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Sesame Street Water Park San Diego

Adjacent Counties And Municipalities

Full Sesame Street Party Parade at Sesame Place San Diego

The reported that San Diego County had a population of 3,095,313. The racial makeup of San Diego County was 1,981,442 , 158,213 , 26,340 , 336,091 , 15,337 , 419,465 from , and 158,425 from two or more races. or of any race were 991,348 people . Including those of mixed race, the total number of residents with Asian ancestry was 407,984.

As of 2009, the racial makeup of the county was 79.4% , 5.6% or , 1% , 10.4% , 0.5% , 10.3% from , and 3.6% from two or more races. 31.3% of the population were or of any race.

67.0% spoke only English at home 21.9% spoke Spanish, 3.1% and 1.2% .

Low Sensory Parade Viewing

With this Sesame Place San Diego feature, everyone can enjoy and join in on the parade festivities. The Low Sensory Parade Viewing means guests can enjoy the parade without direct interaction from the characters. Guests who’d like to join in on this are encouraged to sit closest to where the parade begins or a couple of rows back from the parade viewing line.

Sesame Place San Diego: 10 Reason To Get To Socal’s Best New Amusement Park

We are spoiled with so many amusement parks in California, but the new Sesame Place San Diego truly offers something different. There are rides for all ages, a musical show, a parade, thrilling water slides, an interactive replica of the iconic main street of Sesame Street, and character meet and greets, all while being a certified autism center. So, in my best Count Von Count voice, here are “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ah, ah, ah, 10 reasons to get to Sesame Place San Diego.”

If you are planning to travel to San Diego to visit Sesame Place, don’t miss our San Diego Family Travel Guide and this list of the Best Things To Do in San Diego Besides the San Diego Zooor if you are planning to add the zoo to your travel plans, check out See the San Diego Zoo Like a Local: Inside Tips for a Great Visit With Kids.

Since first airing in 1969, Big Bird, Oscar, Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, Telly, Rosita, Abby Cadabby, Julia, and more have been entertaining children through their TV screens, helping them learn, laugh, and grow through life’s joys and even life’s more challenging moments. But now in San Diego, California, the young and the young at heart, can meet these furry friends in person and experience the warmth of the sun as it sweeps those clouds away at the new Sesame Place Amusement Park. It’s my son’s new favorite place, and if you’ve got a toddler or preschooler, I think it’s about to be yours, too.

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Sesame Place San Diego Season Passes

If you plan on hitting up Sesame Place San Diego regularly with your family, a season pass may be a viable option for reducing the per-visit cost of admission.

This approach also produces significant savings in the form of free general parking, plus discounts on in-park merchandise and in-park food. Many Sesame Street enthusiasts also relish the opportunity for exclusive pass member rewards.

Most season passes provide flexible access and unlimited visits, free of blockout dates or other restrictions. These are similar to the any day ticket in that its possible to visit the theme park on short notice and without reserving a spot. Keep in mind, however, that photo enrollment required stipulations exist for passes, which are also non-refundable.

Pass-holders receive emails containing PDFs that can be printed or scanned via smartphone to gain access to the park. From there, pass-holders are recommended to access barcodes from the Season Pass Member website or via Apple Wallet. Guest Relations can also print a wallet-sized version of the pass.

Season passes are available at several different levels, each with varying costs and benefits. These are outlined in detail below:

2023 Silver Season Pass

Available for a one-time purchase of $126, this 2023 season pass ensures unlimited visits through 1/2/24 with no need to worry about blockout dates.

2023 Gold Season Pass

2023 Platinum Season Pass

SeaWorld San Diego Add-Ons

Gate Prices For Sesame Place San Diego

Industry News

The cost of going to this new SeaWorld Entertainment park is in line with our other theme parks, but there are no specific childs tickets.

Gate prices for Sesame Place San Diego tickets are around $84.99 for ages 2 and up.

Kids ages 0-23 months are free.

Right now, buying tickets in advance is your best bet for making the entrance fee cheaper you just need to determine where youll purchase these tickets.

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The Rides Are A Mix Of Waterslides And Mellow Coasters

One thing to know about Sesame Place is that there are waterslides and traditional rides, and theyre all mixed together no separate ticket is needed. On hot days, youll likely find kids prancing around the park in swimsuits and water shoes, moving from the lazy river to the parade to rides that dip, bounce and spin.

The water attractions have varying levels of scariness toddlers can splash around in a mellow area called Elmos Silly Sand Slides, while older, thrill-seeking guests can get their scream-fix on slides like Cookies Monster Mixer, a six-story raft ride that sends you swirling around in a blue tube before dropping you through a sideways funnel for the stomach-dropping finale.

The rides on dry land, however, definitely skew toward the under-8 set. Theres Rub-A-Dub Sub, which boards riders onto Ernies toy submarine , a spinning hot air balloon ride called Sesame Street Soar & Spin, and Super Grovers Box Car Derby, a mini roller coaster for those looking for a bit more action. Maggies favorite was Abbys Fairy Flight, a carnival-style swing ride that would be the perfect way to dry off after splashing around in the wave pool.

With 18 rides in all, its an intimate, manageable space, surrounded by the green hills of Chula Vista. To me, thats quite nice. Id have no qualms about letting my 9-year-old roam around with a friend while parking myself on a poolside lounge chair.

Sesame Place San Diego Is A Certified Autism Center

That’s right! Sesame Place San Diego is the very first theme park in the world to be designated as a Certified Autism Center. Their goal is to welcome all guests and make sure everyone’s visit is an enjoyable experience. Worry less and enjoy more when you visit with your Sesame Place discount tickets!

The new theme park has taken the extra step and partnered with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Educational Standards . This is to make sure that the park’s staff is trained, educated and ready to provide specialized services to guests with autism and other special needs.

These are the areas that the Sesame Place San Diego team has received training in:

  • Sensory Awareness
  • Emotional Awareness

Aside from making sure all staff are trained to offer specialized services, they also offer the following to make all guests feel welcome:

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The Park Is An Autism Center With Quiet Rooms

Sesame Place San Diego is a Certified Autism Center, just like its Philadelphia counterpart, which was the first theme park in the world to get the designation. For kids who might be overstimulated, or just need some downtime, there are quiet rooms and low sensory areas. Team members receive special training to cater to children with special needs, and an informational sign at every ride includes a sensory guide so parents can decide if its right for their child.

Whether youre a serious athlete or just in it for the swag bag, these events in Southern California are more memorable than your everyday 5K.

San Diego Travel Tips

Sesame Place San Diego is OPEN! | EVERY RIDE AND WATER SLIDE | March 2022

If youre planning to vacation in the Southern California area for several days, these are the things to know about visiting Sesame Place San Diego.

Should I Plan on 2 Days at Sesame Place? This theme park is great for a multi-day visit, especially for kids in the younger age bracket who will most appreciate the dry rides.

While you can experience it all in a single day, youll need to purchase Magic Queue to bypass the long lines and maximize your time.

What Hotels are Best for San Diego Travel? I recommend choosing one of the centrally located hotels in San Diego, near Mission Bay or Mission Valley. This area will put you close to SeaWorld San Diego, the San Diego Zoo and beach destinations.

Driving from Mission Bay, LEGOLAND California is about 30 minutes north and Sesame Place San Diego is about 30 minutes south.

This article originally published August 12th, 2019 about Aquatica Water Park and has been updated and republished with a new date to reflect the theme park switch to Sesame Place.

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More Water Park Family Fun

Looking for more water park fun in San Diego county? The LEGOLAND water park in Carlsbad is a part of the popular theme park.

Purchase discount LEGOLAND California tickets ahead of time that are bundled with the theme park.

If you find yourself on the opposite coast at Walt Disney World, a visit to either Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach is a Disney vacation must-do! These Disney water parks are intensely themed and great for all ages.

Maximize Time At Sesame Place San Diego Water Park

On a budget and dont want to splurge on the line skipping wristband? Try these time-saving tips! Wait times right after the park opens and in the hour before closing are much lower. Plan to get to the park early to park and enter through security. Youll want to grab a chair quickly and get to the rides right away.

Upon park opening, head straight for the two most popular water rides, Cookies Monster Mixer and Oscars Rotten Rafts. Then grab a tube and float around the lazy river.

Mid-day, when the park is busiest take the time to snack in the shade then enjoy the larger attractions including the wave pool and The Counts Splash Castle. In the hour before closing, my son and I were able to enjoy 5 attractions with minimal wait time. This is the best time to hit all the rest of the water slides!

If the dry rides are your priority, head to the farthest areas of the park first, bypassing the carousel at the entrance. Enjoy Super Grovers Box Car Derby, Abbys Fairy Flight and Rub-a-Dub-Sub first. After water play in the afternoon, change back into play clothes and visit the other attractions that are closer to the exit just before closing.

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Is There A Military Discount

Few theme parks honor military guests, quite like SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. Typically, every year, active duty military members receive free guest tickets for a single day as do up to three dependents. Currently, this offer is not available at Sesame Place San Diego, but I will update you if a discount is released.

Military ID must be provided, but complimentary tickets cannot be purchased at the gate. Rather, they can be ordered online via This is how it works at Sesame Place Langhorne. You can also visit your ITT office on base for information on discounted tickets.

More Sesame Place San Diego Water Park Attractions

Sesame Place San Diego Park Hours

The Counts Splash Castle This four-story interactive play area features splash pad areas with short slides . Kids will enjoy the bubbling water features and small sprays for all ages.

Theres also a 500-gallon bucket that fills up and dumps on everyone beneath it. My kiddo enjoyed splashing in the water but refused to go inside the play area for fear of the downpour.

Elmos Silly Sand Slides The short slides here have a maximum height of 48 . This means kids need to climb stairs and slide down by themselves, while parents wait at the bottom. Or bring two adults and have one at the top with the child and another to catch at the bottom of the slide.

Big Birds Beach Swells can build in this giant wave pool but the water near the shoreline is tame enough for babies and toddlers to stand and splash in. Anyone under 48 needs to wear a life jacket and be accompanied by an adult in the water.

Big Birds Rambling River This lazy river is perfect for little ones. Float along next to your child in a double-inner tube. One side has a hole and the other has a seat in the middle .

Shade is next to nothing so lather up with sunscreen and bring baby a hat. There is one section of overhead waterfall that can be avoided. Guests under 42 should wear a life vest

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Time Saving Tips For Sesame Street San Diego Water Parks

Sesame Place San Diego offers a front-of-the-line pass called Magic Queue. This quick queue option is definitely a good option for those who dont want to wait as long.

There are three Magic Queue choices to purchase. Each version offers priority access through a separate line outside of the stand-by line. Simply look for the Magic Queue signage and enter through that line.

  • Magic Queue-Dry Rides allows one-time access to each of the 7 rides.
  • Magic Queue-Water Rides allows one-time access to Cookies Monster Mixer and Oscars Rotten Rafts and unlimited access to the other 4 water slides.
  • Unlimited Magic Queue offers unlimited access to all dry rides and water rides.

Is Unlimited Magic Queue worth it at Sesame Place? For families that dont like waiting in long lines, yes for sure. The additional cost of Magic Queue will save time and allow you to experience everything at the theme park in a single day.

There is also an option to purchase reserved viewing areas and save time waiting for shows. Consider purchasing reserved viewing for Welcome to Our Street at the Sesame Street Theater or reserved parade viewing for the Sesame Street Party Parade.

Sure Kids Love Sesame Streetbut Adults Can Too

It should go without saying, but Sesame Place is full of Sesame Street fans, which means there are a lot of kids around. If youre a grown-up looking for some sensible, adult entertainment, Sesame Place is not it. There are things you can do to minimize your exposure to screaming, running kidsall of whom are great and loved and deserve to be there 100 percentlike coming during the week during the school year, popping in later in the day, or ponying up for a private cabana, which are scattered around the parks water attractions and start at $149 a day. If youre looking to spend even more, you could snag a daily Magic Queue pass, which fast tracks you to the front of any line, meaning youll spend less time listening to harried parents repeatedly saying no, stop.

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Ultimate Sesame Place San Diego Tips

When in Southern California youre looking for activities that are budget-savvy and family friendly, especially for very young children. Bonus points for warm-weather fun that helps you stay cool in the San Diego sunshine. Sesame Place San Diego theme park and water park is sure to check all the boxes with enough entertainment for an entire days worth of play!

Mom Rewritten uses affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase through the links in these posts. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, see the Privacy Policy and Disclosures tab.

I received complimentary admission for my family to experience Sesame Place. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Know Before You Go To Sesame Place

Sesame Place San Diego Virtual Tour

Sesame Place San Diego is located at 2052 Entertainment Circle in Chula Vista, CA. The days that Sesame Place is open vary by season, so check the website before planning your visit. Tickets start at about $65 and children under 2 are always free. Season passes are available.

All photographs by the author unless otherwise indicated.

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What Are Some Of The Rides And Slides At Sesame Place San Diego

Some amazing rides that you should try out are: Super Grover’s Box Car Derby ‘ full of exciting hills, large turns, and mini-drives. This steel roller coaster is available to those who are at least 38 inches tall. To ride alone on this exciting roller coaster, you should be 42 inches tall. Also, you can ride the Sunny Day Carousel ‘ a colorful and cute ride available for everyone without any age restriction. Those who are at least 42 inches tall can get access to this ride without a supervising companion. Sunny Street Soar and Spin ‘ you will get to soar high in the sky with a furry friend’s balloon!

Here are some more you should definitely check out:

Are There Live Shows At Sesame Place San Diego

Yes, there are many live character shows! Along with several rides, the park also offers a myriad of great shows and parades, and this live character show is one of them. You can cheer, sing, and dance with your family members during the one and only show-stopping Sesame Street parade.

There are many other live shows featuring the Sesame Street friends that are held in the outdoor theater near SeaWorld San Diego. They will delight you and your kids! So, get your discount tickets today because their shows are something you should experience at least once in your life!

Be sure to join the Sesame Street Party Parade: this energetic and colorful parade in the park will get you grooving at the amazing beats, whether you are a pro dancer or not. Get ready to shake your body because the performers in this Sesame Street party parade will get you in a joyful party mood with their rope jumping and hula hooping. The parade is a big hit with kids, so we recommend adding this parade to your wish list the moment that you buy your Sesame Place discount tickets from FunEx for your family.

You might also enjoy this live show at Sesame Place San Diego:

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