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Ice Sparkling Water Nutrition Facts

Does Sparkling Ice Have Artificial Sweeteners

Sparkling Ice – Is this water keto friendly? Healthy?

Sparkling Ice contains the artificial sweetener sucralose. Sucralose is FDA approved and generally recognized as safe, but there remains some controversy around the long-term health impacts, particularly on gut bacteria and insulin sensitivity.

The most widely controversial artificial sweetener is probably aspartame. Personally, I avoid aspartame because of the research showing possible connections to depression. Sparkling Ice does not have aspartame.

Another sweetener people sometimes have questions about is xylitol, especially since it is bad for dogs. Sparkling Ice does not contain xylitol.

So lets look at the health concerns around the actual sweetener in Sparkling Icesucralose:

  • Sucralose seems to be a migraine trigger for some people.
  • Sucralose may cause insulin resistance through multiple mechanisms .
  • Sucralose has been shown to have a surprisingly minimal effect on weight loss.

Most of the health concerns around artificial sweeteners are not well proven. But for many people, the risk feels hazardous anyway. Theres just some uncertainty about how the human body reacts long-term to any of these artificial sweeteners.

Therefore, some consumers may feel uneasy consuming such sweeteners in large quantities, like having Sparkling Ice every day. Heres a video that covers more on the science around artificial sweeteners.

The next two sections will include more about the potential impact of sucralose on weight loss and blood sugar levels.

Does Sparkling Ice Raise Blood Sugar

I didnt find any peer-reviewed research directly on whether Sparkling Ice raises blood sugar. However, Sparkling Ice does have sucralose, which has been shown to affect blood glucose and insulin levels in some studies.

Sucralose is not absorbed in the small intestine like normal sugar, so it ends up in the large intestine. Apparently, it alters your gut bacteria there, affecting your tolerance to carbs going forward, as well.

So theoretically, drinking a lot of Sparkling Ice may worsen your blood sugar control. However, this hasnt been tested directly, to my knowledge.

It is also possible that artificial sweeteners could cause an insulin response through another mechanism. That is, the sweet taste of artificial sweeteners may potentially trigger an insulin response even without real sugar in your bloodstream.

The American Diabetes Association says that diet drinks are acceptable short-term replacements to sugary drinks But they recommend decreasing intake of these drinks over time, and focusing on plain water.

So, proceed with caution. If blood-sugar control is crucial for you, talk to your physician or nutritionist who specializes in diabetes and blood-sugar control, before drinking Sparkling Ice regularly.

Why Does Sparkling Ice Have 5 Calories

The 5 calories per serving of Sparkling Ice come from acid , juice concentrates, and natural colors.

As explained on the Sparkling Ice website, this calorie count only applies if youre drinking the whole bottle. Formerly, the Sparkling Ice nutrition label said 0 calories because it listed the stats for an 8 oz serving sizebut this changed in recent years.

If you look around, youll notice the same thing happens with other diet drinks, too. Some bottles of Gatorade Zero show 5 calories or 10 calories, too .

When a drink actually shows 0 calories on the label, its not actually necessarily zero. Its more likely two calories or something that is small enough for the company to legally round down to zero.

But when the serving size is larger, sometimes a diet drink has 5 or 10 calories that it needs to legally show on the label.

In any case, Sparkling Ice is basically a zero-calorie drink. Those 5 calories per bottle should not be enough to really be concerned about them from a dieting standpoint.

Related Question:

  • How is Sparkling Ice so low calorie? Sparkling Ice is very low in calories because it is sweetened with sucralose, which is a non-caloric sweetener.

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What Else Do We Know About Sucralose

Sparkling Ice, Pomegranate Blueberry Sparkling Water, Zero Sugar ...

This type of artificial sweetener has been criticized for years. With that said, if you look for a creditable site like the FDA or the Mayo Clinic, youll find that they dont have a problem with artificial sugars in moderation.

The Mayo Clinic reported,

According to the National Cancer Institute and other health agencies, theres no sound scientific evidence that any of the artificial sweeteners approved for use in the United States cause cancer or other serious health problems.

They also went on to say that several studies confirmed that these sweeteners are generally safe in moderation.

Mind you, you will find plenty of negative reviews on sucralose online as well. Some believe that the large establishments may be corrupt and paid by big brands using artificial sugars. Bottom line? We can ask our doctors if were nervous about it and then decide.

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What Ingredients Are In Sparkling Ice

Some ingredients may vary depending on flavor, but heres a look at the ingredients in Black Raspberry.

Carbonated Water, Natural Flavors, Blackberry Juice Concentrate, Malic Acid, Potassium Benzoate , Sucralose, Green Tea Extract, Red #40, Biotin 1% Trit , Niacinamide , D-Calcium Pantothenate , Vitamin B12 , Vitamin D3, Pyridoxine HCI .

The ingredients that raise an eyebrow are typically Sucralose, Maltodextrin, and the food colorings.

Is Sparkling Ice Healthy 10 Things You Should Know

Many sugar free drinks are not actually healthy when you look into the details. Sparkling Ice has some added healthy ingredients that basic diet soda doesnt have But is Sparkling Ice really good for you, overall?

Sparkling Ice is free of sugar and artificial colors, and it has some healthy ingredients like green tea extract, vitamins, and antioxidants. However, Sparkling Ice also has the artificial sweetener sucralose, which may raise the risk of insulin resistance and other health issues. Therefore, its healthiness is questionable.

Below, well look closely at Sparkling Ice ingredients and nutrition. Well discuss whether its good for weight loss, whether it raises blood sugar, and more! Ill also answer the question of whether Sparkling Ice is better than soda.

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Whats The Bottom Line

Moderation is the key for us. We drink more flat, filtered water more than any other drink. We get more healthy foods over processed, junk foods.

With that said, were not giving up our Sparkling ICE Water, Diet Coke or pizza nights all together. They are an occasional treat.

This is just my opinion and what has worked for us. If youre on the fence, definitely ask your doctor. If nothing else, it will give you peace of mind with your decision.

Does Sparkling Ice Have Caffeine

Is sparkling water healthy for you?

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine has 70 mg of caffeine per can . This is about 88% as much caffeine as a can of Red Bull or Monster Energy. Classic Sparkling Ice does not contain any caffeine.

Here is a caffeine comparison table, to help you get a feel for just how much caffeine you get with Sparkling Ice +Caffeine:

Barqs Root Beer 22 mg

Caffeine Content: Comparison Chart.

As you can see, Sparkling Ice +Caffeine has less than 1/4 of the caffeine of a Bang Energy Drink per serving. However, it has more than double the caffeine of a can of Coca-Cola.

If youd like to see a larger comparison table for caffeine content, check out this page from the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

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Is Sparkling Ice Good For You

Well, Sparkling ICE has zero calories, as stated by the company who produces the beverage, and it combines natural fruit juices, vitamins and antioxidants with fresh mountain spring water. It does sound healthy, but we should bear in mind that Sparkling ICE contains sugar substitutes and sweeteners, including sucralose, maltodextrin, and mannitol.

These sugars and sweeteners have little to no benefit to your health, meaning they should be avoided by those who wish to remain healthy.

So should you quit drinking it?

Well total avoidance of Sparkling ICE is unnecessary, you just need to practice moderation upon consumption. Sparkling ICE is, of course, a carbonated soft drink. This in itself can lead to health problems when consumed at a high quantity. This is due to the fact that soda, over time, will deplete phosphates in your body. The sugar present within sparkling beverages is also terribly bad fora persons teeth, and can lead to rotting and decay.

If you consumer soda on a regular basis, then it would be most advisable to cut down your intake to one or two days a week, water being a great substitute, although less flavorsome, water replenishes a dehydrated body far better than soda.

Side Effects Of Carbonated Beverages

Now that we know the answer to is Sparkling ICE good for you, heres more you should know about the harms of carbonated beverages:

  • The CO2 present within carbonated beverages can have an adverse effect on those with bowel conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, which can lead to a bloated feeling and gas.
  • It is also not advised to consume carbonated beverages after exercise, as you may not be able to consume the quantity required to fully rehydrate your body, whereas still water is best advised, and more effective at rehydrating.
  • The consumption of carbonated beverages can also cause heartburn. This is due to the acidic nature of the beverages, and the gas within it, which can create increased pressure within your stomach, causing contents to be regurgitated upwards.
  • If you have a stomach ulcer, the consumption of carbonated beverages is best avoided. This is because fizzy drinks can make ulcers far more painful, and even make the condition worse through further irritation.

To Sum Up: Is Sparkling ICE Good for You?

Its not good for you but an occasional drink does not do harm to your body. As mentioned above, practicing moderation whilst consuming Sparkling ICE will ensure you avoid the negative connotations associated with the consumption of carbonated beverages, and focus on the sweet taste.

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Does Sparkling Ice Count As Water Intake

Sparkling Ice counts as water intake because the water still functions the same way in the body. However, Sparkling Ice has sucralose, which may alter your gut microbiome, and fat-soluble vitamins A and D, which can be over-consumed. So ideally, Sparkling Ice should not be your only beverage.

As discussed above, the sucralose in Sparkling Ice could alter your gut bacteria, which could lead to worse insulin sensitivity over time. Therefore, many people may prefer to only drink Sparkling Ice in moderationnot as a total replacement for water.

Theoretically, you could have problems with over-consuming the fat-soluble vitamins in Sparkling Ice, too. But there is only about 15% of the daily value of vitamins A and D per serving. So youd likely need to be drink a lot of Sparkling Ice to have problems with that.

All that saidyes, Sparkling Ice achieves pretty much everything plain water intake achieves. Its still mostly water by volume, after all.

Related Question:

  • Is Sparkling Ice good for hydration? Sparkling Ice is mostly water, so it will help with hydration. However, for acute hydration needs, you may want to choose a drink with added electrolytes, like Pedialyte or other oral rehydration solutions.

What Should I Know About Maltodextrin & Food Coloring

Order Acme

Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate. Every gram of it is about 4 calories, since Sparkling Ice is 0 calories we can assume the amount is pretty small.

Livestrongs article goes into detail about the making and effects of Maltodextrin. They also mention that the FDA says its safe in moderation and that Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition acknowledge no direct link between maltodextrin consumption and negative health effects.

Food coloring also falls into the mix of being marked safe by the FDA but other organizations say stay away.

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Is Sparkling Ice Good For Weight Loss

One of the main reasons people choose low-calorie drinks like Sparkling Ice is to lose weight. But the evidence actually shows that artificial sweeteners are surprisingly ineffective for weight loss.

That is, youd expect that switching from sugar to artificial sweeteners would cause significant weight-loss but in most studies, they cause little to no weight loss.

One explanation is this: Artificial sweeteners keep you accustomed to sweet foods. So you still get cravings for sweets, and youll probably end up eating those calories from somewhere.

That said, the studies I reviewed suggested that sucralose doesnt cause weight gain, either. So, the sucralose in Sparkling Ice likely wont affect your weight one way or the other, based on the evidence.

Remember: The key to weight loss is your overall calorie balance. So if your goal is weight loss, then consider tracking your calories as I describe in this postor else follow some of these 18 tips for weight loss without counting calories.

Related Question:

  • Is Sparkling Ice good for bodybuilders who are cutting? Since bodybuilders often track their overall calorie balance, they should be able to achieve fat loss while drinking Sparkling Ice. This means Sparkling Ice would be a fine beverage while cutting. Just make sure you stay in a calorie deficit overall.

Does Sparkling Ice Have Electrolytes

Sparkling Ice is not a good source of electrolytes, as it only has 30mg of potassium and 0mg of sodium per 8-oz serving. Sparkling Ice is not a sports drink or an oral rehydration solution.

But theres an upside here. Since Sparkling Ice doesnt have any sodium, you dont have to worry about getting too much sodium.

Sometimes with electrolyte drinks, you can actually get a lot of sodium if you end up drinking them all day. And too much sodium can raise your blood pressure and risk of heart disease, so thats not great.

You can relax knowing that Sparkling Ice is low in sodium. But if you need to replenish your electrolytes due to heavy sweating or fluid loss, look elsewhere.

Looking for a sign that its time to take charge of your diet? This is it. Watch the Food for Health Masterclasscompletely freeand discover the 10 surprising nutrition breakthroughs everyone should know. Reserve your free spot here!

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Is Sparkling Ice Healthier Than Soda

Sparkling Ice may be healthier than normal soda, as it is free of all sugar, calories, and artificial colors. Sparkling Ice is also free of phosphoric acid, a potentially harmful ingredient in cola. However, Sparkling Ice has sucralose, so its still controversial in the same way as diet soda.

Regular soda is unhealthy for many reasons. First, it has added sugar and empty calories. It also often has phosphoric acid, which has been linked to osteoporosis and cavities. And some sodas have caramel color, which may contain a carcinogen.

Comparitively, Sparkling Ice doesnt have as many problems. But it still has its own potential issues, due to the sucralose.

So, which is worse? Personally, Id rather drink Sparkling Ice because the risks with artificial sweeteners seem less proven. But maybe thats just me.

What about Sparkling Ice vs diet sodawhich is healthier? Well, the sucralose in Sparkling Ice is often used in diet soda, too. So in many cases, Sparkling Ice and diet soda are quite similar nutritionally.

Sparkling Ice is still probably healthier than most diet sodas. Often, diet sodas still contain artificial colors, phosphoric acid, or some other controversial or unhealthy ingredients, in addition to their artificial sweeteners.

Another interesting option is Hint Water. Its one of the most natural brands of flavored water Ive found. And they have a fizzy option, too.

Is Sparkling Ice Vegan

Is Carbonated (Sparkling) Water Good or Bad for You?

Sparkling Ice is not strictly vegan, as the added vitamin D is likely sourced from lanolin . However, more relaxed vegans may be okay with this.

If you look at the ingredients list for Sparkling Ice, you will see Cholecalciferol . While it is possible for this ingredient to be made vegan , it is usually made from lanolin .

Specifically, lanolin is taken from sheeps wool after its sheared off the sheep. According to Heathline, this means it causes no harm to sheep. However, since the sheep are confined on a farm, it is still a form of exploitation that vegans generally oppose.

So, many people would say this vitamin D is not vegan, and therefore Sparkling Ice is not vegan. In a strict sense, that may be true. But since it is a minor ingredient, many vegans may be okay with it. Personally, I am, and I wrote a longer explanation here.

Theres one other reason I could imagine a very strict vegan might say Sparkling Ice isnt vegan, too. Thats due to animal testing. Namely, the sweetener used in Sparkling Ice has been tested on animals extensively.

In my blog post about sucralose, I explained the cruel and sad animal testing that was done to prove the safety of sucralose. It is said that over 12,000 animals died in the testing of sucralose.

That said, boycotting drinks like Sparkling Ice today cant undo the animal testing that was already done. So most vegans are okay with consuming these artificial sweeteners.

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