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Ge Washer Water Inlet Valve

What Is A Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve

GE Washer Repair How to replace the Dual Water Inlet Valve

The washing machine water inlet valve on your washer is the part that connects the two water hoses to the machine, and it controls the flow of both hot and cold water.

There is little that you can do to repair the valve itself, but you can try to clean the two inlet ports to restore full water flow. You can also conduct tests to determine whether the water inlet valve has failed and needs to be replaced. Replacing a bad valve can be a simple job if you are a comfortable DIYer, but it must be done with parts and procedures that are specific to your washing machine model. In this case, it can be worth fixing a washing machine rather than buying a new appliance.

Check The Filter Screens

Check for clogs in the filter screens in the water inlet valve, which can block water flow. This is a common reason water inlet valves fail and it is the easiest problem to remedy.

Use a flashlight to look inside each of the two hose fitting ports on the water inlet valvethere should be a screen inside the port. Carefully clean the screens if they are dirty.

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Fast Shipping On Ge Washer Inlet Valves

At Edgewater Parts, we pride ourselves on our shipping policies and outstanding customer service. We guarantee to ship all orders made before 3 p.m. EST the same day. We know that dealing with a broken washing machine is stressful and we want to make sure you get it resolved as soon as possible. We double check every order to make sure you get the right quantity and the right product. We promise we wont let you down.

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Quality Work And Reputation

The other significant point in offering our services is the quality of the work. Being customer-satisfaction-oriented, we do understand the crucial importance of the job done at a high level. That is why our technicians are factory-trained and improve their level of knowledge and skills on a constant basis, and they use the latest technologies in providing all brand appliance repair.

90 days satisfaction guarantee covers each repair and installation service either electric or gas appliance. Besides, we use only the original replacement parts purchased from authorized companies and give a warranty on them. When we talk about repair and parts replacement, we do not forget about the installation services. Our experts provide installation of all types of residential and commercial appliances of all brands offering a warranty as well.

Our company cares about the high-standing reputation that we have built providing home appliance repair, maintenance, and installation. it is this same reputation that we put on the line with each service call we take. After making that initial point of contact quick and affordable, let one of our highly skilled technicians take care of the rest. Keeping this point of improving FIX Appliances CA Companys reputation in mind, we offer our customers safer and more value that helps to ensure the high quality of our services. We always monitor customers opinions over different social media to keep an eye on their wishes and satisfaction.

Replace The Water Inlet Valve

WH13X10048 Triple Inlet Water Valve For GE Hotpoint Washing Machines ...

Unscrew the fasteners securing the valve to its housing or the back of the washer. Note the color and position of the wires attached to the solenoid, and label them. Disconnect the wires by pulling the plugs apart.

Disconnect the inlet valve from the internal tube that sends water to the tub. This is usually secured with a hose clamp, which you remove with a screwdriver or pliers, depending on the type.

Write down the brand and model number of the washer and, if you can find it, the brand and part number of the water inlet valve. With that information, obtain a replacement valve from an appliance parts dealer.

Install the new valve by reversing the disconnection procedure.

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Same Day Appliance Repair

We are certain to provide same-day appliance repair services, 7 days a week from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm, including weekends and even holidays. Having provided appliance repair services for approximately two decades now, we have gained a wealth of experience in all brand appliance repair. That is the most important, all our appliance technicians are factory certified. Thus, we are the company that provides an authorized repair service. Moreover, FIX Appliances CA is a TSSA Certified gas contractor, and our gas fitters accommodate an array of gas-based same-day repairs.

If you have any concerns regarding your appliances work or if it stopped operating unexpectedly, furthermore in case of an emergency to repair appliances, get a jump on calling, texting, or filling in the request for a qualified appliance repairman. No matter which way you choose to reach us, we are sure to confirm with you the exact time of visiting and send a technician the same day because we offer home appliance repair near me. Our appliance fixers can run diagnostics, define the problem, and then supply you with the most affordable options for solving it. Keep in mind that each home appliance repair is covered by service and parts up to a one-year warranty as well.


Notes:*All the above prices are approximate and may vary depending on the complexity of the services provided and the brand and model of the appliance itself.

How To Prevent Issues

When we buy any household appliances, we always think of their endless life span. Unfortunately, they are not. It is not unique for appliances to experience some minor issues over time. However, our home appliance repair service can do many things to improve the effectiveness of these appliances and fix all possible appeared issues. Therefore, maintenance is no less important, and in most cases more efficient and less expensive.

All the time our technicians experience the problem that most customers do not think much about cleaning or scheduling maintenance for their appliances. The truth is that an appliance, no matter how old it is, must be regularly routinely serviced, otherwise, it can cause major issues and the only way out will be to buy a new machine. Dont forget that when purchasing a new appliance you will not be able to neglect the usual rules of care.

Let us look at the example from the experience of our repairmen. If your washer is not able to complete its cycle or you take dirty dishes from the dishwasher, it does not mean that your appliance is of bad quality. The main reason for the most minor issues is the lack of proper and routine maintenance. Our licensed technicians at FIX Appliances CA know how to avoid them and give you a piece of advice on correct maintenance.

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When To Call A Professional

Online appliance parts dealers carry a full selection of parts for appliances of almost any model or age, making it easier to do it yourself. Shop around for the best prices and shipping rates. The better websites also have video tutorials and other resources for help with making repairs. If you do it yourself, it won’t cost you much to replace the inlet valve on a washing machine. But if you feel the job is too involved, it may be best to call in a repair professional. Be prepared to pay at least a couple of hundred dollars of labor and parts for a valve replacement.

How A Water Inlet Valve Works

GE Washer Repair – How to Replace the Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve has two threaded ports that are connected to hot and cold water hoses at the back of the washing machine. Each port is controlled by a solenoid valve that sends electric power to open and close the flow of hot and cold water based on settings for the wash temperature and signals from the water-level switch.

Fixing a water inlet valve is a matter of systematically examining the parts until you find the problem. Sometimes the fix will be simply cleaning the filter screens, but it might require replacement of the entire valve.

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Sometimes It’s A Small Repair Due To A Clog

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  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Estimated Cost: $20 to $70

You will know that your washing machine water inlet valve is bad if the washer doesn’t run, won’t fill properly, or washes at the incorrect water temperature.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Services

Modern appliances have made housework so much easier, but its important to take care of them to ensure they operate efficiently when you need them. Having fixed thousands of different home and commercial appliances, we are proud of our staff and the experience we gained in this market. We achieved excellent home appliance repair and installation results, and our actions speak louder than words.

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Procedures For Replacing The Water Inlet Valve

  • After the water is turned off and the floodwaters have subsided, either run the washer in a drain function or unplug the machine and bail it out.
  • Verify that both water faucets have been turned off.
  • Move the washer out from the wall about 20 inches.
  • Remove the water hoses from the back of the washer.
  • Remove the two 5/16″ sheet metal screws securing the water inlet mixing valve .
  • Slide a putty knife in between the top and the cabinet, about 3 inches in from each corner. Push in and pull up on the knife handle to release the spring clips securing the top.
  • Slowly raise the top with one hand and hold the lid with the other. Rest the top against the wall.
  • Reach down into the rear-left corner behind the tub and pull the water inlet mixing valve, along with its wires and the fill hose, to the top of the cabinet where you have more room to work on it. Open the spring clamp on the valve and slide it down the hose. Pull the hose off the valve.
  • Both valve solenoid coils have a common white wire. Label the hot and cold solenoids and remove the wires.
  • Replace the hot and cold solenoid wires and the outlet hose on the new valve. Remount the valve assembly on the rear of the machine. Test for proper operation.
  • Washing Machine Repair Services

    WH13X81 GE Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve

    Same-day washing machine repair of all types and common brands. Residential and Commercial. Convenient scheduling online and by text message.

    Plus, FREE house-call at or online request with your repair and Rebate Program.

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    Very happy with the service, Denis is very professional and try is best to satisfy the customer. I will call these company again. Customer service very responsive as well. Perfect team.

    We recently moved into a new home and the washer was clogged and wouldn’t drain properly. I called Fix Appliances on Friday night and someone was able to come the next day. The technician, Dima, was great he came prepared with the parts for our washer. We needed to replace the drain pump motor in the washer and after explaining to us what work was needed, Dima worked quickly, was tidy and very friendly. All in all we got our washer fixed less than 24 hours after we called, I was very impressed with the company and with Dima. I will definitely be going to them if I have any other appliance issues in the future.

    I was very satisfied with the customer service and professionalism of this company. They came out within 24 hours, had the part on hand and replaced and had my washing machine up and running within 2 hours. Denys was our Technician and was very friendly and knowledgeable.

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    What Our Customers Say About Us

    Initially started with the e-mail. Few minutes later company called me to fix the appointment. Couple of hours later well mannered young man called Ilia showed up and fixed my washing machine in less than 45 minutes . I had spinning problem. Everything happened within few hours. Wow… Excellent service. Knowledgeable technician. What else we customers need more than this. I am very satisfied. Will recommend to my friends and family without doubt.

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    They showed up promptly, diagnosed the problem accurately, fixed it on time and on budget. No drama, just good service. Very pleased.

    Oleg Chudnovski

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Gaya Chudnovski

    Executive Director

    Serge Bart

    Technical Service Manager

    Igal Geiler

    Test The Inlet Valve Solenoids

    If clogged screens are not the problem, test the valve for failure. Depending on the washer model, you may have to remove either the back or front of the washer cabinet to gain access to the wire connections on the water inlet valve.

    Remove the back, top, or front of the cabinet, as appropriate, following directions in the appliance owner’s manual. Once you’ve gained access to the valve, note that two wires are connected to each solenoid pull them off one at a time and label them so that you can reconnect them correctly.

    Set a multimeter to the OHM X1 setting and test the solenoids for continuity by touching one tester probe to one of the two terminals on each solenoid. The reading should indicate some resistance. If the reading indicates zero resistance, or infinity , the solenoid is faulty, and the valve must be replaced. Test both solenoids separately if either is faulty, the entire valve must be replaced.

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    High Quality Ge Water Inlet Valves

    Washing machines are an integral part of our daily routines. When your washing machine is not working properly, it can be stressful and expensive because of the cost of repair plus the cost of the replacement parts. Edgewater Parts has just what you need if your GE washer isnt filling properly: a GE washing machine water inlet valve. Our valves are all brand new and will cause no water to enter your washer if defective.

    Wh13x10029 Washer Water Inlet Valve For Ge

    GE Washer Repair How to replace the Inlet Water Valve
    WH13X10029 Washer Water Inlet Valve For GE

    5% Off Orders Over $75

    Some photos taken on 1″ x 1″ grid.

    Replacement water inlet valve used for some GE washer models.

    Directly Replaces: WH13X10029, AP4303282, 1475762, AH1482392, EA1482392, PS1482392.


    • 2 in, 3 out water valve.

    Compatible Models:

    • 5

      Fast service, exactly what I needed. One of the only places I could find in the US or Canada that had the part in stock. Everywhere else was special order and up to 3 times the cost. Fast shipping.

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