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Rv Tankless Water Heaters Propane

Are Tankless Water Heaters Difficult To Install In An Rv

RV tankless water heater

I wouldnt consider tankless water heaters overly tricky to install. But, of course, itll depend on what one you purchase. So youll want to do some significant research into each option to avoid buying one thats difficult to install.

Make sure to check out our section How to install an RV water heater? Itll help you decide whether this job is something thats in your repertoire. If you dont feel comfortable doing it, theres no shame in hiring a professional.

Itll cost some money, but you cant put a value on safety. Id suggest most people unfamiliar with electrical systems spend the additional cash on the expert install.

How To Remove An Rv Water Heater

Most RV water heaters will need to be removed after a few years. Its often caused by an extended stay in wintertime conditions, which caused the tank to burst, or desert-like conditions that also can cause severe damage to your water heater unit.

But nonetheless, itll need to be removed and replaced at some time. And in most instances, the process will look something like the steps described below:

Step 1: Locate Your Water Heater Access Points From Outside Your RV.

In most cases, the water heaters access point from outside the trailer will be near the back usually behind a hinged hatch. Now, the location can vary and so can the instructions, but the basics remain the same.

Step 2: Make Sure Nothing is Flowing into the Water Heater and Shut Everything off.

Turn off the water connection, and shut off your propane tank at the tank source. Its also important to avoid having an open flame near you.

Step 3: Locate the Water Heaters Rear Access From Inside Your RV.

The rear access is usually under your kitchen skin.

Step 4: Unscrew the Screws Holding Down the Cover to the Water Heaters Rear Access.

Id recommend doing this task with a screwdriver rather than a drill as it can be quite snug under an RVs sink. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

Step 5: Remove the propane intake from the tank.

Step 6: Remove Your Water Heaters Door Cover and the Screws Holding it in Place.

Step 7: Remove the Water Intake and Outtake Hoses

Our Picks Of The Best Rv Tankless Water Heater Of 2022

The Camplux RV tankless water heater is powered by propane, but theres also a gas-powered option available as well. This RV tankless water heater is designed to deliver optimal water output of 2.64 gallons per minute , which is top-notch for an RV water heater. This RV tankless water heaters dimensions make it a compact and lightweight unit that can be mounted on your recreational vehicles wall, and included in its packaging are a detailed instruction manual, horizontal venting, and mounting hardware for installation. Not only will this tankless water heater save space in your RV, but it will save energy too, thanks to its eco-friendly design.


The RecPro RV Tankless Water Heater by Foggati is another high-performance instant water heater that offers a steady supply of hot water at your desired temperature. This RV tankless water heater is powered by propane gas and provides 42,000 BTUs per hour and a flow rate of up to 2 GPM. The forced exhaust structure of this RV tankless water heater aids in maintaining clean air, while the dust net hinders impurities from entering the heating chamber. Its low water pressure startup helps protect the heater as well as make it easier to use, and this tankless water heater even comes in black and white, letting you choose the color that suits your RV.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Control power, temperature, and unit with remote
  • Safety features protect heater and RV






  • Installation can be tricky

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Buying Guide: Rv Tankless Water Heaters

Every piece of RV equipment or furnishing requires much deliberation before purchase, and an RV tankless water heater is no different. To choose the right one for your vehicle, its crucial to understand the factors that make an RV tankless water heater desirable and undesirable. Weve put together a buying guide that covers everything you should know and consider before buying an RV tankless water heater.

Do Tankless Rv Water Heaters Provide Endless Hot Water

Marey Rv Camper 2 GPM Propane Gas Portable Tankless Hot Water Heater ...

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Do Tankless RV Water Heaters actually provide endless hot water?Tankless RV water heaters do provide endless hot water, but the wise veteran RVer will always want to know the fine print, exceptions, and details before making a $500-$1,000 purchase like this. On an essential component like an RV water heater, finding the perfect fit requires some research.

RV tankless water heaters are a great upgrade from the traditional tank versions but arent suited for every camping style. Well show you what makes them so great, the best brands, and what the realities are of an RV tankless water heater.

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Propane Rv Tankless Water Heaters

On the other hand, gas-powered tankless water heaters heat your water faster and come in the largest GPM models. In addition, if they have a condensing feature, the exhaust is used as a secondary source to heat the water before vented. Also, to save fuel, RV tankless and tanked water heaters have an electric intermittent ignition device rather than a continuous burning pilot light. So, you dont have to worry about that slow fuel drain as RVers did in the Classic Era .

RVBlogger Pro Tip on Propane Exhaust: When propane is burning correctly, it produces carbon dioxide and water. If your carbon monoxide alarm activates, that could mean somethings wrong with your propane burner. Propane produces carbon monoxide only when its poorly burnt. If the CO alarms going off, shut down all propane burning equipment and find an RV service center/mobile repair technician as soon as possible.

Electric RV tankless water heaters are about 95% efficient, and propane devices average 85% efficiency. In the grand scheme of things, only you can determine the significance of 10 percentage points. Check out the side-by-side table below for an organized chart that compares the features of electric versus propane RV tankless water heaters.

Black+decker Electric Tankless Water Heater

  • On demand hot water heater for single sink application only
  • Electric water heater with no hot water tank
  • WARRANTY: 7-yr leakage free, 5-yr heat exchanger, 2-yr parts

With electric tankless water heaters, you can get endless hot water only when you need it, without the wait or worry of ever running out. This Black+Decker hot water heater is designed to handle two sinks in warm climates or one low flow shower in hot climates.

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Rv Tankless Water Heater Problems

Tankless water heaters are a great addition to have in your RV home. With this, you can get your own supply of hot water with just a push of a button. Not only are they convenient, but they are also compact and cost-efficient. As such, traveling during the winter or chilly months will seem like a breeze. If not maintained, they can deteriorate and not function well. What are the most common maintenance issues of RV tankless heaters? This section lists down the causes and issues. Read it.

With this information, youll know how to solve them or avoid them in the future.

Camplux Ay132s 5l Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

The Problem With RV Tankless Water Heaters.

Complux is a company that specializes in camping products which include tankless water heaters. One of their most well-known and loved products is the Camplux AY132S tankless water heater. Measuring 11.42 x 4.33 x 14.8 inches and weighing just 14 pounds, this tankless water heater is one of the most compact and lightest models in the market. With this, you can easily install and move this product around. Not to mention, it features a stylish rectangular design that can fit any RV home.

What I like the most about the Camplux AY132S water heater is its smooth performance. With a heating capacity of 28,000 BTUs, this water heater can provide 1.32 gallons of water per minute. With this, youll have enough hot water for your daily needs.

I also like how its very energy-efficient with a rate of 11.5%. It has one of the lowest water pressure start-up ranges of 3.0 PSI to 110 PSI.

Another thing I like about the Camplux AY132S is its attention to safety. With a plethora of safety features ranging from protection against dry combustion, flame failure, overheating, low-water flow, high-water pressure, etc. It also has an auto off-switch when it detects these problems. Its not for indoors. It requires ventilation if used indoors.

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How Does A Propane Tankless Water Heater Work

A propane tankless water heater works by heating up running water as it passes through the machine. It doesnt keep a full tank of hot water at a certain temperature all day, like standard hot water heaters.

Instead, it works best when there is a nice, steady flow of water passing through the machine and into your faucets. Once you turn your hot water knob at your RV kitchen sink, your propane tankless water heater gets to work!

All you have to do with a propane tankless water heater is ensure that the unit is hooked up to electricity, and that the pilot light is lit. Once you set your water heater to a certain temperature, your pilot light will activate and heat the water that passes through the unit when you need it.

Without a tank to keep warm all day, propane tankless water heaters often save you more on your propane gas expenses. It also means that you have as much hot water as you could ever want, so long as you have a steady flow of water to your RV.

These water heaters can work whether you have a Class C made for boondocking or a fifth wheel permanently hooked up at an RV site. Propane tankless water heaters can work with your freshwater systems just as well as city water hookups.

All you have to do to get your propane tankless water heater heat in your RV water supply is to install it with some existing propane lines, set your ideal water temperature, and get to work washing dishes!

Warm Up With Rv Water Heaters

When in the comforts of home, we often take luxuries such as hot water for granted. Our dependence on hot water becomes quite apparent when you’re parked in the woods, away from your stove and shower. Here at Camping World, we carry an assortment of RV water heaters that allow you to keep clean and freshen up, wherever you are. With options ranging from portable and tankless varieties, Camping World’s RV water heaters make washing and warming up easier than ever.

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Benefits Of An Rv Tankless Water Heater

One of the biggest benefits is that theres no waiting for the water to heat up. Tankless water heaters are also less wasteful. Youre heating only the water you need rather than six to 10 gallons at a time. This uses less propane or electricity. It also means you wont be paying to heat water that you end up not using.

You also dont have to wait for the water to be reheated after someone else has just taken a shower. This is known as recovery time, and theres none of that with an RV tankless water heater.

Also, water from a tankless water heater wont freeze you out by suddenly running cold. It stays hot as long as theres a water supply. If youre hooked up to water at a full-service campsite, you can keep on showering until youre wrinkled and red.

Tankless water heaters take up less space, too. Some are less than half the size of the standard water heaters they can easily replace. They weigh a lot less, too, because theres no tank full of water. Meaning, towing less weight can mean savings on gas or diesel.

How To Choose An Rv Tankless Water Heater

Precision Temp Propane Tankless Water Heater RV

When it comes to purchasing an RV tankless water heater, the final decision ultimately rests with you. Here are a few things to consider to help you make a great choice:


RV tankless water heaters are much more compact than their standard counterparts. Think about the size and how the heater will fit in your RV to choose an appropriate unit.

Water flow rate

The water flow rate of a water heater is the amount of water, usually measured in gallons, heated, and supplied in a minute. Because of this, the water flow rate is measured in gallons per minute.

The water flow rate of an RV tankless water heater ranges from one to ten gallons per minute. The higher the water flow rate, the higher the price of the heating unit. On average, a heater with a water flow rate of two to three gallons per minute is an excellent choice for a family of RV campers.

Safety factor

Accidents are unfortunately common with heating units, whether theyre electric-powered or gas-powered. In the case of RVs, these accidents can prove to be lethal. To avoid danger, its advised to choose an RV water heater with self-limiting damage and other failsafe features that can prevent accidents.


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Recpro Rv Tankless Water Heater

The RecPro RV tankless hot water heater is a sleek-looking device that delivers hot water as needed when needed. It offers RVers a reliable water heater, allowing everyone in the motorhome to have pleasant warm showers and piping hot coffee on the go.

Like the FOGATTI, this propane tankless water heater for RV also produces 55,000 BTUs. Although it is not as quick-heating as the Furrion FWH09A-1-A, this product heats the water fast enough to hot showers successively. The bright side is that its lower BTU rating translates to extended propane gas consumption.

I love this RV water heaters intelligent wall-mounted remote controller. It has an auto-diagnostic feature that displays error codes. RV owners will never have issues troubleshooting the tankless water heater, saving them money on costly repairs.

I appreciate the RV water heaters multiple safety features, similar to the FOGATTI. The system protects against flameouts, freezing, and gas and water supply issues. My family and I will have a more pleasant time in our motorhome with this system keeping tabs on the appliances operation.

Many RV owners like the forced exhaust design, giving them peace of mind that no harmful gasses are present in the cabin.

  • Does not heat the water below 43 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Heating capacity diminishes at 4,000 feet above sea level

How Does It Work

An RV water heater will heat water to ensure youll always have hot water for the activities you need it for such as showering, washing your hands or doing the dishes. And since no two RV water heaters are the same, the process of doing so can vary from model to model.

Therefore, Id thought Id divide the how it works section into two parts: tank-based water heaters and tankless water heats. In doing so, itll give you an understanding of how each experience differs from the other.

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Our Top Pick Lpg And Electric Tankless Water Heaters For Rv:

  • Energy saving mode, uses only 2 watts while idle
  • Child locking technology
  • This model also offers a 35-40 degree Fahrenheit temperature rise when operating at a flow rate of 3 GPM and a 77-degree Fahrenheit temperature rise at 1.5 GPM
  • Comes with a horizontal stainless steel vent kit, ready to install
  • 110-volt UL listed power cord for the internal exhaust fan and digital display


The Eccotemp i12-LPG Tankless Water Heater has the flow rate to support a cabin or small house, so it clearly has more than enough capacity for an RV. You should be aware that it requires a very small amount of 110V power while it is operating even in stand-by mode. This heater is designed to mount on an outside wall and vent directly behind the unit and through the wall make sure that have a 110V power supply and can vent the unit as directed.

How To Install An Rv Propane Tankless Water Heater

Adding Electric Power To My Propane RV Water Heater

Once you’ve decided to purchase a propane tankless water heater for your RV, you’ll want to get it up and running. Although, it should be noted that it’s not recommended to install your tankless yourself.

If you don’t have the proper knowledge and experience, you should hire a professional to perform the install for you. This will ensure that the tankless is is set up safely and will function properly.

Here’s what to do:

  • Turn off your RVs water pump
  • Locate the DC power supply and disconnect the fuse box
  • Drain the water heater tank by removing the drain plug
  • Disconnect the hot and cold water lines
  • Disconnect the electrical and propane lines
  • Remove the fasteners on the water heaters exterior and remove any butyl tape, caulking or other weather proofing material from the previous installation
  • Remove the old heater from the cabinet. Clean the inside of the water heater cabinet
  • Place the new water heater inside the cabinet. If necessary, frame the new unit into the cabinet, so it won’t move around or be jarred loose
  • Secure the door panel to the water heater unit and to the frame of the cabinet itself. To help with weatherproofing, use butyl tape and caulking
  • Reconnect the water lines to the new water heater
  • Reconnect the electrical power lines and the gas lines
  • Reconnect the DC power in your RV
  • Turn the propane and water pump on
  • Watch the Video

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