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State Industries Water Heater Age

Due For A Replacement

How To Check Your Water Heater Age – Ace Hardware

If its time for your old unit to go, consider upgrading to a hybrid electric heat pump water heater. The super-efficient heat pump technology can save a three-person household up to $300 a year on utility bills, plus hybrid electric water heaters come with a standard 10-year warranty. Many utilities also offer installation rebates check yours here.

Bradford White Water Heater Age

Since you probably understand that appliances dont last forever, one of the first questions youll ask yourself when something goes wrong is, How old is my water heater?.

You may be wondering if repair or replacement is the best option or even if youre still covered by the manufacturers warranty.

If youre the type who saves every purchase receipt for decades, you probably dont need to read this. If you have a newer model, the water heater age is sometimes clearly printed on the manufacturers label affixed to the unit.

For everyone else, keep reading to see how easy it is to find your water heaters manufacture date. All you need is to know who manufactured the water heater and its serial number .

Alternatively, you can check your manual to get a rough estimate on age based on the copyright year. You can access online versions of most models of the three most popular brands at these links:

Rheem Water Heater Age

Construction dates for most Rheem models are indicated on their serial numbers by the month followed by the year, as seen in the table below. These numerals are generally displaced as the first four numbers on a numbering system, though. Some of them may be displayed as the third to sixth numerals on the screen in some situations. For example, if the Rheem serial number is 1110******, this indicates that the water heater was built in November 2010.

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Bradford Water Heater Age

In order to indicate the year and month of the manufacturers date, Bradford Water Heaters employ a key. Here is the key to each letter of the alphabet that represents a year. S = 2018, P = 2017, N = 2016, M = 2015, L = 2014, K = 2013, J = 2012, H = 2011, G = 2010, F = 2009, E = 2008, D = 2007, C = 2006, B = 2005, A = 2004, Z = 2003, Y = 2002, X = 2001, W = 2000, T = 1999, S = 1998, P = 1997, N = 1996, S = 1998, P = 1997, N = 1996, S = 1998, P = 1997, N = 1996, S = 1998 Here is the key to each letter of the alphabet that represents a month.

For example, if the Bradford White serial number is DG******, then the water heater was built in July 2007 according to the manufacturer.

American Water Heaters Water Heater Age

eF Series ® Ultra High Efficiency (EF) Water Heaters

Its a little more difficult to decipher A.O. Smith water heater rating plates, but if you know what to look for, its still a very simple process. The serial number will be made up of ten digits and letters, and the date of manufacturing may be determined by looking for the first four numbers in the series. A.O. Smith serial numbers begin with the year of manufacturing, followed by the month, thus if the first three numbers in a serial number are 9710, the date of manufacture was October 1997, for example.

Smith also manufactures the Glascote and PermaGlas water heater brands, and their rating plates may be read in the same way as the A.O.

  • Master Plumber, Mor-Flo/American, Nationaline, Neptune, Penquin, Premier, Prestige, Proline, Proline-Plus, Quaker, Quick-Flo, Raywall, Revere, Riveria, SABH, Sands, Sentinel, Service-Star, Shamrock and Special Deluxe are just a few of the brands available.

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When To Replace Your Water Heater

Your water heater should provide you with many years of service, and you should have a decent sense of how much further it will provide you with service by examining the serial number on your water heater to determine the date of production. When determining the appropriate time to replace your water heater, keep the following four considerations in mind:

  • It is expected that your water heater will survive for many years, and you should have a decent sense of how much further it will last by examining the serial number on your water heater to determine when it was manufactured. When considering when to replace your water heater, keep the following four considerations in mind:
  • How To Determine The Age Of Your Kenmore Water Heater

    The Kenmore brand has been around longer than most of us have been alive, yet the companys system of coding is relatively easy to interpret. If there is no capital letter starting off the serial number sequence, those first two numbers indicate year of manufacture.

    On the other hand, if the serial number on your tank begins with a letter, that indicates the month it was made, so use this 12-month alpha sequence to identify it:


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    How Can I Have My Water Heater Inspected

    Alban Inspections today at 800-822-7200 to schedule an appointment for a water heater inspection in Bethesda, MD. We have flexible scheduling and always show up on time to your appointment. We serve homeowners throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania and can also complete radon testing, mold testing, water and septic system testing, lead-based paint inspections, commercial inspections and consultations. We are ready to help you feel confident purchasing your new home or property.

    Ao Smith And American Water Heaters

    State Water Heater Will Not Light 2 Of 4. #Short

    Brands that are included:

    • American hardware
    • Ace, Agua Therm, American hardware, Apex, Aqua Temp, Aquamatic, Best, Champion, Craftmaster, De-Limier, De-limier, Deluxe, Eagle, Earls Energy Saver, Environtemp, Four Most, Glascote, GSW, Hotmaster, Hotstream, King-Cleen, King-line, Master Plumber, Mor-Flo, Nationaline
    • The following brands are available: Neptune
    • XCL Energy Save

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    How Old Is My Water Heater

    The most recent update was made on September 28th, 2021. Water heaters are designed to last between 8 and 12 years before they need to be replaced. The installation date of your hot water heater is critical if you were not the original owner of your house and are unaware of when it was first installed.

    Fortunately, this information is easily available and simple to locate on your hot water heaters display panel. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions to assist you in determining the age of your water heater and determining when it may be necessary to replace it.

    Why Its Important To Know Your Water Heaters Age

    Knowing the age of your water heater helps you act proactively, before potential catastrophes strike. Where to find that age? Locate the data sticker on your tank that is in close proximity to the warning labels and energy guide.

    If youre lucky, the install date will be printed in plain sight. If its not, write down the serial number.

    This contains a code for the month and year your unit was manufactured. The following 10 companies hold the key to the age of your water heater so scroll down until you find the brand that provides the hot water for your home.

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    How To Determine The Age Of Your Ruud Water Heater

    Edwin Ruud invented the water heater in 1889, and while his company is now owned by Rheem, his brand lives on.

    If you happen to own an older Ruud water heater, youll find its age by identifying the serial number, skipping any letters that begin the sequence and identifying the date of manufacture by the 3rd and 4th digits.

    Youll owe a debt of gratitude to the company for abandoning the industrys traditional coding system fairly recently. These days, look to the right of the serial number and youll spot the manufacture date printed in plain English.

    How To Find Water Heater Model Numbers

    Gama Water Heater Age

    Finding the model number of your water heater might be difficult at times. However, all water heaters are equipped with a Rating Plate, which contains critical information such as the model and serial numbers, the name of the manufacturing company, the length of the warranty, the wattage of the elements installed , the gallon capacity, the input BTU rating , and other details.

    Rheem Water Heater Model Numbers

    The rating plate on new Rheem water heaters is simple to read and understand. It contains the date of manufacture, as well as information about the size and capacity of the device. On earlier models, you may tell how old your water heater is by deciphering the serial number on the water heater itself. It was made simple by some manufacturers, such as Rheem, who built in the months and years as part of the first four digits of the serial number. This Rheem water heater, for example, was manufactured in December of 1991, as shown in the photograph below .

    Lets take a look at the above rating plate and decipher it: This water heater, model number 21V50-2, serial number 1291A39968, was manufactured in December of 1991 and has a capacity of 50 gallons and a BTU output of 36000 per hour.

    Bradford White Model Numbers

    The tank with the rating plates on it was manufactured in June 2002.

    American Water Heater Model Numbers

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    Determine The Age Of Your Water Heater By Decoding The Serial Number



    9746****** American uses a 2-digit year followed by a 2-digit week Before 2008*H06******Since about 2008


    Prior to 2008, the 2nd letter in the series is the month followed by the 2-digit year. A thru N = Jan thru Dec .Since 2008, they use an 11-digit alpha-numeric serial number. The first two positions are the year followed by a two digit week. Glascote

    B-W uses a 20-year letter code cycle to designate the year.

    The first letter is the year and the second is the month.

    Letter A = 1964, 1984 and 2004

    A thru N = Jan thru Dec


    Rheem uses a 2-digit month followed by a 2-digit year

    Ruud General Electric Professional State Industries State/Kenmore

    Prior to 2008, State used a 1-letter month followed by a 2-digit year

    A thru N = Jan thru Dec

    Beginning 2008, State uses an 11-digit alpha-numeric serial number. The first two positions are the year followed by a two digit week. Position 5 is a letter followed by 6 numbers.


    What If I Still Cant Find It

    If you are having trouble locating your water heaters serial number, this information may be of assistance. A technician will be able to assist you in locating the serial number on your water heater unit and will also be able to assist you in determining the date that your water heater was manufactured.

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    How To Verify The Installation Date Of A Water Heater

    A water heater is an important appliance in almost any residential real estate investment. Unfortunately, a water heater doesn’t last forever, so it’s important to know the installation date to troubleshoot problems, find replacement parts or determine if it’s time to replace it completely. Most modern water heaters have a sticker that displays the installation date, but the serial number isn’t always easy to decode. Verifying the installation date doesn’t necessarily prove the age of the water heater, since some units are pre-owned, but it does help with making home improvement decisions.

  • 1.

    Locate the manufacturer’s label and serial number on the side of your water heater. The sticker is generally above the heater’s warning labels and next to the energy guide. Check to see if the installation date is listed on the sticker. If not, write down the serial code. The serial code often details the month and year that the water heater was installed.

  • 4.

    Determine if the manufacturer is Rheem and examine the first four numbers in the serial code. The first two numbers represent the month and the second two numbers represent the year. For example, if the first four numbers of the code are 0690, then the water heater was installed in June of 1990.

  • References

    Whats The Serial Number On A State Water Heater

    QUIK Tip: Determine the Age of Your Water Heater

    If you notice tanks that start with X are from 2001 and P is from 1997. State water heaters have the manufacture date listed in the serial number. The first two digits are the year and the second two are the week of the year. This tank was manufactured on the 24th week of 2009. Older tanks prior to 2004 will use the second and third number listed.

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    Not Sure If You Need A New Water Heater Yet

    Most tank water heaters start losing efficiency around ten years old and last between 10-12 years. Most tankless water heaters last 15-20 years.

    If your water heater is on the older side, you’ll want to start watching for signs that it is time to replace the water heater. For example, it may take longer for the water heater to produce hot water, or you may find you are running out of hot water more quickly than before. Learn more about tank water heaters and tankless water heaters here.

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    Article Summary

    Quick question & answer: How old is my water heater?

    To determine how old your water heater is, find the label on your water heater. Then, determine the brand of your water heater. Decode the label by finding out via the chart above how that brand of water heater documents the manufacturing date within the serial number on the label.

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    How Long Should You Expect Your Unit To Last

    One of the ways to keep tabs on the performance of your water heater is to assess its age, says the original This Old House host Bob Vila. A traditional tank-type water heater lasts an average of eight to 12 years, he notes. But that four year difference can mean a lot to homeowners counting a dozen years of performance.

    Types Of Serial Codes

    Water Heater Manufacture Date Codes
    • There arent many water heater manufacturers who offer the date in such a distinct manner as Rheem. A few examples of common water heater manufacturers, how they list their serial numbers, and where you may get more information on serial numbers are shown below. Navien based on the model of water heater, the serial code will be displayed in a different way than the others. In order to assist you in decoding your serial number, Navien provides a chart. Rinnai in a manner similar to the preceding example, the date of manufacturing may be found in the first four numbers of the serial code of the manufacturer. The year is represented by the first two numerals, which are then followed by the month.

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    American And Ao Smith

    2008present: YYWW******* YY stands for the year of manufacturing. WW is an abbreviation for Week of Manufacturing. For example, 16051234567 is the year 2016, the fifth week Pre-2008:*MYY****** M is the month in which the product was manufactured. A is for January | B is for February | C is for March | D is for April | E is for May | F is for June | G is for July | H is for August | J is for September | K is for October | L is for November | M is for December YY stands for the year of manufacturing.

    How To Determine The Age Of Your Rheem Water Heater

    Because Rheem produces water heaters under at least 20 brand names, identifying their dates of origin could seem impossible, but in fact, the company used the same coding system for its 5 styles of water heaters. Identify the style and you unlock the key to figuring out your units manufacture date.

    Style 1: Digits 1-2 represent the month of manufacture digits 3-4 denote the year.

    Style 2: The week of manufacture is found in digits 2-3 the year follows as numbers 4-5.

    Style 3: Digits 3-4 denote the week of the year the unit was made digits 5-6 stand for the year.

    Style 4: Digits 5-6 represent the month the unit was made digits 7-8 denote the year.

    Style 5: What separates this style from other units? Digits 1-2 establish the year digits 3-4 represent the month, but these two sets of numbers are always separated by a period between the two

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    You Can Determine How Old Your Residential Water Heater Is By Looking At And Decoding Data On The Water Heaters Label

    Locate the manufacturers label with the serial number on the side of your unit and write it down for future reference. In most cases, this sticker is placed around any warning labels as well as the energy guide. Check to see whether the sticker has a date on it indicating when it was installed. The serial number of your water heater should be written down if you dont already have it since it generally denotes the year and month that the water heater was manufactured. Each manufacturer has a unique format, and you must decode the water heater serial number in order to utilize it.

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