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On Demand Electric Hot Water Heater

Water Supply And Flow Rate

Ecosmart 11 on demand electric water heater

One of the primary differences between the traditional tank water heater and tankless is the continuous hot water supply whenever required. In this case, a gas water heater is more efficient than the electric one.

Usually, an electric water heater supplies 5 gallons of hot water per minute, whereas a gas tankless can supply up to 8 gallons per minute. Thus a gas-fueled water heater is the better match for multiple uses in a large family.However, hot water temperature and flow again depend on the temperature of incoming water. In winter, the inflow water temperature is colder, which reduces the hot water flow for both types of heaters.

How To Choose The Best Electric Tankless Water Heater

All of the above-reviewed models will offer you the best value for your money.

In addition to carrying out our own test under different climates, we also evaluate the user-experience of these products long-time consumers. This way, we have gained the confidence to recommend those 5 most reliable models.

Our buying guide can help you in this regard. Before making a purchase, consider the following factors to pick the model that best fits your needs.

Enough chit-chat lets go through the shopping guide below.

1. Your Location

It should be noted that the performance of a whole house no-tank model varies depending on weather and situations. In warm regions, the flow rate and temp range are high, while in cold areas, the same model turns into a low rate water heater.

Therefore, you should choose the most suitable model based on where you live. If you live somewhere cold, you should opt for one with freeze protection.

Experts suggestion: If you live in the Southern region of the USA, youre ok with an electric whole house tankless water heater. If you live in the Northern region, this variation might not work properly. Consider picking a regular tank-style unit of the natural gas unit.

2. Size

Buying the right size model is a big decision, and it is critical to find one that can produce enough hot water for your requirements.

Before selecting a model, you need to know EXACTLY what size tankless water heater you would need for your home.

3. Installation

4. Energy efficiency

Tankless Water Heater Rebates: A Great Way To Save

Condensing tankless water heaters are so efficient, theyre certified by the federal Energy Star program, making them eligible for utility rebates across the country. These rebates are often enough to bridge the difference in price between the more expensive condensing units and the cheaper noncondensing ones. Then its basically a free or low-cost upgrade that will save money for the next 20 years or more. Richard Trethewey, TOH plumbing and heating expert

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Determine Your Price Range To Buy The Best Electric On Demand Water Heater

Use price comparison sites, such as MoneySupermarket, to find out the price range of similar products in your price range and look at reviews before making a final decision.

This will help narrow down your search so you know what price bracket the best electric on demand water heater falls under. This price range can change depending on where you are shopping, for example, buying in-store or online, but it is essential to know what price point you are looking at before searching for a best electric on demand water heater.

1.1. Compare features and price to buy the best electric on demand water heater

Once you know your best electric on demand water heater price range, you can compare various products to make sure they fit your price range. Make sure you check the product features, most notably size, material, price, and latest model year if applicable, before making a final decision. It is also worth checking any warranty that comes with the item for extra peace of mind.

1.2. Buy the best electric on demand water heater online or in-store?

Products are available at online retailers and traditional shops however certain items may only be available in one place or another depending on where you live. Buying online has many benefits, such as finding lower prices more efficiently, while believing in-store can provide valuable information on price, size, and material before you make a purchase.

Article background information to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim:

The Heating Capacity Of The Water Heater

Best Electric On Demand Hot Water Heater  Ecosmart  Remodeling Cost ...

The heating capacity of a water heater gets measured in British Thermal Units . The higher the BTUs, the higher the heating capacity. 30,000 BTUs will provide enough heating for a shower, though some units offer 8,000-15,000 BTUs, which may or may not be sufficient depending on your water usage habits.

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Electric Tankless Water Heater Facts

Homes without a gas line or propane tank can also enjoy the advantages of on-demand hot water by installing tankless units powered by electricity. These units, which heat water with thick copper rods, are quieter and about a third smaller than gas or propane tankless heaters. And because they dont need vents, they can be installed almost anywhere, including under sinks and in small closets.

One drawback to electric units is its limited output, which tops out at 36 kilowatts, or about 123,000 Btus. That may be enough to supply a whole house in areas with warm groundwater, but in colder climes theyre better suited to point-of-use service, where the demand for hot water doesnt get too high. Whichever type you choose, it will need sufficient amperage at the main panel and heavy-gauge wires.

Also, electric heaters last only about half as long as gas units: Typical warranties are three to five years. Once the heating elements fry, it usually costs about as much to replace the entire heater as it does to swap in new elements.

The 7 Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters Reviewed And Ranked

For many people, electric tankless water heaters are the ideal type of water heater. They enable rapid hot water heating at the point of use or point of entry , reduce energy costs compared with gas-powered options, and provide excellent flow rates that satisfy the demands of the vast majority of homes in the US.

The best electric tankless water heater is one that provides a high flow rate, better energy-cost savings, increased durability, several safety certifications, and an appealing warranty.

I have researched and rated the seven best electric tankless water heaters on the market to help you make the best choice for your home.

Here are my findings.

  • Best Electric Hot Water Heater
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    Determine Peak Hot Water Demand

    The next thing you need to think about is to figure out your peak hours. Peak hot water demand is the maximum amount of water you are going to need in your house. We know that it cannot be and specific and realistic number. The usual use age in the bathroom is 5 gallons per minute in the kitchen, you are using an average oil of 3.5 gallons per minute, and your washing machine is using 2 gallons per minute. So do the math and estimate the maximum number of services you might need at any given time.

    Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

    Tankless Electric Water Heaters

    Sign up to have a pro provide annual service, including cleaning or changing water and air filters and checking the burner. In areas with hard water, a vinegar flush every 500 hours keeps mineral buildupscalefrom clogging the heat exchanger. That 20-minute task can be done by either a pro or a homeowner.

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    Tankless Water Heater Venting

    Old tank-type gas water heaters commonly funnel their fumes into chimneys, but thats no place to vent a tankless gas heater. It must be connected to dedicated vent pipes that exit through a roof or an outside wall. Richard Trethewey

    Looking for help with repairs around your home? A home warranty may help. Check out these in-depth guides from the This Old House Reviews Team:

    Bosch Tronic 3000t Es25 Mini Tank Electric Heater

    Not your typical electric tankless water heater, the Bosch Tronic 3000t ES2.5 is an honorable mention. It has a small 2.5-gallon water tank that provides an adequate hot water supply to a point-of-use fixture, such as a shower, kitchen sink, or faucet.

    This mini tank electric water heater can be used in a number of ways. It can produce sufficient hot water for a single sink. You may also use it to complement an existing water heater that is placed some distance away from the location where hot water is required. This offers instant access to hot water.

    Additionally, it may be installed in-line with a tankless water heater, which generally encounters intermittent cold water sandwiching. Thanks to this mini tank water heater, you do not have to wait more than a minute and a half for hot water to flow through your faucet.

    Bosch offers a limited warranty of six years on the unit and two years on components.

    To learn more about this electric hot water heater, visit the Bosch website today.

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    Thermomate Tankless Electric Water

    Live Smart, Better Life

    Whether shower and baths, laundry and dishes, or shaving and hand washing, for home or business, with dedicated advanced technology and years of experiences in hot water solution, thermomates new line of tankless electric water heaters provide you a hot water system you can count on, every day, for years to come.

    Energy efficient, easy installation, compact size, endless hot water, consistent water flow, perfet for point of use, booster, or whole house needs

    Dimensions: 17.12 x 13.12 x 3.12

    Weight: 19 lbs

    Required Wire: 2 x 8 AWG

    Required Breakers:2 x Double-POLE 40AMP

    Note: Breakers and wire are not included

    Service Life And Warranty

    Tankless Electric Water Heater Whole House Instant Hot On Demand Eco 27 ...

    Usually, the service life of a tankless water heater is more prolonged than traditional water heaters. In the tankless system, gas and electricity both are lasting more or less 20 years. Among two, gas-fueled required more maintenance to get long service life.

    Though a tankless water heater lasts long without any significant troubles, a warranty can save buyers in any accidental case. The gas water heater manufacturer offers a roughly 10-years warranty for a heat exchanger, 5-years for sprats, and 1-year for labor.

    In the case of an electric water heater, many manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, or some are offering five years sprats and a 1-year labor warranty. The electric water heater is required less troubleshooting and repair than the gas type.

    Besides, some manufacturer offers free installation, if so you can cut your expense. To cover the warranty in most cases, manufacturers demand installation by a professional plumber. Otherwise, the warranty may void.

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    Bosch Wh17 Tronic 6000 C Electric Tankless Water Heater

    Our Review: Bosch is one of the top-tier brands when it comes to home appliances. Their heating appliances such as point-of-use water heater, on-demand water heater and whole-house electric water heater are popular for high-energy efficiency and versatility.

    The Bosch WH17 from Tronic 6000 C series is no different.

    WH17 Tronic 6000 C is a good fit for both commercial and residential applications. It heats water instantaneously when and where you need it. It provides endless hot water for 1 to 3 applications at a time- so you never have to be worried about running out of hot water, even at peak use time.

    This on-demand model eliminates the wait for hot water. Importantly, it provides consistent output temperature. Thanks to its built-in flow sensor and polymer encase element modulation that controls water temp. Plus, the new scale prevention technology allows you to monitor temperature stability and control accordingly.

    This electric appliance had a simple, and user-friendly interface. There is an external temperature control knob on the front of the heater. So, you can easily control the temperature.

    Bosch WH17 provides 2.4 GPM output at 75°F, 3.0 GPM output at 60°F, and 3.5 output at 45°F temperature rise. With an impressive thermal efficiency rating of 97%, it ensures minimal standby loss.


    • Reduce any stand by water loss
    • Great thermal efficiency
    • Backed by 5-year heating module /2-year parts warranty


    What Is An Electric Tankless Water Heater

    A tankless water heater can heat your water, and it can do so on-demand, so you don’t have to worry about having a separate storage tank.

    The best electric tankless water heater for an RV, you can enjoy the luxury of a hot shower whenever you want, provided you have a source of electricity.

    Hot water is vital if you want to have a liveable RV. However, a standard tank water heater takes up both space and energy. You either have to heat the entire tank before using it or reheat the water repeatedly so that it is ready on demand.

    Depending on the size of the storage tank and the amount of water you use, you might finish all the water before you’ve had the chance to take a full shower.

    With a tankless water heater, you do not have to contend with these drawbacks.

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    Some Advantages Of Tankless Water Heaters:

    Since tankless water heaters do not include a tank, they heat water only when a faucet is opened. In their most rudimentary form, tankless water heaters consist of an electrical element or gas burner, around which the water circulates towards its point of use. By reducing the thermal losses to the environment, , instant water heaters can offer energy savings.

    In a February 2010 article on tankless water heaters found on Quebec consumer protection site Proté, Stéphan Dussault referred to a 2008 issue of Consumer Reports, in which it was noted that tankless water heaters could yield energy savings of around 22% over conventional storage tank systems. Mr. Dussault noted that this would have equated to savings of around $70 in a typical Quebec household, in which annual hot water costs then approximated $310.

    It should be noted that electricity in Quebec is cheaper than in other parts of the country, so savings would vary by region and utility prices.

    Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters For Rvs

    On Demand Electric Hot Water Heater – Rainwater

    A water heater can give your RV one of the most essential “comforts of home.” Hot showers and hot water in the kitchen sink are vital features for RV owners.

    The best electric tankless water heater for your RV provides hot water on demand without taking up too much room. Since the heater uses electricity, you do not have to worry about carrying propane or natural gas in your RV.

    Here is what you need to know when seeking the best tankless electric water heater for an RV.

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    Stiebel Eltron Tempra 36 Plus 9/10

    Tempra electric tankless water heaters from the reputable German manufacturer Stiebel Eltron are compact but strong enough to provide hot water to multiple fixtures and locations in any season or environment. The Tempra 36 Plus is their most advanced model and also the best electric tankless water heater Ive reviewed to date.

    You’ll Love The Model 3 Tankless Water Heater

    Save money and resources
    • No metal heating elements to scale or rust
    • Only uses power when hot water is needed
    • Maintains its energy efficiency throughout the life of the unit
    • 25-40% in energy savings each month
    Offers peace of mind
    • Get endless hot water on-demand
    • Requires no annual maintenance
    • Customer support 7 days a week
    Made for todays smart homes
    • Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Digital display

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    Choosing An On Demand Water Heater

    Before buying a water heater, you need to consider the following:


    Sizing an on-demand hot water heater is not hard to figure out. It would be best if you determine the flow rate and temperature rise for the applications in your home.

    List the number of applications you expect to use at the same time and add up their flow rates, calculated in gallons per minute .

    The temperature rise is also easy to calculate subtract the temperatures of the incoming water temperature and desired output temperature. Different values for temperature rise are usually given in the manufacturer’s manuals.


    On-demand water heaters are more efficient than traditional tank-type types most have an energy factor of 0.82, Energy Star 0.87 or higher, and the most advanced, such as condensing, have an energy efficiency of over 90%.

    How much does an on demand water heater cost?

    On-demand water heaters are more expensive than the traditional tank type. The price is often two times higher.

    Prices range from $40 for the electric shower head water heater to over $800 for the 36 kW tankless unit, and from $100 for the portable gas unit to over $2000 for the ultra-high efficient condensing models.

    Venting in gas indoor models is very expensive, because non-condensing models use stainless steel vents due to the high exhaust gas temperature and acidic nature of condensation. Condensing units use cheaper plastic vents.

    Popular gas tankless manufacturers for residential use

    Best Whole House Electric Tankless Water Heaters In 2022 Review

    Eemax 6 Gallon Tankless Portable Electric Instant On Demand Hot Water ...

    Looking for an excellent appliance to provide endless hot water to your whole house without relying on gas?

    Then you should consider investing in the best whole house electric tankless water heater.

    The electric-powered heater is a sustainable alternative to gas heaters, while the tankless design makes them excellent for more compact spaces. It eliminates the worry about ventilation, space or even the threat of gas leaks.

    Sounds impressive, right?

    This whole house electric tankless water heater review features 5 excellent models available on the market right now.

    Lets get started!

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    Interviews With Real Customers

    With the remaining list of reliable tankless electric water heaters in hand, it was time to identify actual customers and inquire about their experiences. So, with the help of a few friends, I planned a door-to-door tour of every residence within a 10-mile radius. It was a lengthy and laborious process, but I was able to remove a couple more manufacturers from my list with the knowledge I gained.

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