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Hot Water Heater Pilot Light

How To Relight Rheem Water Heater

How To Light A Gas Water Heater Pilot Light

You should relight the pilot before starting the water heater. Hold down the pilot button on the gas control valve to let the air in the gas line bleed and get some gas down into the chamber.

I highly recommend you do it because as long as there is air in the gas chamber area, it will be challenging to light the water heater. Now, follow the below steps to relight the pilot:

  • Rotate the gas control knob counterclockwise to set it to the off position.
  • After 5 minutes, turn the gas control knob clockwise to set it to the pilot position.
  • Locate the igniter button and keep depressing it while pressing the gas control knob all the way in. Repeat this several times until the status light begins to blink.
  • Once the status light is blinking, take a look through the sight glass window to verify the pilot is lit.
  • Now, release the gas control knob and set it to the desired setting.

Pilot Lights That Dont Stay Lit Are A Pain And Ace Hi Is Here To Help

Water heaters are an important part of our everyday lives and when something goes wrong with them, it can feel a little daunting to try to fix it on your own, especially if you dont consider yourself very handy. But hopefully this information allows you to feel a little more in control of the situation and capable of figuring out the issue yourself. If not, our Ace Hi technicians in Fort Collins are more than happy to help out and give you the peace of mind and the hot shower you need.


How Long Will It Take To Get Hot Water Again

The average gas heater takes between thirty and forty minutes to heat a full tank of water. The exact time depends on the capacity.

For comparisons sake: An electric heater takes at least an hour, usually up to 80 minutes, to warm up. The same goes for solar-powered units.

On the other hand, tankless systems neither have a pilot light, nor a wait time for hot water ever.

Tankless setups dont hold warm water in a tank, waiting for you to use it. Instead, they heat it instantly as you turn on the faucet.

Theyre becoming especially popular for shore homes, where you have multiple units or a lot of people are showering at once coming off the beach.

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Lighting An Open Combustion Pilot

This process is similar to the sealed combustion tank except that you will need to provide the flame to light the pilot yourself instead of having an electronic ignition do it for you.

  • Turn the gas control knob to pilot so that the notch in the dial is lined up with the gas supply button. This way, you’ll be able to press the button all the way down as required.
  • Remove the burner compartment panels. Both should come off rather easily by lifting up and out.
  • Place your choice of flame source into the chamber so that the flame is underneath the orifice of the pilot supply line and light it. NOTE: I like to do 3, then 4. Though the two steps can be switched, I feel it’s safer to introduce the flame prior to supplying gas to avoid even a slim chance of gas build up. I prefer to err on the side of caution.
  • Press and hold down the pilot gas supply button.
  • Visually confirm that the pilot is lit. If so, continue to hold down the pilot gas supply button for approximately 30-45 seconds to heat the thermocouple.
  • Release the button and again, visually confirm that the pilot stayed lit. If the pilot stayed on…
  • Turn the gas control knob to the “on” position.
  • Again, the water heater’s burners may or may not come on right away depending on your circumstances.

    Water Heater Pilot Light Wont Stay Lit

    Hot Water Heater Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

    If you have followed these steps and your water heater pilot light wont stay lit, you may need professional help to fix the problem, give All Masters a call if you live in Arlington TX, and we can fix any of your hot water heater thermocouple or pilot light issues!

    Ask about troubleshooting why your pilot light wont work right over the phone via our new video chat app in the Arlington and greater DFW area.

    Need help with the pilot light on your furnace? See our HVAC services page for more details.

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    How To Light The Pilot Light On Your Gas Hot Water Storage Tank

    If you find your hot water is suddenly running cold, the first step in solving the problem is to check the pilot light on your hot water heater hasnt gone out. If it has, this is something you can fix yourself.

    The pilot light is a small flame that lights the main burner whenever the tank needs heating and should be on at all times.

    Push Down The Gas Valve And Set It To The Pilot Setting

    You can relight the hot water heater light once youre confident there are no gas leaks in the water heater unit. Tap and hold the reset valve in the pilot mode.

    If your heater has a different button, it will most likely be red and marked pilot. You can also look for instructions on your unit that will assist you in finding the valves and buttons needed to relight your hot water heater light.

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    Turn The Control Knob Or Dial To Pilot

    To light a gas water heater with electronic pilot, locate the pilot light control knob in the water heater gas control assembly. Most water heaters have the word pilot inscribed on the dial. You should also see an arrow on the control knob.

    Turn the pilot light control knob to the ON position. This action allows the water heater to release small amounts of gas to the pilot light tube, ready for ignition.

    Is The Pilot Light On My Water Heater Out How Do I Relight It

    How To Light Pilot On Water Heater.

    Cold showers? Blinking status lights? No flame where there should be a flame? These are signs the pilot light on your water heater is out. Fortunately, its a really easy fix.

    In this article, well go over:

    • How to tell if your pilot lights out
    • How long before youll have hot water again
    • Why it keeps going out

    Meanwhile, if you have any questions or need help, call or email us at Broadleys.

    Even as we self-isolate and practice social distancing, Broadleys uses phone calls and virtual consultations to answer questions and get more information.

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    How To Light A Pilot Light

    Every water heater is a little different, so you should follow the instructions for your specific make and model of heater. In most cases, you can find details on a sticker affixed to the side of your water heater:

    • Turn the knob on the gas control valve to OFF and wait 10-minutes to allow the gas to clear the chamber area.
    • Turn the knob to PILOT on the gas control valve, and press the button. Pressing the button will allow a small amount of gas to travel to the pilot.
    • Press the small black igniting button repeatedly for 90 seconds. The igniting button will generate a spark to light the pilot. .
    • Once the status button begins to blink or turns on, the pilot light is lit. At this point, you can turn the knob to your desired temperature position. You should hear the burner ignite. This is normal.
    • If after 90 seconds, your pilot does not light, you’ll need to wait for 10-minutes before attempting again. If after several attempts you are unable to light the pilot, there may be something else going on.

    Watch the Video

    Signs Your Pilot Light Has Gone Out

    There are three primary indications that your pilot light has gone out:

    No Hot Water – If your hot water is no longer hot, there’s a good chance that your pilot light has gone out. There are, of course, other reasons why you have no hot water, so if the problem is not the pilot light you’ll need to do a little more troubleshooting.

    Gas Control Valve Indicator – You may notice an error message or a blinking light on the gas control valve. Sometimes the indicator light changes colors to alert you to a problem. Look for a sticker on the side of the tank which describes what the indicator message means. The pilot light being out is always one of the issues listed.

    No Flame – If you conduct a visual inspection and you can’t see a flame, then your pilot light is definitely out. See below to learn how:

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    Clean The Gas Chamber Area

    Now, its time to get rid of dirt and debris from the gas chamber of your water heater. Use a shop-vac to suck away every speck of dust from the burner chamber. Dont forget to use a torch light to illuminate the dark area so that a single speck of dirt cant escape. You can also apply a cleaning solution that will help you deep clean the gas chamber.

    After cleaning the gas chamber, put the burner assembly back into the gas chamber. Then, replace the gas chamber cover to its place and screw it. Next, connect every line like thermocouple connector and gas supply tube with the gas control valve.

    Finally, turn on the power and open the gas shut-off valve. Also, open the main water supply valve or cold inlet water valve. Before starting the Rheem water heater again, you must relight the water heater.

    Check Whether The Flame And Heater Is On

    Gas Hot Water Heater Pilot Light Went Out

    Maintain the regulator valve for at least a few minutes after lighting the pilot light, allowing the thermocouple detector to reheat. If your light goes out, this sensor detects it and turns off your water heater if it gets too cold.

    Slowly remove the regulator valve after a minute and check if the pilot light is still glowing. If this is the case, turn on the regulator valve. Youll hear a whooshing sound, indicating that the main burner has re-ignited. After this, your pilot light should be ready to use.

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    Heater Igniter Not Sparking

    After resolving the pilot issue and there is still no blinking on the status light, a bad igniter or malfunctions from the igniter is the second suspect. When you click on the igniter, there should be a tiny spark happening inside of the pilot.

    Dim the lights in the room to get a better look at it. If there is no spark, be sure that the defective spark electrode is the culprit. A faulty wiring connection is another possible reason. Follow the below instruction to resolve the igniter issue:

    Lighting The Pilot Light On A Manual Hot Water Heater

    If your hot water heater is a manual, grab a long lighter. After removing the metal plate covering the pilot button, scan the interior and find the pipe or pipes that lead up to the burner. Turn the pilot dial to the off position and wait 5-10 minutes for any gas to dissipate. Then, turn the pilot dial until it says the word pilot. After that, set your temperate knob to low. Now, hold the pilot dial down while you light the burner. Youre going to hold the pilot button down for at least 30 seconds before you release it.

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    Why Your Water Heater Pilot Light Keeps Going Out And How To Fix It

    With a modern water heater there are usually two parts that will cause the pilot light to keep going out, the pilot light orifice and the thermocouple. A modern water heater has a thermocouple that will shut the gas valve if the pilot light goes out or if it doesnt burn properly. A faulty thermocouple will continually shut down the gas valve which will keep shutting off the pilot light. A dirty or clogged pilot light orifice can cause the pilot light not to be powerful enough to get the thermocouple hot enough to keep the gas valve open. Older models could have also clogged or dirty pilot light orifices that can cause the pilot light not to stay lit as well. We wont tell you how to fix this issue as this isnt a project for someone with inexperience and should only be cleaned or repaired by experienced technicians.

    Think About Your Water Heaters Location And Chimney Caps

    How to relight a water heater pilot light

    Its also possible that air is causing your pilot light problems. For example, your pilot light may not receive enough air to maintain its flame if its in the basement. Or it could be getting too much air if its in a drafty hallway.

    One thing to note is that if your water heater is in a confined space that has stagnant airflow, the flame may be starved of oxygen. This could create a situation in which dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are allowed to build up in the room. You can improve ventilation by opening the area around the water heater or by using a small fan.

    You may also need to install a chimney cap if you live in an area with frequent high gusts of winds . There are even wind-directional chimney caps out there, which help create stronger updrafts and better ventilation while also forcing the wind away from your home.

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    Honeywell Hot Water Heater No Status Light

    The root reasons behind Honeywell hot water heater no status light includes the pilot is not lighting, no spark in the igniter, and faulty gas control valve electrical connection.

    Furthermore, due to insufficient air supply, the thermal switch may get tripped, and it would be the leading culprit. Also, low voltage on the thermopile affects the heater function, and for that, owners will face no status light blinking issue on their water heaters.

    If the issue is related to only the pilot and igniter, simply cleaning and replacing the defective parts can resolve the problem, but in the case of a tripped thermal switch, you have to reset it. Also, testing the thermopile reading is a must to ensure if it really needs replacement.

    Anyway, from this article, you are getting the complete solutions guide related to the status light no blinking issue. So, dont miss a single word from below.

    Blinking Light Or Error Message

    Your first step is checking the control panel on your unit. Its usually down at the bottom of the unit with a light or two on it.

    Depending on your model, that light may stay on, blink, or change colors to indicate theres a problem.

    Check the manual if you have it. But, most times, theres a sticker or key right on the heater telling you what the different lights mean.

    If your light indicates the pilot light is out, then youve identified the problem.

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    Why Wont My Pilot Light Stay Lit And What Can I Do

    If the pilot light wont even light at all, the first thing you should check is the gas line/supply and ensure everything is connected properly and there isnt any leak. If it does light, but wont stay lit, there are a few things that could be causing the problem:

    • Not enough air: If your water heater is located in a confined space that has little or stagnant air flow like a closet or a stuffy basement, the flame of your pilot light may be struggling to stay lit because it is starved of combustible oxygen. If this is the case, carbon-monoxide could be building up in this area which would be extremely hazardous, so make sure there is sufficient airflow and ventilation by opening up the area around the water heater or using a small fan

    So What Are The Reasons Your Waterpilot Light Keeps Going Out

    Lighting Pilot Light On Bradford White Hot Water Heater

    Not only will we name the possible problems,but well also give you their solutions.

    Pleasenote: Check if your water heater is still underwarranty. If it is, return it to the supplier/manufacturer for repairs or totalreplacement.

    Safetyprecaution: First, turn off the main gas supply valveto prevent deadly leaks. Wait for 5 minutes for the heat and gas to disperse.

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    You Cant See The Flame

    Your last step is visual inspection. Even using the status light, its worth double-checking. Youll also need to know where to look for later.

    There should also be a gap at the bottom of the unit, where you can see underneath it. Thats where the flame should be.

    Its easiest to find if youve checked there before and have seen the pilot light burning. But, if you dont see anything, and the status light indicates that its out, then youve found the problem.

    What Is A Pilot Light What Does It Do

    Gas and propane fueled water heaters use a small flame to ignite the burner. This small flame is called a pilot light and it stays lit at all times. When the water heater needs to heat the water within the tank, it ignites the gas burner with the help of the pilot light.

    Think of the pilot light like a match. You might strike a match to light a fire or gas stove. But if you don’t have a match, you won’t be able to start a fire or fire-up your gas stove. The same is true with a pilot light. If the pilot light goes out, your water heater won’t be able to ignite the gas burner and therefore, won’t be able to heat the water. In fact, often the first clue your pilot light is out is the discovery that you don’t have hot water.

    But once the pilot light is relit, the water heater is able to ignite the gas burner and can begin to heat the water again.

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