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How Much To Replace Water Heater

How Do You Know If Your Water Heater Is Going Out

How to Replace a Water Heater Easy DIY Guide

Different brands, models, and situations will impart different signs that your water heater is failing. But, in most cases, youll know you need a new water heater when:

  • Water is rusty or discolored, or theres a strange metallic taste

  • Water isnt heating up enough or at all

  • Loud pops and cracks

  • It leaksget it replaced immediately

  • Its 10 years old or older.

What Our Clients Say

Ive known Alan, the owner of Fletch-Barney Plumbing, for many years and I use them for all of my plumbing needs. In property management, time and money are key concerns for us. Fletch-Barney comes when they are called and are fair and honest in their pricing. Their Pipe Lining technology has allowed the properties where it has been used at, to not only save time and money, but has eliminated the destruction to the property that conventional digging and replacement causes.


I called Fletch-Barney and they saved me over $2000! I called Alan and they were at my house within the hour. Their new technology saved us from digging up our front yard and drive way. Less invasive and less expensive is the way to go. They did a great job and I will be using them whenever I have another issue!Thanks Alan!


Recently my sewer line backed up and created a huge mess. It turned out that the sewer line was broken under my driveway and the only solution was to tear it up along with all of my new landscaping! I called Fletch-Barney and they were able to repair the line under the driveway using the Cured In Place process without damaging my driveway or removing my landscaping. This was a great option for me and it saved me thousands of dollars too!


Gas Water Heater Cost Per Month

The cost of running your gas heater each month depends on several factors. These include the cost of gas, your unit type, how efficient it is, and how much hot water you use each day. According to the use calculator, a household using 64 gallons a day in a standard-efficiency heater has annual energy costs of $105 to $152. Divided by 12, this gives you an average monthly cost range of $8.75 to $12.67 per month.

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What Size Gas Water Heater Do I Need

Water heaters are typically sized based on two things – home size and usage. The more people you have living in your home, the more hot water you use regularly. Washing machines and dishwashers also use more than homes without these appliances.

Tank-style heaters are sized by the gallon. A small tank holds about 20 gallons, which is enough for a single user with low-to-moderate hot water needs. A large tank holds about 80 gallons, enough for a very large household or performance shower using up to 20 gallons a minute. Most families with about 4 family members find a 50-gallon heater fits their needs. Larger families or households with more than 2 bathrooms that could be in use simultaneously may want to size up to a 60-gallon gas hot water heater or larger. However, most people find a 50-gallon heater suits their daily needs.

Tankless heaters are sized by GPM – gallons per minute. The higher the output, the higher the GPM. Because tankless heaters can be used point-of-use, meaning you install one for your kitchen, one for your bathroom, one for your laundry room, and whole-house use, you can have a range of sizes. The more appliances used at once, the more GPM your tankless heater must produce.

If you are not sure how many gallons per minute you use, use this calculator by to calculate the correct heater size for your home.

Does Insurance Cover The Replacement

How To Install a Replacement Water Heater (Step by Step w/ Pictures)

There is no cut-and-dry answer for this question because home insurance policies vary so much. But as a general rule, homeowners insurance will not cover the replacement of the heater if it breaks down.

However, many insurance policies will cover damage that may result. For example, if your water heater springs a leak and damages flooring, then you may be covered for the water damage it causes. This coverage shouldnt be underestimated because some of these heaters hold a lot of water which can result in thousands of dollars in damages.

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What About Issues With Gas Heaters

So far, weve primarily focused on water heaters that are powered by electricity. However, gas water heaters can present their own issues and concerns.

When gas heaters have issues, they are usually related to the power source. Specifically, a gas heater may run into issues with any of the following components:

  • Gas control valve

Gas water heaters can be a little more difficult to assess than electric water heaters. If your gas heater is not working, you may want to hire a professional plumber. Your plumber will be able to accurately diagnose the underlying issue.

As for the average cost of gas heater assessment, heres a brief rundown.

Unit Costs: How Pros Price

Unlike other websites that publish pricing from unrelated jobs in the past, Homewyse creates up-to-date estimates from current Unit Costs. The Unit Cost method delivers high accuracy by using location, details and options for the unique requirements of each job. Contracting, trade, design and maintenance businesses rely on the Unit Cost method for transparency, accuracy and fair profits.

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Can I Install A Replacement Water Heater Myself

You could, but we wouldnt recommend it. Gas water heaters need to be properly vented and the gas line needs to be hooked up correctly. One mistake could lead to a dangerous situation. If you are converting from an electric water heater to a gas you will need to install a vent and a gas line will need to be run.

Water heater installation is not a do-it-yourself job leave it to the professionals at Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning who will do the job quickly, efficiently, and up to code. A Jacobs consultant will discuss with you the three main factors to determine which water heater will work best for your home and family.

  • Space available for the new water heater
  • Household water needs

Rheem Gas Heater Price

How to Figure the Cost of Replacing a Water Heater : Water Heaters

The price of a Rheem gas water heater ranges from $670 to $2,000 for tankless models. Tank-style heaters price between $500 and $2,000. The company has been around since 1925 and originated in Emeryville, California. Rheem makes a very large range of units. They start at small point-of-use tankless heaters and go up in size for larger homes. They also have some large tank-style heaters that can handle significant hot water needs. Rheem is one of the largest manufacturers, meaning they have more options and sizes.

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Gas Control Valve $300 To $500

Another issue that may occur is a bad gas control valve.

If neither the thermocouple nor the pilot light is malfunctioning, this is frequently the root cause, and having it professionally repaired could set you back as much as $500.

Its important to get this replaced, as expensive as the cost to replace may bewithout it, the unit wont be safe to operate since gas flow isnt properly controlled.

Why Does My Water Taste Funny

This usually means a rusty or metallic taste and it usually means that a node inside the heater isnt working and is rusting. This can be an easy fix with a qualified plumber so make sure you tell them this.

They can check that directly saving you a lot of time and money. So tell them what you think it is and why you think it. It could be the answer to what seems like a big problem but with a simple fix!

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How Many Hours A Day Does A Water Heater Run

The runtime of a water heater depends on the size, model, and fuel source. Typically a tankless water heater runs around an hour a day, while a tank water heater may run four hours or more. If you notice that your water heater is running more than usual, call a certified plumber to inspect your heater for any problems.

Additional Water Heater Replacement Cost Factors

Pin on Water Heater Installation

Beyond the price of the appliance and the installers labor, other costs may be involved in replacing a water heater. These could include permit fees, installation of an expansion tank, removal and disposal of the old water heater, installation of water or gas lines, electrical or carpentry work and materials costs.

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Cost To Replace Hot Water Heater

In many cases, the labor cost to install a water heater is less expensive with a tank water model than with a tankless style. This is definitely true if you already have a standard tank model in place and simply need to replace it.

Some savvy homeowners may also be able to replace their own tank water heater with little trouble. If you have experience or have knowledgeable friends and family, doing this work yourself won’t take more than a day in most cases and it could easily save you a few hundred dollars. Performing tasks like insulating your water heater yourself can also help you save money.

If you do choose to hire a professional, there may be costs associated with removing your water heater so a new one can be put in place as well. You can reduce these costs by doing this job on your own if you are capable.

Average tank hot water heater replacement cost: $300 to $800 for parts and labor

Rinnai Gas Water Heater Price

The price of a Rinnai gas heater is $1,000 to $1,700. Rinnai makes a wide range of tankless heaters. They do not currently make tank-style heaters. Rinnais heaters are designed for the entire house. They have several heaters with high capacity, meaning they produce more than 9 gallons a minute. This is ideal for large and busy families who may have a lot of hot water needs.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tankless Water Heater

The cost to install a tankless water heater is higher than the cost for a tank-based system. This is due to the base price of the unit itself and because of higher labor costs. Licensed plumbers will charge anything from $50 to $150 an hour for labor, but not all plumbers will be able to install a tankless system, as it can involve putting in new gas and water lines. On average it takes eight to 10 hours to install a tankless system, compared with the two to three hours it takes to install a tank-based system.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Electric Water Heater

Know When To Replace Your Water Heater Tank

Electric water heaters cost between $400 and $1,600. You can expect to pay $100 to $200 more for gas water heaters. Replacing an existing unit will generally cost less than installing a system from scratch since many of the electric and gas hookups will already be set. However, if youre converting from one power source to another, there will be additional costs, such as adding electrical wiring , installing gas lines or installing a water line . If the water heater needs to be moved, there may also be costs to repair and install drywall or build new framing . You may also need to pay for permitting depending on the extent of the work and the state you live in.

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Leaking Water Heater Repair Cost

Water heater leak repair costs $100 to $1,000, depending on the source of the leak:

  • If water is leaking from a fitting, bolt, or drain valve, tightening the fitting or valve may solve the problem.
  • Water leaking from the pressure relief valve may indicate the valve needs to be replaced.
  • Water leaking from the bottom of the tank typically indicates damage to the tank itself, and the whole water heater must be replaced.
  • Replacing plumbing pipes costs$1 to $3 per linear foot for copper pipes or $0.30 to $0.82 per linear foot for PEX tubing.

What Do You Need To Know About Installing A Water Heater

Replacing your water tank or installing a new hot water heater can seem like a daunting home improvement task, and it is for most property owners and experienced DIYers.

Understanding how your water heater works, why and when it may need replacement, and how challenging the plumbing project can be to tackle yourself will help you understand the equipment and decide if you should hire a plumber for the job.

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Cost Of Water Heater Accessories To Save Money

Follow these tips to save money on your water heating bill:

  • Insulate the tank and first few feet of water pipes connected to the water heater. Tank insulation blankets cost $20 to $50, and utility companies may provide rebates.
  • Install a timer that turns off an electric water heater when it’s not in use. Water heater timers cost $40 to $140 for the timer alone or $100 to $350 with installation.
  • Lower the temperature on the water heater to 120°F. Every 10°F reduction saves 3% to 5% on water heating costs.
  • Get regular maintenance, including draining the sediment from the tank every 6 to 12 months.

Tank Gas Water Heater Cost

How to Replace a Water Heater Thermocouple (DIY)

The average cost of a tank-style gas heater is $400 to $1,500. Tank-style heaters are designed to provide water to the entire home. They are sized based on your hot water needs. The more you use, the larger the tank you need. Tank-style heaters are less efficient than tankless heaters because they are constantly heating your water to be ready. They are less expensive than tankless models and easily provide to multiple points, but they are also much larger. They should be installed near an exterior wall for venting.

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Power Vent Vs Direct Vent On

All natural gas and propane tankless water heaters need to vent harmful exhaust through a direct vent or power vent system:

  • Direct ventâ draws air from outdoors through a duct and vents exhaust through a separate duct or a separate chamber within the same duct. Direct vent systems may be installed in small, enclosed spaces.
  • Power ventâ draws indoor air from around the water heater and uses an electric blower to vent exhaust through a vertical or horizontal duct.

Unlike storage tank water heaters, tankless models may vent through an exterior side wall or the roof.

Hot Water Heater Replacement Cost

A working water heater ensures that you’ve got hot water for an assortment of tasks and needs around the house. From washing clothes and dishes to keeping your hands germ-free and bathing, water heaters are a must-have in any modern home.

While many homeowners will purchase a house with a working water heater, even the best models only last for a certain period of time. Even if you’ve already upgraded once, you may find yourself shopping for a new water heater for your home down the road. People building homes from the ground up will also need to install the right type of new water heater during the project.

Figuring out the average water heater cost can be more than a little confusing though. With so many styles, types and brands on the market, you can find yourself wading through a sea of figures that make little sense at first glance.

We’re here to help. Use this guide to learn more about the average water heater cost for both standard tank and tankless varieties. You’ll also learn how to choose the right size water heater and get answers to common questions buyers have when upgrading.

Cost Calculator

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Heat Pump Water Heater

A heat pump water heater pulls heat from the ground and the air to heat water in its tank. Rather than using electricity to run a powerful heating coil, it uses that energy to relocate heat from outside to your water.

Heat pump water heaters have the best energy efficiency and are typically the most affordable to run. They can supply ample hot water for your home in many cases with minimal energy costs, but theyre not suitable for colder climates where the heat from outside is insufficient to power the equipment.

Youre Getting Too Little Hot Water

Electric Water Heater Installation

One of the most obvious problems is that youre just not getting enough hot water. One possible reason is that the unit is undersized. Hot water heaters come with different tank sizes to accommodate different sizes of house/family. If you consistently have too little hot water, it may be because your heater is just too small. Replacing it with a larger unit may be the best way forward.

Another possibility is that you need to adjust the thermostat. If youre not getting enough hot water, it may just be because you have the temperature dial on the wrong setting. This is a very easy fix.

Note that sometimes its wise to turn the thermostat up when the outside temperature falls. Thats because the hot water is more likely to cool as it travels through the pipes to the faucet or fixture.

Any time you adjust the temperature on your water heater, be careful to make only light adjustments. You dont want to turn it too high and risk burning yourself.

Another possible fix: Test the temperature pressure relief valve. This is a part of the water heater that keeps pressure from building in the boiler. Lift or lower the handle to let extra water drain out. If this doesnt work, you may need to have a new pressure relief valve installed. This is a task for a Carter professional plumber.

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