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Water Test Kit For Home

Why You Should Trust Me

How Can I Test My Water at Home with a Water Test Kit?

Ive been covering water-quality products for Wirecutter since 2015. In addition to conducting tests on pitcher filters, under-sink filters, and the Big Berkey countertop system, Ive spoken extensively with filter engineers with NSF International, the de facto certification agency for water filters and with the labs weve partnered with for our testing. Through this in-depth reporting, Ive become something of an expert on water quality.

Hach 2745250 Best Water Hardness Test Strips

Hard water is a problem that can really sneak up on you. As the hardness level of your water increases, the amount of soap you need to use will similarly go up. Youll essentially have to spend more on cleaning items such as soap because of hard water and thats money that could be spent in other ways.

Easy To Use: With the Total Water Hardness Test Strip from Hach, you will be able to accurately tell if you have hard water in your home. The strips are remarkably easy to use and they will let you know immediately if theres a problem that you have to address.

Multiple Tests: There are also 50 strips available for you to use, so you should feel free to perform inspections every now and then.

Instant Test Results: Compare the test strips to the results on the container, you can know how hard is your water source and start looking for water softeners systems.

Be sure to store the strips properly. Otherwise, they may expire sooner than expected.

Aquascreen Drinking Water Test Kit

Shop for the AquaScreen test kit at Amazon.

The AquaScreen home drinking water test kit is made by Silver Lake Research Corporation, a diagnostics company in California.

You can use it on municipal tap water, well water, or any other water source you drink from. And all but one of the eight tests take ten minutes or less to do.

The kit contains 8 tests, including:

  • total nitrate + nitrite

You also get pipettes and vials, plus detailed instructions for conducting the tests and reading the results.

They give you two of each test, so if you mess up the first time, you’ll get a second chance. Or, you can run the tests twice if you’d like to verify the results.

Unopened test packets can be saved for later, but that doesn’t include the lead and pesticide tests. You’ll have to use them immediately.

The lead and pesticide test comes in its own sealed packet, and is similar to the Test Assured and Watersafe versions.

But for this one, you add seven drops of your water to the test vial and swirl it around for a minute. That mixes in the detection material, which is already in the bottom of the vial.

Then you put the lead strip and pesticide strip into the solution and let them sit there for ten minutes before reading the results.

It was a bit hard for me to tell, but they both appeared to be negative. The lines weren’t solid the whole way across, which made it a little tricky. I would prefer something easier to read, where the change is more obvious.

Bottom Line:

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The Best Water Quality Test Kit For Your Home

If youre worried about your homes water qualityas many Americans justifiably are, in the wake of water scares in Flint, Michigan, and Newark, New Jerseya home water quality test can ease your fears. After 50 hours of reporting, and after testing 11 different home water quality test kits, weve found that the SimpleWater Tap Score Advanced City Water Test is the best water quality test kit for your home. It measures a wide range of more than 100 potential contaminants and delivers the results in an easy-to-read, richly detailed report. If youre worried only about lead, we recommend the much cheaper Safe Home Do-It-Yourself Lead in Drinking Water Test Kit.

Our pick

This send-away kit delivers lab-tested measurements of more than 100 contaminants, and it explains what they mean and what to do if theres a problem.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $230.

The CityCheck Deluxe kit is just as accurate as the best water test kit, but it produces less-readable results.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $260.


The Safe Home Ultimate kit is just as accurate as the best water test kit, but it produces less-readable results.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $325.

Budget pick

This DIY test kit quickly tells you if you have a lead problemthe number-one concern for many people.

Buying Options

Add An Alkaline Filter To Your Water Purifier

Culligan Water Test Kit

If you are using an RO water purifier at your home and the purified water has a pH value of 7 or lower then you can add an alkaline filter to increase the pH value.

This alkaline filter should be added post purification, after UV or post-carbon filter, just before the water is filled in the storage tank.

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If I Have A Private Well How Often Should I Test My Water Supply And What Should I Test For

There are several contaminants and water quality indicators that youll need to test for in your well water. These are coliform bacteria, E. coli, pH, nitrates, and VOCs. You may also need to test for contaminants including lead, hydrogen sulfide, copper, iron, arsenic, radium, pesticides and mercury, depending on where your well is based.

Its advised that you test your well water once a year for pH, TDS, nitrates, and coliform bacteria. You can test for additional contaminants in your well water once every three years, or if you have experienced problems with your well or been informed of pollution in your area.

Tips For Using A Water Test Kit

Testing your water quality at home isn’t hard to do. But if you use one of the single use kits, you’ll want to be sure you do it right the first time.

Most home water tests involve matching colors on test strips.

So, after having used six of these test kits, I have some tips to pass along to you to make it easier for you.

  • 1Read through all the instructions before you start, and follow the directions precisely.
  • 2Have a timer or a clock with a second hand nearby. Timing matters!
  • 3Don’t open any sealed containers or packets until you’re ready to use them. Exposure to air will cause them to degrade and possibly give inaccurate results.
  • 4Wash your hands before you start.
  • 5Test using cold water from a fixed faucet with the aerator removed. A bathroom faucet is the best choice.
  • 6When filling small vials, pour the water from another container, or use a pipette. It’s hard to not overfill them because they’re so small.
  • 7Matching the colors on the test strips can be tricky. If possible, check the colors in natural light.
  • 8If the tests seem to indicate that you have a problem with your water quality, get a second opinion from a professional before you take steps to correct it. It could save you from some needless expenses.

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Best Water Filter Pitchers

Have you ever wondered if those drinking water tests you do at home are a good gauge of your water quality? How accurate are they?

There are lots of different brands of test kits to choose from. How do they compare with each other? Do homeowners’ water testing results match up with those from a professional lab? Which is the best home water test kit?


I had the same questions. So I decided to get my hands on some test kits and try some water testing myself. Keep reading to find out how I conducted my experiment, and what I found out.

Drinking Water Test Kit

Water Test Kit – In Home Water Analysis
  • Tests for bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates/nitrites, and chlorine
  • Checks the hardness and pH of your water
  • Testing kit includes everything necessary to test drinking water
  • Fast and accurate results, no mailing in samples or waiting for laboratory reports
  • Tests to EPA standards for drinking water
About This Product
  • Additional SKUs:WT1, 1035137, 1037091
  • UPC:029054015211

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Best For Well Water: Health Metric Well Water Test Kit For Drinking Water

Courtesy of Amazon

Approved Use: Well Water For Drinking | Tests For: Bacteria, Nitrates and Nitrites, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness, and pH | Time Until Results: 5 Minutes

  • Takes under five minutes to complete

  • Color-coded system can be confusing

Performing tests on well water is particularly important, since the EPA doesnt regulate private wells, so bacteria, along with nitrites, nitrates, and hydrogen sulfide, can easily affect your water source. This well water testing kit covers all the bases to give you peace of mind regarding the quality of your well water. It provides insights into the presence of bacteria, nitrates and nitrites, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide, plus a guide to the total alkalinity, total hardness, and pH of your water.

This test kit is simple, straightforward, and provides users with laboratory-grade results. Providing results in just five minutes, it also takes less time to process compared to other test kits on this list.

The Perfect Water Best Laboratory Water Test Kit

The Perfect Water Analysis Kit is an exhaustive drinking water test kit that tests for microbial, chemical, mineral, and every possible contaminant that can affect your and your familys health and finds its way through water.

Contaminants Covered: The kit covers an enormous number of tests for 104 harmful contaminants.

These include, bacteria , 17 heavy metals, 10 inorganic chemicals , five organic chemicals , 44 volatile organic chemicals , and 20 pesticides, herbicides and PCB.

Testing as per USEPA Standards: The analysis is performed as per USEPA and industry standards to meet state compliance requirements. Further, the water testing lab is accredited by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program .

Turnaround Time: The lab returns the results within 7-10 days of having received the sample. The results are shared via an email and no phone communication is entertained over the results.

The lab strictly instructs that no samples should have a transit time of more than 24 hours and must not be dispatched on a day that is followed by a holiday. This is to keep the sample standing at the lowest.

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Verdict: Which Is The Best Water Test Kit

Home water test kits have their limitations, and they’ll never be as accurate as tests performed in professional labs. But, they can be helpful as a first step toward diagnosing problems with your drinking water.

If there’s any indication that your water is not safe, you should always follow up with a professional test.

Sure, you can buy more expensive home test kits that will test for a greater variety of contaminants. But, they’re still going to be much more prone to human error than testing done in a lab.

And, if you’re going to spend $100+ on a home test, why not just have a professional do it instead? You could probably get water testing done by your state health department for less than the cost of one of the fancy home test kits for sale online.

So now that we’ve taken a closer look at these test kits and tried them out, the question is which one is the best water test kit?

In terms of overall accuracy, I’d say it’s a toss up between AquaScreen and Watersafe.

If you have well water, Watersafe is the best well water test kit because it tests for iron and copper in addition to the other basics.

Make Alkaline Water With Baking Soda

Safe Home LEAD Drinking Water Test Kit

Baking soda has high alkaline content and when you mix baking soda with water it increases the alkaline nature of water.

All you need to do is add half a tablespoon of baking soda to about four litres of drinking water and stir the water until the baking soda dissolves completely.

You can now drink this alkaline water.

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Types Of Water Testing Kits

Whether you want to test the water coming straight out of your kitchen tap, an outdoor well which you routinely use for yourself or animals, or even a swimming pool or spa, there are a range of tests available that will give you an insight into the different parameters you should be cautious of.

More like this

Calibrate Test To Epa Standards

While the EPA doesnt endorse specific home water testing kits, it does provide guidelines for how often to test your drinking water and a list of risk factors that could lead to contamination. If you have city water, your municipality often has to provide testing results publicly every year to prove the safety of your drinking water. For those with well water, the EPA has easy-to-use contaminant tables so you can check your results against acceptable standards for safe drinking water.

You don’t have to scour the internet to find your citys water testing results. The Environmental Working Group provides a handy tap water database of water quality test results thats searchable by ZIP code.

It provides a list of water systems serving your area, how many contaminants are above acceptable levels, and the health risks associated with exposure to those contaminants.

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How To Make Alkaline Water At Home Naturally

Are you drinking water with a low pH value and are facing any health problems related to acidity?

Apart from several other factors, like your lifestyle and eating habits, drinking water with very low pH can also add to your acidity woes.

Not sure about what alkaline water is and what its benefits are?

Wondering how you can make alkaline water at home?

Well, thats quite easy!

Now we will show you several easy ways to make alkaline water at home or increase the pH level of drinking water.

You can make alkaline water naturally at home with things like lemon, cucumber, baking soda, etc.

You can also use alkaline filters and pH drops to change the pH value of water from neutral or acidic to alkaline.

Lets now look at some different ways to make alkaline water at home.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Home Water Test Kit Review

As a general rule with these kits, youre buying directly from the manufacturer. That makes the transaction a little bit cumbersome. There is an option to order Tap Score on , but to get your report, you have to affirm to Amazon that it can share your email with Tap Score. According to a company representative, about 15 percent of Amazon buyers either miss or ignore the confirmation request, meaning they cannot get their test results.

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What Should I Test My Water For

Check to see what contaminants or issues are most common where you live. For instance, choose a hard water testing kit if you live in an area with a hardness problem. You can also choose a kit based on the water source youre testing. For example, if youre testing pool water, look for a kit that measures chlorine, salinity, and pH levels.

Best For Salt Water Pools: Aquachek 561140a Salt Water Swimming Pool Test Strips

Courtesy of Amazon

Approved Use: Pools | Tests For: Any Issues Salt-Chlorine Generators, Sodium Chloride | Time Until Results: Under 5 Minutes

  • Takes under five minutes to complete

  • Only comes with 10 testing strips

If you have a saltwater pool, you enjoy the silky, smooth water thanks to the power of a salt-chlorine generator. While the generator will typically display a reading for the salt level of the system, if you suspect a problem, you may want to begin your troubleshooting by checking the salinity of your pool water and comparing it to what the display on your salt chlorine generator states.

Use AquaChek Salt Water Swimming Pool Test Strips to ensure that your system is functioning properly and your pool has the proper salinity. Just be sure that you follow the directions and only immerse the strip in 1 inch of water.

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How To Choose The Best Water Test Kit For Your Home

If you’re going to buy a home water test kit, you should first decide which of the different contaminants you want to test for and look for a kit that includes those specific tests.

Do you get your water from a municipal supply?

If that’s the case, you’ll probably want a water test kit that at least checks the chlorine and lead levels. You might also want to test for fluoride if that’s of concern to you. You shouldn’t need to test for bacteria unless you suspect there might be a problem somewhere between the water source and your faucet.

Do you have a well?

If so, you’ll need a water test kit that includes tests for bacteria, lead, iron, fluoride, manganese, arsenic, nitrate, nitrite, and radiologicals. You won’t need to test for chlorine unless your well has been disinfected.

Whether you’re on city water or well water, you might also want to include pH and hardness as part of your water quality evaluation. Then if those levels aren’t where you think they should be, you can take steps to correct it.

Also make sure the kit tests to EPA standards. It usually states that on the outside of the package.

Koolamo Ph Tester Best Ph Water Tester

WaterSafe WS

Temperature Doesnt Matter: It can be calibrated easily by just pressing a single button and you dont even have to get the waters temperature to a certain level before you start using this meter. The meter has a temperature compensation feature that will help you receive accurate results regardless of whether the water is hot or cold.

High Accuracy: It comes with a high sensitive electrode sensor which reads accurate pH level. It provides accurate and stable reading across multiple tests.

Wide Usage: The pH tester can be used in various places such as pool, aquarium, drinking water spa and etc.

To be clear, this item is only for checking the pH level. If you need something that will detect contaminants, you will have to get a different kind of tester.

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