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How To Kill Mosquitoes In Standing Water

What Do Mosquito Larvae Look Like

Pest Control Tips : Kill Mosquitoes in Standing Water

When a mosquito is in the larvae stage, they are in the second stage of their life cycle. The tiny, cylindrical white worms dangle from the surface of the water whipping themselves around in search of food.

Mosquito larvae are often referred to as wrigglers because of this action.The larvae hang upside down from the surface of the water because they use a small tube towards their back end to get the oxygen necessary for them to breathe.

If you look at an enlarged image of a mosquito Larva, it looks like it could have come straight from a horror film. The worm-like creature has thin black hairs protruding from all over its body. It uses these hairs to collect the single-celled organisms it feeds on.

Natural Ways To Control Mosquito Larvae In A Small Rainwater Tank Or Barrel

Spraying a layer of vegetable oil or cinnamon oil onto the surface of the water is a quick and effective way of killing mosquito larvae. Allow about one teaspoon of oil per gallon of water, just enough to leave a visible film over the whole surface. This works because mosquito larvae breathe through “snorkels” on their tails – this is why you see them gathering near the surface of standing water. The oil layer oil cuts off their air supply, so they suffocate and die. Do not use this method in fish ponds, as the fish will also suffocate. Luckily, mosquitoes are generally less of a problem in a pool with fish, as they eat the larvae.

Does Soapy Water Kill Mosquitoes

Yes! Soapy water kills both adult mosquitoes and mosquito larvae. It kills adult mosquitoes by affecting waters surface tension to a point where mosquitoes cant stand up on it and, instead, fall through and drown. It kills mosquito larvae by coating the surface to a point where they can no longer breathe fresh air.

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Install Yellow Bug Bulbs

Installing “bug” light bulbs into your outside light fixtures could reduce the number of mosquitoes that are attracted to your house. Having outside security, porch, or carport lights on at night could be attracting a huge amount of mosquitoes and other insects to your home. Manufacturers claim that the yellow coating on a “bug” bulb makes the light “invisible” to insects. Whether this is true or not we cannot say, but they do seem to work fairly well at cutting down on the number of insects that show up to your outside lights.

How Long Do Mosquito Larvae Live In Water

How to Kill Mosquito Larvae in Standing Water With Household Products ...

Depending on the water temperature, mosquitoes live in water from 4 to 14 days. Larvae of almost all species need to come to the surface at regular intervals to get oxygen through a breathing tube.

When the larvae emerge from the water, they are covered with a thin layer of mucus that protects them from predators such as fish, birds, and insects. The larvae then feed on algae and other organic matter. After a few days, the larval stage is complete and the adult stage begins to emerge.

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How To Kill Mosquitoes In Water Do These Simple Steps

How to kill mosquitoes in water? Mosquitoes can get food from plant or fruit nectar but mosquitoes still bite you. Mosquitoes require proteins in your blood to make the mosquito eggs grow quickly. Mosquitoes have hundreds of eggs so the mosquitoes need protein. Female mosquitoes have only a life cycle of eight weeks but the mosquitoes can lay three eggs. You must eradicate all the mosquito larvae. Female mosquitoes will look for stagnant water to lay their eggs. The easiest thing is to throw away all the stagnant water around your house. The larval phase is the easiest stage to kill all the mosquitoes. You must act quickly because the larvae can turn into mosquitoes in just 10 days. You should try the steps below to root mosquito larvae.

Mosquito Dunks

This method can kill mosquitoes quickly and effectively. Dunks have a donut-like shape. This is bacterium that can only be used to eradicate mosquitoes. It is an active ingredient that does not contain toxins. Other animals can drink the water. Dunks can kill the larvae in just a few hours. You should keep using this method for 30 days to prevent other mosquitoes from producing larvae in the water. The price of mosquito repellent is very affordable.

Mosquito Bits


Attract Birds To Your Yard

If youre swamped with mosquitoes, attracting predators wont do much good, but if youre getting a few unpleasant guests here and there, it might be worth a try.

Many birds, including purple martins, waterfowl, swallows, and migratory songbirds, are natural mosquito predators. Setting up bird feeders is a great way to attract these birds.

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Key Takeaways: How To Kill Mosquitoes

  • The best way to kill and control mosquitoes is to consistently apply more than one method. Some methods may only target adults, while others may only target larvae.
  • Effective ways to kill mosquitoes include removing breeding grounds, encouraging predators, applying an agent containing BTI or IGR, and using traps.
  • Insect repellents and bug zappers don’t kill mosquitoes.
  • Pesticide-resistant mosquitoes may survive spraying, plus the chemical kills other animals and may persist in the environment.

Add Fish And Promote Predators

Kill Mosquitoes in Standing Water

Where feasible, add fish to your water feature. A handful of minnows can consume their weight in mosquito eggs in under a week. Promote beneficial bacteria, nematodes, and insects such as dragonflies and backswimmers that feed on mosquito eggs and larvae by stopping use of broad-spectrum insecticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Mosquito larvae breathe through siphoning tubes at the surface of the water. Photo: Jim Occi, BugPics,

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Prevent Mosquito Larvae By Getting Rid Of Standing Water

While the steps above will help you kill mosquitoes and larvae in standing water, its important to not even give mosquitoes any water to lay their eggs in at all.

The most important thing you can do to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard is to get rid of standing water. If you eliminate a mosquitos breeding ground, youll be able to effectively control its population!

Get rid of any sources of standing water, including:

  • Piles of leaves or debris

Does Wet Grass Attract Mosquitoes

While wet grass itself doesnt necessarily attract mosquitoes, wet mulch, soil, or any type of straw that holds enough moisture below the surface to pool up and attract mosquitoes. If that wet grass could accumulate and maintain one inch of water, or if there was a puddle somewhere with standing water, then it could attract mosquitoes.

How To Quickly Kill Mosquito Larvae In Standing Water

Standing water is one of the most common places that you will find mosquito larvae hiding since water is where the female mosquitoes lay eggs. Each female mosquito has the potential to lay eggs that could potentially turn into over 1,000 mosquitoes.

That is why its so important to kill mosquito larvae as soon as you notice it because it can quickly create hundreds of baby mosquitoes. There are several methods and products out there that can kill mosquito larvae, but we wanted to focus on a couple of the best products and home remedies.

What Can I Do To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Killing Mosquito Larvae in Standing Water?

To keep mosquitoes away from you and your home, try the following tips:

  • Use screens on doors and windows.
  • Clean up any standing water such as puddles or birdbaths.
  • Keep your yard and landscaping trimmed to avoid creating nesting sites.
  • Use fans both indoors and outdoors to blow away pests.
  • Use insect repellants, whether a skin-friendly spray or a citronella candle.
  • How To Kill Mosquitoes In Standing Water Naturally

    Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Standing Water?5 Natural Ways to Kill Mosquitoes in Standing WaterPrevent Mosquito Larvae by Getting Rid of Standing WaterNatural, Safe Mosquito RepellentFAQ: Killing Mosquitoes in Standing WaterDoes Wet Grass Attract Mosquitoes? Does Soapy Water Kill Mosquitoes? Will Mosquito Larvae Die Out of Water? Does What Happens if My Dog Eats Mosquito Larvae? Does Bleach Kill Mosquitoes in Standing Water? Does White Vinegar Kill Mosquito Larvae? FAQsVideos

    Mosquitoes are nothing but a nuisance. That said, its still important to take care of your mosquito problems naturally, without the use of toxic chemicals.

    Getting rid of adult mosquitoes is one thing, but its almost more important to stop mosquitoes from breeding in the first place. Getting rid of mosquitoes means killing them at their breeding source standing water.

    Heres how to kill mosquitoes in standing water.

    Where Do Mosquitoes Lay Eggs

    Mosquitoes lay their eggs on standing water. The source of still water can vary greatly in size, from large ponds and pools to tiny puddles and build-up in gutters. As long as the water stays undisturbed for a week to ten days, the mosquito eggs can hatch and progress through their larval stage.

    Our technicians have found mosquito eggs laid in all of the following places:

    • Pools and spas
    • Buckets, garden planters, tarps, and playsets
    • Gutters, puddles, and more

    How To Kill Mosquito Larvae In Water 10 Methods To Stop Mosquitoes Breeding

    Weve written in the past about the best mosquito killer for getting rid of adult mosquitoes. But killing adult mosquitoes is only part of the equation. To eliminate your mosquito problem for good, you need to get to the source.

    Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing, stagnant water. Those eggs hatch into larvae, which is the next stage of the mosquito life cycle. If those larvae grow unchecked, they will quickly turn into hungry, bloodsucking adult mosquitoes that will invade your home.

    Mosquito larvae in a pond

    So what do you do when you find mosquito larvae?

    Want the quick fix?Get yourself some Mosquito Bits they kill larvae within 24 hours. Otherwise, read on for other options.

    There are two approaches to dealing with this problem. The first is to kill the existing larvae. The next is preventing larva growth in the first place.

    Lets go over each of these methods.

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    In This Article:

    How To Kill Mosquito Larvae In Standing Water Safely

    Standing water equals more mosquitoes

    During the spring and summer in Illinois & Indiana, mosquitoes are one of the most difficult pests to catch a break from. On their own, mosquitoes are weak insects that only live for around a month or two. However, their ability to reproduce so quickly and at such numerous rates allows them to proliferate and pester countless people every year.

    To keep mosquitoes from taking over your yard this summer, you have to be able to find potential breeding grounds on your property and eliminate them. Read on to learn the best ways to get rid of mosquito larvae and breeding grounds with Anderson Pest Solutions!

    Learn How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Standing Water Quickly

    1. Put tea bag inside the water

    This is an effective way that you can use, so you can remove mosquitoes from your house immediately. This simple tip can be done by all homeowners easily. You can follow this efficient tip, especially if you want to eliminate any mosquitoes immediately.

    Tea bag is very effective because it contains high amount of tannin. This component is very useful to prevent any mosquito larvae from growing well. This substance can also damage any mosquito eggs in the water. This natural ingredient is very effective to get rid of any mosquitoes in the water.

    2. Use essential oil

    If you want to know about how to get rid of mosquitoes in standing water safely and naturally, you may want to follow this simple tip. You can use some essential oils for eliminating these insects.

    There are some essential oils that you can use easily, for example lavender oil, ethion oil, and some other oils. These oils have some active ingredients that can eliminate the growth of any insects, including mosquitoes easily.

    3. Put gold fish inside the water

    This is a natural way that you can use, so you can kill all mosquito larvae naturally. Gold fish is a type of animal that you can place inside your standing water. This fish is going to eat all mosquitoes and other larvae immediately.

    How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Standing Water Easily

    Home » Blog » How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Standing Water Easily

    If you want to learn how to get rid of mosquitoes in standing water quickly, you should keep reading this article. There are some useful tips that you can use, so you can remove mosquitoes from your house easily. You should understand that eliminating mosquitoes doesnt take too much of your time.

    It is important that you stop the growth rate of any mosquitoes in your house, including your garden or yard. It is recommended that you start eliminating any mosquito larvae that can grow well on the water. Here are some important tips that can help you kill these mosquitoes immediately.

    How To Safely Get Rid Of Mosquito Larvae

    If you find mosquito larvae or a raft of eggs on your property, there are a few different ways that you can get rid of them. If they are living in a water source that you can tip over or pour out, simply do so. Many times, however, there is no way to eliminate the budding mosquitoes without introducing something to the water. Here are a few natural liquids to use to snuff out mosquito larvae that you probably already have at home:

  • Soap: Pouring a bit of dish soap or shampoo into an inhabited water source will kill any larvae after a day.
  • Oil: Olive oil and vegetable oil will get rid of mosquito eggs and larvae almost immediately. However, you should not put any oils in a pond where fish live or a birdbath.
  • Apple cider vinegar: This works best on larvae living in very small water sourcesadd enough apple cider vinegar so that it makes up about 15% of the total liquid. It should get rid of them in about 18 hours.
  • Understand How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Standing Water Today


    They are some useful tips that can be followed easily. You dont have to do a lot of efforts for eliminating mosquitoes from your house. There are many other tips that can guide you on how you can remove these insects immediately.

    It is recommended that you remove these insects as quickly as you can. These insects may cause some health problems, such as dengue, malaria, fever, skin rashes, skin redness, and some other health issues. It is very easy to remove these insects from your house quickly. You can use some natural products for removing these insects completely. It is not difficult to understand how to get rid of mosquitoes in standing water now.

    Will Bleach Kill Mosquito Larvae

    You do not want to be among the destroyers of our precious environment. So use bleach only as a last resort if youre certain that the runoff water will not enter into a nearby pond or pool and harm wildlife.

    Bleach is a very effective mosquito larvae killer though.

    Bleach is best used for cleaning gutters containing mosquito larvae.

    This bleach helps to eliminate all the mosquito larvae growing in gutters. A tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of water is enough to kill every mosquito larvae.

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    Does What Happens If My Dog Eats Mosquito Larvae

    Heartworm disease happens when an infected mosquito bites a dog, but the disease doesnt necessarily carry over into mosquito larvae. If your dog eats mosquito larvae, its likely that nothing will happen. However, if your dog is outside a lot around water that noticeably contains mosquito larvae, its likely there are also adult mosquitoes around that could have bitten your dog. If your dog isnt on heartworm medication, its recommended to take your dog to the vet for an exam to make sure they dont have heartworms.

    Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Standing Water

    Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water because female mosquitoes need water to lay their eggs. Without water, the mosquito eggs wont hatch into larvae.

    Once the eggs become mosquito larvae, they feed off of organisms that live in the water. Neither the egg nor larvae could survive without water.

    Mosquitoes only need one inch of water to lay their eggs yes, just one inch! Think about all the places in your yard that could accumulate one inch of water! Whether its a pile of leaves that collects rainwater or a bucket left in the corner of your yard, anything can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

    According to the CDC, female mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs in water collected in manmade containers. This is because their eggs can stick to said container and survive up to eight months, even if theyre dried out. If the eggs become covered by water again within those eight months, theyll hatch into mosquitoes within a week.

    How To Kill Mosquito Larvae Naturally

    Rain and standing water creating breeding ground for mosquitoes

    But you may already be at the point where they are already breeding around you.

    What can you do? How can you kill them?

    Here are some natural and cost-effective ways to get rid of mosquito larvae.

    1. Apple Cider Vinegar

    Urghh! Not this again, you might be saying.

    Yes we know, Apple cider vinegar has been said to a solution to a multitude of ailments, but trust us this one works.

    Another thing is that it is surprisingly non-toxic to pets and humans. It doesnt hurt any other thing apart from mosquito larvae.

    Add enough quantity of the vinegar to bring the concentration up to 15% vinegar, 85% water. Higher concentrations are preferable because lower concentrations will not deliver. Afterward, go about your activities and in about 18 hours, the standing water would have become mosquito larvae-Free

    Apple Cider Vinegar comes fully equipped with a lovely fragrance. And as such, putting around the house comes with an added advantage of a lovely scenting home. This also makes it easily applicable to the skin.

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    If extreme measures are needed for eliminating mosquito larvae, pesticides are the way to go.

    However, you should only use them if there are no other environmentally-friendly options available.

    Mosquito bombs are the usual commercial formulation for larval pesticides and contain Methoprene. Methoprene can also be purchased in a granule form.

    This solution, however, is an effective mosquito larvae killer.

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