount a trolling motor on your canoe so you can troll for fish.
  • Trolling for fish is basically keeping your canoe in constant motion, trolling along, in order to pull a fishing lure or bait a certain distance behind the boat, down a certain depth beneath the waters surface, and at a set speed. And you do that to entice a fish into thinking the lure is swimming prey so it will chase the lure and bite it.

    Now, you could troll your canoe the old fashioned way by continuously paddling it. However, as fun as that might sound for the first thirty minutes, if you plan on trolling your canoe for hours at a time, a trolling motors a better, less exhausting option.

    So a trolling motor mounted to your canoe will allow you to simply:

    More great reasons to put a trolling motor on your canoe:

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    Saltwater Vs Freshwater Trolling Motors

    The main difference between a saltwater and a freshwater trolling motor is the materials used to make them. Saltwater trolling motor housings are made of materials that resist salt corrosion.

    Stainless steel, zinc, and magnesium are all materials used in many of the trolling motors hardware parts in order to hep prevent corrosion from long term exposure to salt.

    So the type of water youll mainly use your canoe trolling motor in will help determine what type of motor you need. But dont worry, if you happen to occasionally need to use your freshwater trolling motor in salt water, all is not lost.

    Malone Auto Racks Malone Standard Foam Canoe Kit

    • ITEM DIMENSIONS: 20″ x 5.5″ x 16″ inches
    • FEATURES transporter lashes, cushioned j-supports and bowstern ties to give safe transportation of kayak
    • DESIGNED with lightweight materials that is anything but difficult to introduce and simple to remove.
    • MADE OF water-safe steel development to secure vehicle amid transit
    • Made by a confided in mark OxGord

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    How To Mount A Trolling Motor On A Canoe

    Here are the steps in how to mount a trolling motor on a canoe:

    • Determine the best and maximum size legal engine that can be put on your canoe. Then choose a size/power that suits how you use your canoe.
    • Lots of trolling and running back and forth, you may want a gas trolling motor with some horsepower.
    • If you like gliding on calm clear water and especially if the lakes you fish require it, you may be better off with an electric motor.
  • Using what youve learned from the information in this post, choose between a gas and electric canoe.
  • Figure out the proper canoe motor shaft length.
  • Screw in and attach the trolling motor mount to the canoe.
  • Hang the motors mount over the trolling motor mounting bracket.
  • Screw the motor mounting bolts tight against the motor mounting bracket.
  • Run a safety line from the trolling motor to a fixed point on the canoe.
  • Test drive the motor setup close to shore and with a spotter who can help you.
  • Uscg Canoe Motor Capacity Rules

    DIY trolling motor drill paddle

    Youll find the above United States Coast Guard Maximum Capacities decal on many old squareback aluminum canoes and most modern plastic flat transom, squareback, Colemas Scanoe®, scout or other canoes specifically designed to mount a motor directly to the hull of the canoe.

    The USCG decal contains information on maximum weight capacity the canoe can carry and specific outboard canoe trolling motor horsepower maximums for that canoe.

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    Electric Canoe Trolling Motor Parts

    Here are the main parts of an electric trolling motor for a canoe.

  • Battery Wires Last and not pictured above are the wire leads that go from the control housing at the top of the shaft and attach to the positive and negative terminals on the canoes trolling motor battery
  • Battery/Fuel An electric trolling motor on a canoe is powered by electricity. More accurately, stored electricity in the form of an electrical charge in a battery. An electric trolling motor battery looks very similar to a car batter with positive and negative terminals to attach the power leads from the trolling motor.Trolling motors for canoes come in 12 volt, 12/24 volt, 24 volt, and 36 volt types.
  • Cordless Drill Trolling Motor

    Amazon.Com: Galapagoz Drill Paddle Water Cordless Kayak Canoe Boat Raft Light Weight Trolling Motor Fishing USA : Everything Else.

    And a duel were satisfied to put up s DIY trolling motor produced from an electric powered drill. The challenge might be inspired with the aid of s collapsible amphibious e-scooter that used the equal.

    The Handheld Trolling Motor is a totally accessible accent whilst you are out at the water. It weighs only 1.5 lbs and is powered by means of an everyday cordless device.

    Product Name Popularity Score Quality Score Sentiment Score Sales Volume 1: Ridgid R9603 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Brushless Drill Driver and Impact Driver Combo.

    In the market for a brand new cordless drill/motive force? Here a brief rundown of the great drills you may purchase no matter what process youre seeking to address Unless you like being on the mercy of grumpy landlords and steeply-priced contractors, youll want a.

    With a graceful, elegant layout and cordless construction, this cleanser reminds us of Dyson almighty fashionsfor a fraction of the charge, no much less. This specific vacuum brushless motor can reach.

    When I performed high faculty basketball, we did what we referred to as the Minute Drill. It passed off at.

    Cut the grass with a push mower and my cordless weed eater. That cordless weed eater by way of.

    Get the maximum out of Amazon’s first-class cordless drills.

    To just use his battery-powered drill as an alternative. For the shaft tube.

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    Canoe Trolling Motor Mount Design

    Theres really only one main design to make a safe and strong canoe motor mount. Whether you buy it or perform a little canoe trolling motor mount DIY, most canoe motor mounts include the following:

    • A cross beam/bar that spans the width of the canoe where you plan to mount it and extends roughly 8-12 to one side or the other, beyond the edge of the canoe.
    • 2 screw-secured clamps that can be turned easily by hand.
    • These two clamps are used to securely clamp the cross beam/bar of the trolling motor mount to the gunwales
    • A thick wooden or ABS plastic square or rectangular block that the engine motor mount can be hung on and then clamped and screwed down tight to the canoe motor mounting bracket.

    PRO TIP: From experience, I can tell you that even the best canoe motor mounts may fail. Do yourself and your bank account a favor, string a short security rope from your trolling engine to your canoe. Maybe the thwart or a d-ring on the bow or stern or around a built-in handle.

    Theres been more than one poor mounting job or mount failure thats sent an expensive canoe trolling motor to the bottom of the water.

    Protek 2 Pair J Shape Bar 150 Lbs Kayak Canoe Inflatable Paddle Board Surfboard Roof Rack

    Drill Paddle Water Cordless Kayak Canoe Boat Raft Light Weight Trolling ...
    • Exquisite CraftsmanshipMade in Philadelphia, U.S.A. The Bars of this kayak bearer are made of 1.5mm thick steel tube, with four lashes which can hold 36″ Wide and up to 150 lbs Kayak. All surfaces are covered with fantastic Glossy out-entryway paint, can oppose all climate condition and use for a long life.
    • Rubber Pedal & Foam ProtectorThe froth cushioning and the elastic base cover are made of genuine elastic and froth. They are Anti-Slip, water and sun resistant
    • Indented Tubing DesignIndented tubing plan and solid, stable and pre-punched gaps are for culminate alignment.

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    Trolling Motor Thrust To Hp Comparison Formula

    However, what we can do is estimate the horsepower equivalent of an electric trolling motor by multiplying what it draws in amps times the battery voltage to find the motor wattage.

    Then by dividing that wattage by 746 will estimate the horsepower of the motor. Because every 746 watts is roughly equal to 1 horsepower.

    Amp Draw x Battery Voltage/746 = HP

    Where Can I Buy Galapagoz Drill Paddle Water Cordless Kayak Canoe Boat Raft Light Weight Trolling Motor Fishing Usa Online At The Best Price In The Honduras

    desertcart is the best online shopping platform where you can buy Galapagoz Drill Paddle Water Cordless Kayak Canoe Boat Raft Light Weight Trolling Motor Fishing USA from renowned brand. desertcart delivers the most unique and largest selection of products from across the world especially from the US, UK and India at best prices and the fastest delivery time.

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    Electric Trolling Motor Size In Volts

    You can see in the chart above that electric trolling motors for canoes come in different voltage rating sizes12V, 12/24V, 24V, and 36V. The different configurations are very important, because mismatching battery capacity with an electric motor not capable of handling that voltage will damage your electric trolling motor.

    So its impartant to understand that electric trolling motors are sized for two things:

  • Volts What charge they need in order to run
  • Thrust How much power in Watts they can draw from that voltage rating
  • So when you see a 55 lbs. thrust 12V electric motor, it means that motor can handle a 12V battery and will put out a maximum of 55 lbs. of thrust.

    What Size Trolling Motor For Your Canoe

    Kayak with drill powered trolling motor.

    At some point in your search for the perfect canoe trolling motor, youll wonder what size trolling motor you should get for a canoe.

    Just how big of a motor can you put on a canoe? How big a trolling motor you can put on your canoe is mainly dependent on two things. Most importantly, the maximum size canoe trolling motor thats allowable by the canoes USCG maximum capacities decal. Then its the size of the canoe and how much weight in passengers and gear you plan to put in it. And finally, what you plan to use your canoe for.

    Weve written an entire article on how much a canoe can hold. Heres the highlights of what you need to know for your trolling motor decision.

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    Basic Parts Of A Canoe Review

    Before we get into where to mount a trolling motor on a canoe it might be helpful for you to learn or review the basic parts of a canoe.

    We go into greater detail in our article on the different parts of a canoe, but for understanding canoe trolling motor mounting locations that diagram should give you some context for canoe motor mounting locations.

    Now lets look at the types of canoe trolling motors and their major parts.

    Is It Safe To Buy Galapagoz Drill Paddle Water Cordless Kayak Canoe Boat Raft Light Weight Trolling Motor Fishing Usa On Desertcart

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    Side Mounting A Trolling Motor On The Bow Or Stern Of A Canoe

    However, mounting a trolling motor on the front of a canoe or the back of a pointed canoe poses some unique challenges. Those are:

    • Limited Trolling Motor Mount Locations Without a Bracket Mount Youre almost certainly going to need some type of canoe motor mount in order to mount a trolling motor on either pointed end of a canoe.Most canoe hulls are simply not thick enough or strong enough to hold the weight of the trolling motor and withstand the thrust of the motor as it propels the canoe through the water. So youll need a mount.
    • Instability of a Side Mounted Canoe Motor That canoe motor mounting bracket above is most commonly used to mount the canoe motor to one side of the canoe or the other. Not only does this unevenly distribute weight in an already narrow and less stable vessel, but it means you may have to lean to the side to operate/steer the motor. This will cause even more instability.
    • Loss of Canoe Cargo/Passenger Space Canoes, vs Kayaks, are designed to carry passengers and more gear than say, a kayak. Depending on where you place the cross-braced canoe motor mount, you could give up some interior canoe capacity as well as some passenger maneuverability or legroom.And dont forget the battery or gas can used to fuel the trolling motor. Either of those will take up space on the floor of the canoe that you could otherwise use to transport gear.

    Gas Trolling Motor Horsepower

    Drill Paddle Boat Handheld Trolling Motor Kayak Canoe Water Sport ...

    Man, all that amps, watts, volts, thrust talk wore me out. Luckily, things in the gas trolling motor HP world are a bit simpler.

    Most canoes are only rated and USCG approved for a maximum horsepower outboard motor of 5 HP or lower. That being said, a 2.5 horsepower outboard canoe motor will push your canoe, 2 people, and all your gear along at a seriously fast clip.

    The 4 HP outboard Johnson trolling motor I mentioned at the beginning of this article, pushed our squareback aluminum canoe along like a little speedboat. It was fast, fun and a tank of fuel would last all day. And that was 20 uh, a long time ago.

    But comparatively speaking, most electric canoe motors are the equivalent of less than 1 HP.

    Gas Canoe Trolling Motors Going old school

    From an old school, nostalgic perspective, and if weight, speed and range are important to you, then theres no other choice but a small gas outboard trolling motor for your canoe.

    Sure they cost more, but a 2.5 HP gas outboard trolling motor weighs less than a deep-cycle battery with even medium amperage.

    Compared to the weight of an electric motor with a battery, the weight advantage of a gas trolling motor is huge. Even with several days of fuel. Regardless, several days worth of constant trolling simply cant be done with an electric trolling motor.

    Also, a small gas motor will be much faster getting to and from the fishing grounds.

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