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Water Parks In Disney World

Disney World Offering Water Park Ticket Deal For Florida Residents

Disney’s Water Parks – There’s Magic in Every Drop

ORLANDO, Fla. â Disney World has rolled out a water park ticket deal just for Florida residents.

What You Need To Know

  • Disney World offering a deal on water park tickets
  • The two-day ticket is available to Florida residents for $69
  • Ticket valid through June 30 but subject to blockout dates

âFor a limited time, Florida residents can get the two-day water park ticket for $69 per person for adults and $63 per person for children ages 3 to 9.

The ticket, which can be used on consecutive or nonconsecutive days, are valid through June 30 but do come with blockout dates of May 27-30.

With Disneyâs Blizzard Beach closed for now, the ticket can only be used at Disneyâs Typhoon Lagoon water park.

Unlike the theme parks, the water parks donât require park reservations.

For more information about the deal, visit

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There’s A Secret Character From The Society Of Explorers And Adventurers At Typhoon Lagoon

Mount Mayday is the focal point of Typhoon Lagoon, and on top of the mountain is Miss Tilly, a boat that was thrown around during a fictional storm that “created” the water park.

If you ride Miss Adventure Falls you might notice that it’s “owned” by Captain Mary Oceaneer.

This character is part of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, a fictional group that has storylines throughout the Disney Parks, including at Magic Kingdom’s Skipper Canteen restaurant, Tokyo Disney Sea’s version of Tower of Terror, and even AbracadaBar at Disney World’s BoardWalk.

Captain Mary Oceaneer is also prominently featured on the Disney Cruise Line.

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When To Visit Disney’s Waterparks

The waterparks are open from 10am to 5pm daily, with occasional weekend hours until 6pm . There is one big exception: During winter, one park or the other is closed for refurbishment. Be sure to check Disney’s schedule before making your plans. While a winter waterpark visit may not sound appealing, Disney heats pools to 82 degrees, so it is doable as long as you’re prepared for the chilly entry and exit. That said, the waterparks can close during the winter when temperatures reach “Arendelle Frozen conditions” .

I Also Enjoy The Food At The Water Parks


Even though they only have quick-service restaurants, the parks serve much more than chicken nuggets and fries. In fact, some of the best eats I’ve had in a theme park have come from Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

I’ve enjoyed tasty dishes like a Korean barbecue chicken flatbread and a grilled chicken salad with dried cherries, nuts, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Pro tip: If you wait until near park closing to order scrumptious mini doughnuts from Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea stand in Blizzard Beach, you might find a few extras thrown in your bag for the ride home.

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Minute Disney: Which Walt Disney World Water Park Should You Visit

With two excellent water parks at the Walt Disney World Resort, it can be hard to pick which one to visit. Luckily, we are here to help, with a new 5 Minute Disney video that helps answer that question.

  • Disneys two water parks are Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Both are highly themed, with attractions for thrill seekers, families and kids, along with a lazy river and giant wave pool.
  • Depending on where your priorities lie, however, one park might just come out on top if you only have the chance to visit one.
  • In the video, our own Doobie runs down the attractions, food offerings and experiences of both parks, helping you decide which water park to visit on your next trip.
  • It of course should be noted that Blizzard Beach is currently closed indefinitely for refurbishment. It will reopen in the future, but there is no confirmed reopening date at the moment.
  • For more water park fun, check out our report from Typhoon Lagoon last week.

Why Was Discovery Island Abandoned

There was no official statement from Disney when it announced the park would close, but poor attendance and high maintenance costs appear to be the main causes. Adding to the issue is Disneys recent opening of Animal Kingdom, the bigger and more elaborate addition to its park. In the years since the island closed, development hasnt been seen on the island.

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Minimize Lines At Disney Waterparks

Unlike at Universal Orlando’s newer Volcano Bay waterpark, which sells Express Passes and features virtual lines, Disney waterparks do not offer FastPass+ bookings or options beyond old-fashioned waiting. But there are ways to minimize the lines. The first tip is to arrive 30 minutes before the water features’ official opening as the locker rental, shops and services open at that time. That way, you’re at the head of the line for “rope drop” with any necessary preparations already done. You could also come closer to the end of the day.

We were there during spring break so the waits got long for the biggest slides. The lines got to 20 to 30 minutes between noon and 2pm. When we got there first thing in the morning , we could walk on. The lazy river and kids area were always open, as was the wave pool.

The Disney waterparks, due to their relatively cheap annual passes, get a lot of locals in the morning who head home at lunch. If you follow this plan, be aware of afternoon thundershowers, which will not only empty the pools but also close the waterparks for 30 minutes beyond when the last lightning bolt is seen.

Feature Mountains And Dry Attractions

Disney World Water Parks Wave Pools and Water Slides at Typhoon Lagoon

Were combining these into one item because the dry attractions essentially are the mountains. Typhoon Lagoons feature mountain is Mount Mayday, with the Miss Tilly boat sitting atop, letting off steam every few minutes with a geyser display.

Blizzard Beachs feature mountain is Mount Gushmore, which is topped by the Summit Plummet ride, adding 30 feet to the mountain. Mount Mayday is 95 feet tall. Mount Gushmore is 90 feet, but 120 feet when you include Summit Plummet.

From the point of being a park icon, we think Mount Mayday does a much better job. Its better centered in the park, has a distinct mountain look, and has Miss Tilly. By contrast, Mount Gushmore sort of looks out of place to us. Most of what we see is the Summit Plummet structure, whichif were being harshsort of looks like what happens when you build a new tall ride in a park. Maybe its just not to our taste, though.

Now, each mountainand the paths up and around itessentially serves as the dry attraction at the park, though Blizzard Beachs Chairlift is unique. The Chairlift takes you from near the park entrance up to the top of the Green Slopes in about four minutes.

Typhoon Lagoon lists Mountain Trail as an attraction. Were fine calling it that, because we absolutely love these walking paths and exploration areas, but then to be fair we need to mention that you can take a wonderful walk up and down Blizzard Beachs Mount Gushmore as well, its just not a listed attraction .

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A Surf Pool Vs A Wave Pool

Blizzard Beach has a wave pool that is filled with small bobbing waves continuously through the day. Its fun to bob around in .

Typhoon Lagoons wave pool is that same thingfor about a third of the day. The rest of the time, the wave pool has proper surf waves every 90 seconds. These are huge waves that are awesome to swim with, jump into, and generally try to survive. A typical seven hour day has 5.5 hours of surf waves and 1.5 hours of bobbing waves.

Also, you can have inner tubes in the Blizzard Beach wave pool, but theyre not allowed in the Typhoon Lagoon surf pool, even during bobbing time.

You might argue that the Blizzard Beach wave pool is better for kids because of its constant bobbing waves, but kids of all sizes can enjoy the surf waves, they just have to do it appropriately close to shore.

Typhoon Lagoon’s Wave Pool Pushes Out 6

At Typhoon Lagoon’s Surf Pool, a loud horn signals the start of each new wave cycle, during which the water is pushed into 6-foot-tall waves every 90 seconds.

Even if guests can’t sign up for the private surf lessons, the pool is still a popular attraction throughout the day due to its steady stream of waves.

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Winner: Typhoon Lagoon By One Point

When it comes to Typhoon Lagoon vs. Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon comes out on topbut how much weight should you really put in this?

Obviously if you actually read this entire post, you know how close the Disney World water parks are in quality. Three of our six categories came out as ties, and thats because you really have to get down to the nitty gritty to divide them, and even then theyd come out pretty even.

In our mind, the decisive factor in this analysis was theme. Theme! We appreciate theme, but were guessing 90% of readers are going to think both are equally great in theme.

The point is, dont let this final score make the decision for you. Figure out what points are important to you, and decide based on those.

Blizzard Beach Vs Typhoon Lagoon

Orlando has a new water park just minutes from Disney World featuring ...

In this post, we compare the two Walt Disney World water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. If youre looking for more information about Typhoon Lagoon, we have a complete guide here. And if youre looking for more information about Blizzard Beach, we have a complete guide here.

This is a bit of an unconventional X vs. Y post in that were going to do this analysis three ways . First, were going to just lay out the major differences between the two Disney water parks.

Then, we cover which water park is Best for Kids and which is Best for Adults. Finally, we do a longer head-to-head analysis where we award points across six different factors to crown a winner.

Some of these might be a little redundant, so feel free just to read one section. But this is a post comparing two water parks, so were not sorry about having a bit of repetitive fun writing it.

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Walt Disney World Hotels With Water Park Perks

A half dozen hotels near the Disney water parks have pools, slides, and lazy rivers that will satisfy your need for slipping, sliding, and splashing even if you dont buy a pass to Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. These hotels include:

Disneys Polyneisan Village Resort: The Lava Pool features a 142-foot-long waterslide from the top of a volcano, a waterfall, and a kids splash pad with a smaller volcano slide.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando: The Explorer Island water park has a lazy river, zero entry pool, splash zone, and two water slides.

Disneys Beach Club Resort and Disneys Yacht Club Resort: These side-by-side resorts share a beach-themed water park area called Stormalong Bay, including a 230-foot-long water slide, lazy river, three whirlpool spas, a large pool, and a shallow sandy area for kids.

Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace: This Disney Springs hotel has a pool, lazy river, and splash pad for kids.

Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek: This resort is located not far from Typhoon Lagoon, but has its own pools, lazy rivers, waterslides, hot tubs, and splash areas.

Disney Guest Says Transportation To Water Park Is A Joke

Posted by: Krysten Swensen June 20, 2022

When people think of Walt Disney World Resort, they think of the four incredible theme parks Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom. However, there are also two great Water Parks that Guests can also enjoy during their time at The Most Magical Place on Earth. Those two Water Parks are Disneys Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. While they are rarely open at the same time, they both offer a number of fun rides and experiences Guests can enjoy, if they can get there.

We are now in the summer months and Disney Parks are reaching their peak crowds. It is extremely hot in Florida and the Water Parks are a great way to relax and cool down. With the higher temps and bigger crowds, it would make sense that Disney would have more busses to take Guests to and from Typhoon Lagoon, the only open Water Park. However, according to one Guest, there is only one way for Guests without cars to get to Typhoon Lagoon from their Disney Resort hotel. In fact, the transportation is so bad, the Guest called it a joke.

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Typhoon Lagoon Vs Blizzard Beach Head To Head

Well, if you really just wanted to see these two parks throw it down in a head-to-head matchup, here we go. Weve chosen six categories, and well hand out one point for each water slides and rides lazy rivers and wave pools dry attractions dining and drinking theme and nearby attractions.

Were leaving out special events or up-charges, like surfing lessons, from this analysis since most guests arent experiences though.

Who Will Enjoy Disney’s Waterparks

Make a Splash at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park | Walt Disney World

I had some thoughts about the waterparks based on previous visits, but wanted an expert opinion before writing about them. With that in mind, I recently set my 15-year-old son and his friend loose to render their verdict. I’m really glad I did, as they pointed out details I hadn’t considered.

Their bottom line recommendation: Take older kids to Blizzard Beach and younger ones to Typhoon Lagoon. My son even said, “Anyone under 48 inches will hate Blizzard Beach because there’s nothing to do.””Nothing” was a stretch, as there are smaller slides, a kids’ area, a wave pool and a large lazy river, but he has a point. Most of Blizzard Beach’s marquee waterslides have a height requirement that most kids under 7 or 8 won’t reach.

Typhoon Lagoon, on the other hand, has North America’s largest wave pool, which almost any age can enjoy.

In my opinion, thrill seekers should head to Blizzard Beach and more mellow water lovers will prefer Typhoon Lagoon. I had fun at the Blizzard Beach lazy river, which takes close to an hour to navigate an entire lap, but I took a look at most of the slides there and knew they weren’t for me. The ones at Typhoon Lagoon were more my speed.

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What Is The Difference Between Blizzard Beach And Typhoon Lagoon

Gaming on Blizzard Beach has Ski Patrol, and on Typhoon Lagoon there are Ketchakiddee Creek and Tikes Peak. Kids will have plenty of fun going through smaller slides and being exposed to multiple water features within these areas. In a nutshell, they can be playgrounds, but theyre also water cannons everywhere.

Do Disney Tickets Include Water Parks

It is against the law. It is the Disney theme park tickets as with the Park Hopper Option that do not come with entry into Disneys Blizzard Beach Water Park and Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, both of which are under Disney theme park tickets with the Park Hopper Option do not include admission to the Disney water parksDisney

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Fun Things To Do This Summer In Ontario

Natalie & Phil Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Blizzard Beach Has A Fun Backstory


Blizzard Beach is one of the most uniquely themed water parks in Florida, and little details keep the story alive throughout the park.

The fictional backstory is that there was a freak snowstorm in Florida that instantly put the ski resort in business. When the weather returned to normal, however, the resort began to melt away.

That’s when Ice Gator stepped in to save the resort by allowing guests to slide down melting snow slides.

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Overall I Like Getting Disney

Most importantly, I love that the Disney water parks match the level of quality and service I’ve come to expect from the brand.

All of our interactions with characters and cast members what Disney calls its park employees in the water parks have been relaxed and enjoyable. And I find the cost of a water-park ticket is worth it every time.

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