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Erie County Sewer And Water

Erie County Sewer District No 4

Erie County responds to water main breaks in West Seneca and Lackawanna

This District provides collection and conveyance services for portions of the Towns of Alden and Lancaster and conveyance services for the Villages of Depew and Lancaster. Infrastructure includes a network of pumping stations, an excess flow management facility, collector and interceptor sewers which transport sanitary sewage for treatment at the Buffalo Sewer Authority.

Erie County Sewer District No 5

This District provides collection and conveyance services for portions of the Towns of Amherst and Clarence. Infrastructure includes a network of pumping stations and sanitary sewers which transport wastewater to the Town of Amherst for treatment at the Towns treatment facility. Sewer District No. 5 provides operation and maintenance for the Town of Clarence Sewer Districts by contract. This District also operates one small sewage treatment plant which services the Clarence Research Park area.

Sewer Taxes Billing Adjustments And/or Easements:

For questions regarding Erie County Sewer taxes or billings, contact the phone number for Erie County Sewer District in which your property is located.


If a contact is unavailable, a supervisor can be reached at 858-6202.

  • Existing out-of-district customer agreements, call 858-6990.
  • Existing sewer easements, call 858-8760.
  • New requests for out-of-district customer agreements, call 858-6990.
  • Commercial Water Usage Adjustments, contact Laura Surdej at 823-5888 Ext. 223.

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Eligibility For Charge Adjustments

Depending on whether the leak is inside the dwelling or business, or outside between the meter and the structure, call Baltimore City to see if an adjustment can be made on your water bill.

For your Sewer Service charge, only leaks from water that did not go to sewer may be considered for an adjustment if repaired by a licensed plumber. Inside leaks like running toilets or dripping faucets are not eligible for an adjustment to the Sewer Service charge, because the water went through the sewer system and therefore incurred the cost of transporting it and cleaning it.

Water Sewer And Broadband Infrastructure

SERVPRO of East Erie County Storm Damage News And Updates

Erie County Municipal Infrastructure GAP Funding Program To support, empower, and advance Erie County municipalities, the County is providing funds to create a Municipal Infrastructure GAP Funding Program. Funds may be used to invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure, making necessary investments to improve access to clean drinking water, support vital wastewater and stormwater infrastructure, and to expand access to broadband internet. These funds are being administered by the Erie County Department of Planning and Community Development, whose responsibilities include, but are not limited to, developing program guidelines, application and review processes, all necessary contracts and reporting forms, and a communication strategy to promote the grant program and remitting to the County reporting documentation.

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Erie County Sewer District No 2

This District serves portions of the Towns of Brant, Eden, Evans, Hamburg, and North Collins, including the Villages of Angola, Farnham, and North Collins. Agreements also provide service to the Lotus Bay Area Sewer Districts and Evangola State Park. The District operates and maintains a network of pumping stations, collector and interceptor sewers along with a sewage treatment facility and excess flow management facility adjacent to Big Sister Creek. The Sewage Treatment Facility is staffed and operated 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

What Are Some Of The Characteristics Of These Systems

While most of the sanitary sewer system utilizes gravity to convey the wastewater, there are some cases where it is pumped from low points or low lying areas up to higher elevations where it can then utilize gravity again to convey flows to treatment plants. Manholes are positioned in the system to provide access to the buried pipelines for maintenance and repairs. Manholes are also used whenever there is a change in pipe sizes, change in the direction of the sewer line, or a large change in elevation.

In the storm sewer system, water or runoff is conveyed much the same way as in the sanitary system, but again typically no treatment is provided.

There is also a third type of sewer system called a combined sewer. In this system, one pipe carries both sanitary wastewater and storm runoff together. The City of Buffalo is served by a combined system that was built many years ago. None of the Erie County Sewer Districts are combined sewer systems.

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Erie County Sewer District No 8

This District serves the Village of East Aurora and portions of the Town of Aurora. Infrastructure includes collector sewers, pumping stations, and an advanced wastewater treatment facility. This treatment facility is staffed Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. and monitored at all other times via a telemetry system. Collection system maintenance is handled by a Memorandum of Understanding with Sewer District No. 3 staff.

Erie County Sewer District No 3

Erie County Testing Waste Water For COVID-19

This District provides full service to portions of the Towns of Boston, Eden, Hamburg, and Holland, along with the Villages of Blasdell, Hamburg, and Orchard Park. Collection, transmission, and treatment services are provided to the Mt. Vernon Commissioner District by contract. Additionally, the District provides transmission and treatment services to portions of the Town of Orchard Park and the Woodlawn Commissioner District. Sewer District No. 3 also includes a small portion of the Town of West Seneca.

District 3 operates and maintains sewage treatment facilities located in the Town of Hamburg , and, the Town of Holland . The Southtowns Treatment Facility is staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year the Holland facility is staffed Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. and monitored at all other times via telemetry systems.

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Water And Sewer Benefit Assessments

Water and sewer benefit assessments, authorized by Baltimore County Code 2015, Section 20-3-201, are levied on all properties within the Metropolitan District, improved and unimproved, to recover the construction costs of installing water and sewer mains. The charges are on the annual July 1 Property Tax bill and are paid for a 40-year period.

Once applied, these charges remain constant unless there is a change to your property. Charges are based on the average width of the property. Review current rates.

What Do Our Sanitary And Storm Sewers Do

The main function of a sanitary sewer system is to protect water quality and public health. A series of underground pipes and manholes, pumping stations, and other appurtenances convey sewage from homes, businesses and industries to wastewater treatment plants where it is cleaned and returned to the environment.

The storm sewer system collects rain and melting snow, referred to as runoff. The water flows through pipes and manholes, ditches, swales, and other conveyance methods. Most stormwater is diverted directly to local streams and waterways without treatment.

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Erie County Sewer District No 6

This District operates and maintains the network of sanitary and storm sewers along with several pumping stations in the City of Lackawanna, along with an excess flow management facility and a wastewater treatment facility. The wastewater treatment facility is staffed and operated 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Your Erie County Water Bill Explained


BUFFALO, N.Y. This is how I do my dishes now, Laura Brown said standing in her kitchen over a sink full of water.

Its safe to say Browns taking water conservation seriously.

I dont want to waste any water, so I wash them all, and then I rinse them, she explained of her calculated process.

And, for good reason. Earlier this month, her water bill increased, significantly.

Every three months, it was about $100. So, I figured that was a normal bill with using water outside. Then, all of the sudden, I got a $270 bill.

REPORTER Ali Touhey: I think its safe to say money is tight for everybody. What does that mean for you, financially?BROWN: Financially, it means something is going to have to go without

Brown lives in the Village of Alden. Turns out, she had a leaky meter.

But, plenty of you believe youre seeing an unjust increase in your water bill. The 7 Eyewitness News Facebook Page received several hundred comments after asking you whether youd seen your water bill rise.

So, we asked Erie County Water Authority Chief Financial Officer Karen Prendergast to explain water rates under its entity.

Every ECWA bill includes two charges: a commodity charge and an infrastructure investment charge. The commodity charge is based on your water usage. The infrastructure charge varies. Customers with bigger meters pay more for infrastructure, and thats as it should be, said Prendergast.

For assistance paying your water bill,

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“Our lakes and our waterways have advanced past their horrible conditions over the last century because of this infrastructure,” he said. “Sewers are needed for businesses to develop and to grow.”

The county has roughly 1,100 lines of sewer pipe, nearly enough to stretch from Buffalo to Disney World, he said. Typically, the only thing the public associates with these sewer lines are toilets and manhole covers. But while these pipes are designed to last decades, eventually they need to be repaired and replaced.

Meanwhile, roughly 100 county pumping stations keep sewage streams moving in the right direction when gravity alone can’t do the job. Six county treatment plants clean and disinfect wastewater before returning the water to local rivers, creeks and Lake Erie. That doesn’t count the additional sewer systems run by individual cities and towns.

All these things have moving parts that need to be repaired and replaced over time for human and environmental safety and efficiency, he said.

So when the engineers in the county’s sewer division learned that sewer systems qualified for American Rescue Plan funds, they got excited.

Choosing where to spend

Some of that money needs to go to Hamburg and the county’s largest treatment plant near Woodlawn Beach.

But deciding where money should be prioritized on sewer system upgrades depends on several factors. They include:

Erie County Sewer District No 1

This District serves the southern portion of the Town of Cheektowaga and the northern portion of the Town of West Seneca.

Infrastructure includes a network of pumping stations, an excess flow management facility, interceptor and collector sewers which transport sanitary sewage for treatment by the Buffalo Sewer Authority.

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Wells Connected To The Public Sewer System

Baltimore County charges those on well and public sewer based on the plumbing fixtures on the property. The permit that was obtained when these fixtures were installed is the basis for this charge.

Running toilets, dripping faucets or leaking pipes could be some of the causes of higher water use.

Since the water flows down the sewer, leaking toilets don’t necessarily leave any signs of a leak until you get the bill. The average leaky toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water per day. That’s over 72,000 gallons a year for just one leaking toilet. The United States Geologic Survey provides an interesting drip calculator to help you see how much water a dripping faucet wastes.

Property owners are urged to review their quarterly water bills from Baltimore City. If your water bill starts to look higher than normal, one of these issues may be the cause. We have provided some information to help show how much water is used and some examples on how to conserve your usage.

For a family of four, the average Sewer Service charge is $1,111.66. This is based on 156 units of water used in a calendar year. A unit is based on 100 cubic feet of water or 748 gallons.

Your quarterly usage can be found on your water bill from Baltimore City.

Commercial and Industrial charges can vary based on the type of business. A hair salon would expect to use more water and have a higher charge than an accounting office.

Complaint Sewer Problem Or Connection Permits:

Erie County Health Department Sewer Replacement

For sewer complaints/problems and/or connection permits, contact the Erie County Sewer District office in which your property is located. .

Sewer Emergency Situations in a County Sewer District, during off hours:

The Sewer District Offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For 24-Hour Emergency Response call 823-8188.

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Erie County Division Of Sewerage Management Ny


  • Utility Name: Erie County Division of Sewerage Management
  • Title: Assistant Public Health Engineer
  • Phone: 858-8437
  • Miles of Public Sanitary Sewers: 950
  • Miles of Public Combined Sewers: 0
  • Are Basements Typical in your Area?:TRUE
  • Utility Type : Municipal Government


  • Performance Measures: A pilot measurement in a specific mini system shows I/I remedial work reduces the flows. In an annual report to NYSDEC, a summary of house inspection program results and estimated I/I removed through the developer rehab program are included.
  • Lessons Learned: The process is very time consuming. There are gaps to work out in communicating with homeowners. It is vital to get homeowners to buy in to the program to ensure its success, especially properties serviced by clay tile pipe or similar material.


Subdivision And/or Commercial Development:

Contact 858-6990 for Downstream Capacity Analysis Criteria, design requirements, engineering assistance, or plan submittal.

Obtaining Maps or Determining where Sewerlines are Located:

Contact the District office in question, or for questions in regards to AutoCad mapping call 858-8760, or GIS mapping call 858-4825.

Water Bill and/or Water problems:

The Erie County Water Authority provides water to a majority of people within Erie County. However, the Water Authority is not a part of Erie County Government. They can be reached at their offices at 849-8484.

All information regarding septic tanks should be directed to the Erie County Health Department at 961-6800 or .

Properties located within a County Sewer District which have septage disposed of by a wastehauler at a County Sewer District facility may apply to the District office 858-6990 for information) for a partial rebate of the wastehauler charges paid, up to one half of the actual District sewer taxes paid.

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